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Marten Gasparini

Published July 5, 2013 by Tony

Kansas City Royals

Marten Gasparini

He did it, managed to fulfill his dream, baseball, his great passione.
Marten Gasparini is an Italian guy of only 16 years old who was born and living in Udine (Friuli), with an Italian dad and a Jamaican mom who was an athlete when young. Gasparini has long lived in London and speaks both English and Italian. On July 3, he flew to America, where baseball is a real institution, to become part of one of the professional teams of Major League Baseball, after signing a $ 1.3 million contract with the Kansas City Royals.
Marten Gasparini, shortstop, 182 cm high and 80 kilograms of weight, grew up in Italian Sultan Cervignano Tiger Baseball, which thanks to the work of the technical staff led by Tito Ricciarelli, continues to collect important successes. “Marten started with us in 2008, he was 11 years old and among eleven players that became part of the federal project to support Marten Gaspariniand stimulate the technical development of young talent in the national baseball” – says the president Ricciarelli. The company Friuli boasts seven athletes gone in the National squad.
Gasparini he joined the Italian baseball, which is located in Tirrenia, in May 2011, when he was 14, and  immediately noticed by the director Bill Holmberg, sure that thanks to his talent would have gone a long way. In 2012 he participated in the Under-15 World Cup in Chihuahua, Mexico, and in the under-18 World Cup in Seoul, South Korea, where he was noticed by Instructional talent scouts. Gasparini played with the Royals at the end of September, for a league preparatory reserved for younger players.
Everyone wanted him. Despite his young age, Marten is considered one of the world’s top prospects in baseball. In addition to the Kansas City Royals, there were other exceptional suitors as the LA Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and Mariners.
Many experts say that Gasparini is the best European promise they’ve ever seen, while the official site of Major League considers him to fourth place of international promises. The contract with the Royals is the highest ever signed by a major league team with a European player: the previous record was with the German Max Kepler, who in 2009 had signed with the Minnesota Twins for $ 800,000.
What can I say, congratulations Marten!

Marten Gasparini

Yvonne Buschbaum

Published April 5, 2013 by Tony

Yvonne buschbaum 

This is Yvonne Buschbaum,  the former Germanpole vaulter.

and who is he?

When in 2002, at age 22, Yvonne was competing with Yelena Isinbayeva for a place on the podium, her career seemed to presage a successful future. Bronze medal at the European Championships in Berlin, Vienna indoor silver ones. A magical time for the German athlete, already gold juniors.

ex yvonne buschbaum  exe yvonne buschbaum

Undoubtedly she is a cute girl, isn’t it? But look at the following picture now:

Balian Buschbaum 

It seems impossible, but this charming guy still is Yvonne Buschbaum!

After her last wonderful performance, 4 meters and 70 cm, and after some injuries she declared: “I want a sex change.”
“I have always lived in the wrong body….. I’m forced to be a woman, but I actually feel a man.”
Hormonal treatment begins, which will not allow her to participate in the Beijing Olympics, and in 2008 she announced that his new first name was “Balian“, like the character played by Orlando Bloom in the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” by Ridley Scott. Now he does not jump over the pole, but is a coach. At the last European Cup in Athletics in May, he was in the German team. In his website Buschbaum admits to being very happy. “I like this new life” he explains.

What can we say, congratulations to Yvonne and best wishes to Balian!



Published March 18, 2013 by Tony


Cavani and wife in Naples

There would be a marital crisis behind the last poor performance of Edinson Cavani, player of Napoli football team.

The news, revived by SkySport24, is making the rounds on all the Gossip websites.
The Uruguayan had not scored for eight games and had recently explained that he missed his family, which is in Uruguay, where his second son Lucas lately was born. But according to some gossip, the reason for the crisis would be another.
The Napoli striker would indeed be in crisis with his wife, who meantime would have even filed for divorce.

At the base of the break, a young Neapolitan girl, for which the Matador would have “lost his head” for quite some time now. It is said that Cavani in recent times is assiduously dating a twenty-two Neapolitan student, the daughter of a restaurateur, just known in the room where the player often goes to eat pizza.
The two were pinched in romantic outputs and their love story would also have been discovered by his wife, Maria Soledad, when she was in Naples, before giving birth to the second child. For this reason, she would have gone away. Back in Uruguay, and after giving birth, she would be looking for a lawyer willing to divorce.
According to some, this would be the explanation of Edinson’s bad time, who fortunately, during yesterday’s match Napoli-Atalanta, has finally “broken the ice” and returned to score.


Madonna’s gym

Published February 21, 2013 by Tony

Hard Candy Fitness

A mega fitness center of 1,200 square meters divided into three levels, in the heart of Rome, in front of the Colosseum. In the capital the “Hard Candy Fitness“, the pop star Madonna’s gym was born, the first center in Europe, after the one in Mexico, Australia, Russia and Chile.

With five luxury rooms, one for the weights, one for anti-gravity suspended activities, one for spinning and a room for Madonna’s dance “floor concert”. The new ultra-luxury gym will open in Rome on May 26 and will be equipped with advanced equipment. You can experience the philosophy of Madonna’s fitness, with training programs that have as slogan the concept of “Harder is better“. As explained by Mike Apple, vice president of Hard Candy Fitness. <<Madonna began as a dancer, and her concerts are real shows. She trains every day, six days out of six, three hours a day, and proves and re-proves her choreography. She works very hard and thinks that the results can be got by sweating>>. The fifth exclusive spa, named like her 2008 album, comes to life through an agreement with the network of gyms “Dabliu“, Italian licensee of the brand founded by the queen of pop. Andrea Pambianchi, project manager of Hard Candy Fitness says: <<The relationship between Madonna and fitness is very clear, very strong. And her concerts are a proof. At the “Hard Candy Fitness” you will be able to try in exclusive the lessons “Addicted to Sweat” or the workout program that Madonna plays every day>>.
Who knows if Madonna will attend the opening ceremony.


Published February 7, 2013 by Tony



In Naples, the first football team with gay players is born.
The idea came, more than a year ago, to a Neapolitan actor, George Sorrentino, a football fan, who, with the intent to organize a five-a-side football team, began to look for other gay players on social networks frequented by Neapolitan homosexuals.
After receiving more than thirty accessions, the actor was able to finally form a futsal team which he called “Pochos” (a word which means kids in Argentine), team which officially was presented yesterday during a presentation to the “Pinguin cafe” in Naples, with the presence of journalists, the head of Arci Gay sports of Naples and the presenter Cecchi Paone, who long ago had the courage to make a public coming out.
The name “Pochos” was chosen in honor of the former football player of Napoli Ezequiel Lavezzi, who was nicknamed the “pocho” by Napoli fans and that since he is playing in France, has been chosen as the sexiest player by a Ezequiel LavezziFrench gay magazine.
Beyond the sport, this initiative arises mainly because in the world of sport, and football in particular, sexuality is still taboo, with too many cases of homophobia around.
The same silence that usually circulates in racing circles, about the sexual orientation of the players, is indicative of fear and prejudice, someway a symptom of violence.
As Sorrentino says: “In football, players are afraid to declare their sexual inclinations. We do not want to fight prejudice, because otherwise we got ghettoized, but we want to play football with the participation of both gay and ethers, and convince everyone that when you score a great goal, the sexual orientation of those who scored it is not a matter.”
T-shirts, created for the occasion, will have drawn a stylized Vesuvio with a rainbow, in the hope of a “nice time” after the “storm”.