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Naples is a song

Published April 27, 2014 by Tony



(De Cristofaro, E. A. Mario – 1922)

Se vonno purtà Napule

nun saccio a qua’ paese

miliardarie ca fanno spese

se ne trovano ‘nquantità

Nu bellu juorno, tèccote

s’appura, ditto ‘nfatto

ca Pusilleco ha fatto ‘o sfratto

e ‘o Vesuvio va’ trova addó’ sta

Ma, pe’ s’ ‘a purtà

nun sanno ancora comm’hann’ ‘a fà

No, niente ce pò

pe’ spustà Napule ‘a dó’ sta mo

Sì, só’ migliare ‘e prugette

ma chi ce se mette

maje niente pò fà

E tutte ‘a vònno Napule

ma nisciuno s’ ‘a pò purtà

Chi ‘a vò’ purtá in America

chi ‘a vò’ purtá in Giappone

ma ll’Europa se fa ragione

dice: “E’ meglio ca resta a me”

E allora va in Germania?

Va ‘n Francia o in Inghilterra?

Pò succedere n’ata guerra

pe’ decidere chi ll’ha da avé

Ma, pe’ s’ ‘a purtà


Quanta ‘ngigniere vènono

Ma che prugette fanno?

Comme vènono, se ne vanno

Se ne vanno, ma pe’ turnà

Chi ‘a vò’ tirà cu ‘o mángano

scastrata intera intera

Chi ‘a vò’ spartere cu maniera

piezzo piezzo e po’ ‘a torna a ‘ncullà

Ma, pe’ s’ ‘a purtà,

mo ce ‘o ccunziglio comm’hann’ ‘a fá

No, niente ce vò

ma ‘o mezzo è facile pe’ chi ‘o vò’

Quanno na bella canzone

cu tutt’ ‘a passione

s’arriva a cantà,

pe’ tutt’ ‘o munno, Napule

dint’ ‘o core, se pò purtà

They want to take Naples away

I do not know in which country

billionaires who can spend

they are found in quantity

One day, here’s

it turns out, that in fact

that Posillipo did the eviction and

who knows the Vesuvius where’s

But, to take it away

they still do not know how to do it

No, nothing can be done

to move Naples where it is now

Yes, there’re thousands of projects

but whoever puts in

nothing can do

And everyone wants Naples

but no one can carry it away

Who wants to bring it to America,

who wants to bring it in Japan,

but Europe resign itself to

says: “better if it remain with me”

and then does it go to Germany?

does go to France or England?

Another war could break out

to decide who should have it

But, to take it away


Any engineer who arrives

but what plans do they do?

as they arrive so they left

they go away, but to come back

wo wants to pull it with the catapult

unlock it entirely

who wants to split it with criteria,

piece by piece, and then to paste it

But to take it away

now I advise ’em how to do

no, it doesn’t take anything

but the way is easy for who wants to

when a good song

with all the passion

you are able to sing

throughout the world, Naples,

in the heart it can be delivered

A very old Neapolitan song, that to show how Naples was beautiful, wryly talks about people who would like to take it away. As usually I tried to translate it for you.