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Published December 7, 2013 by Tony


Nelson Mandela

On December 5, 2013, the world lost one of its most visionary leaders in the fight to protect and promote human rights. The passing of Nelson Mandela is not just a loss for South Africa. It is a loss for people all over the world who are fighting for freedom, justice and an end to discrimination.
Nelson Mandela has been an example and a lifelong inspiration to so many of us. His dedication to political struggle, his grace under pressure, his self-sacrifice, and his courage and integrity were remarkable. Thanks God, his legacy as a human rights defender lives on.
For me personally, his humility and the way he responded to injustice with love, forgiveness and reconciliation – along with his unwavering belief in our shared humanity – has provided a vision of what is possible in the world. And we all, politicians and national leaders first of all, always should share this philosophy, as long as injustice and inequality persist in our world.

In memory of a great man!