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2013 Corruption Index

Transparency International” is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, leader in the world for its actions to combat corruption and promote ethics.  It is present in more than 90 countries, and since 2001 produces an annual report, “Global Corruption Report” (GCR), that offers an assessment of the state of corruption around the world. This publication brings together leading experts and practitioners to analyze current issues, identify new challenges and explore solutions in the field of corruption, through two indexes.

The “Corruption Perception Index” (CPI) – is an index that determines the perception of corruption in the public sector and politics in many countries around the world, giving each country a score ranging from 0 (highest corruption) to 100 (absence of corruption). It is a composite index, obtained on the basis of various interviews/research administered to experts in the world of business and prestigious institutions. The methodology is revised each year in order to be able to give an insight into increasingly reliable local realities. Searches are conducted by University or Study Centres, on behalf of Transparency International.
The “Bribe Payers Index” (BPI) – is the index of propensity to corruption and highlights the list of corrupt countries among the major industrialized nations, who despite having adopted laws that make it a crime to pay bribes to officials, the use of bribery to obtain contracts has not been yet eliminated.

IT’s survey is the largest and most comprehensive public opinion survey on the perception of the sources of corruption that has ever been undertaken. The 2013 Corruption Index measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 177 countries and territories. It’s a warning that the abuse of power, secret dealings and bribery continue to ravage societies around the world.


More than 2/3 of the 177 countries score below 50, on a scale from 0 (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 100 (perceived to be very clear). This demonstrates that a lot of countries still face the threat of corruption at all levels of government, from the issuing of a local permits to the enforcement of laws and regulations.
In the CPI 2013, Denmark and New Zealand tie for first place with a score of 91, followed by Finland and Sweden. This year, Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia make up the worst performers, scoring just 8 points each. U.S. position in nineteenth place.


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Published December 9, 2013 by Tony


While the recovery of the ship “Concordia” is still ongoing, with the wreck straightened, thanks to a recovery project ever realized before, the company “Costa” is meanwhile publicizing its new cruise ship. The cost of recovery exceeds 600 million Euros, and even if compensation insurance will not cover the entire amount, Costa’s leaders will continue with the recovery and to restore the environmental damage caused in that stretch of coast.
Probably the new ship will replace the model Concordia, despite this new one will be largest ship of Costa’s fleet. It has been called “Diadema“, 132500 tons, with 1852 cabins that can accommodate more than 3724 passengers. The ship has been launched in November in the Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera, and the flagship will be delivered in October , 2014, after completing the work for the construction of the interior. Then the ship will depart from Venice towards Savona, the harbor where it will enter service for the season 2014/2015, with the first winter cruises.

costa diadema

But for 2014 new innovative models of other shipping companies also are coming.
Notable among these are:

The Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean. 4180 passenger cabins with LCD screens projecting the view of the ocean, a skydiving simulator, bumper cars and a revolving observation tower for views from the top. The Quantum of the Seas cruise will depart from the port of Bayonne (New Jersey) to the Caribbean and the Bahamas, and the cruise will last between 7 and 12 nights.


The Norwegian Gateway, Norwegian Cruise Line. 4028 passengers, a hull  designed by the eccentric pop artist David Le Batard in Miami. 27 courses available for each dinner, a water park, two shows and theatrical performances by the  winners and nominees of the Grammy Awards. The route will be forever linked in Miami, and will lead to some Caribbean islands, for 7 nights traveling.


The Regal Princess, Princess Cruises. 3560 passengers, the sister of Royal Princess, which was inaugurated by Kate Middleton in June. On the ship the ‘Seawalk’ will be the greatest particularity: a walk on a transparent platform suspended over the sea; a television studio, all outside cabins with balconies and a special culinary offerings . Cruises from May to October will touch Venice and Athens, 12 days and during the winter the ship will move in the Caribbean for 7 nights traveling.

Regal Princess, Princess Cruises.