Published June 11, 2014 by Tony

Do you need any information?

Summer:  time for vacation and journey.
And I hope that this year many of you have chosen Italy as destination.
Anyway, the fact is that before venturing  in a long trip in another country many people often consult some Internet sites from the country they have to visit.  A very useful thing to find information, know prices, to book, or follow the routes of the places to visit. The big issue is for those who do not know the foreign language, with the risk to even get wrong information whether incorrectly translated. I am a traveler too and realize what such an occurrence can mean for a foreign tourist. No problem for the lucky few who have a relative or a friend who lives in the country to visit, of course.
I do not want appear presumptuous, but for all those who are preparing to come to Italy, and especially here in Naples, and who wish to receive any information or obtain a translation of some Italian news found on an Italian website, I am available to help them. Therefore, feel free to contact me. That said, I wish a good stay to all of you who are coming here in Italy. Enjoy!

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