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Published November 10, 2012 by Tony

I’m really happy that Obama won the election again

Congratulations to you and please go on to pursue your ideas and projects to heal the country’s economy and for equal rights, do not worry about criticism and opponents who only care about their interests. However it will go, you’re writing the history of America and maybe, unluckily,  you’ll be appreciated more in the distant future, as it has happened to many famous historical figures.
Good luck.


Published June 18, 2012 by Tony


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In Italy the summer is arrived, with a heat wave because of the African anticyclone. However, while in many northern and central areas heat is a little over 30 ° C. , to the South and in Naples it reaches 40 degrees. A purely high season warm which we are accustomed because it is not the first time that in June we have such temperatures. The Italian Ministry of Health has declared the level of heat at three in many regions and at level 2 for some southern cities, it is to say weather conditions which could be a risk for some people.



Published May 15, 2012 by Tony


Blue Flags

The Foundation for Environmental Education  (Fee) is a non-government and non-profit organization promoting sustainable development through environmental education programs: Blue Flag, Eco-Schools, Young Reporters for the Environment, Learning about Forests and Green Key. The Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label awarded to beaches and marinas in 46 countries across Europe, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada and the Caribbean. The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with Water Quality, Environmental Education and Information, Environmental Management, Safety and Other Services. Beaches are awarded the Blue Flag based on compliance with 32 criteria as: Environmental Education and Information, Water Quality, Environmental Management and Safety and Services. About the Water quality, it must comply with the Blue Flag requirements for physical, chemical and microbiological parameters, considering industrial and waste-water sewage related discharges that affect the beach area.
The annual list published by the Fee is an useful aid for coastal tourism during the summer holidays, giving a help to choose the cleanest sea with the better services. With this last twenty-sixth edition, in Italy have been 131 places and 246 beaches awarded the Blue Flag, thirteen more than last year. It has been the south of Italy to earn more flags this year, and the region Campania received 13.
Here are the locations: Sorrento (Naples), Capri (Naples) – Punta Faro-Gradola (Naples), Positano (Naples), Amalfi (Naples), Castellabate-Montecorice-Agnone-Capitello (Salerno), Pollica-Acciaroli-Pioppi (Salerno), Casal Velino (Salerno), Palinuro-Pisciotta-Centola (Salerno), Vibonati (Salerno), Sapri (Salerno).
If for this summer you’re thinking to drop in Europe, you can’t do without going on till south Italy and see the wonderful natural and cultural beauty that this land offers. Take advantage and make a long regenerating stop  along the Cilento coast, for example, not so far from Sorrento and Pompeii. And even if you see no blue flag around -because we often are modest- dive into the blue sea and enjoy. But beyond the flags, in any case, you’ll find a mix of things impossible to have all along: natural beauty, ancient art & culture, climate, hospitality, friendliness and good food … What more do you want?
And if the case….. let me know it… sending me an e-mail….

Italian blu flags 2012


Published February 19, 2012 by Tony


This night ended the festival 2012 of Italian song in Sanremo. After that The Cranberries sang their new single “Tomorrow“,  the chermesse  of Sanremo went ahead and the final vote of the jury gave the three finalists singers: Noemi, Emma Marrone and Arisa, just three young vocalists. They then sang again their new song and viewers at home, by telephone or cell phone, could cast their vote in the meantime. The presenter of the five nights has been Gianni Morandi, a famous singer, backed by actor Rocco Papaleo.

Emma MarroneEMMA MARRONE gianni-morandi-e-rocco-papaleoGianni Morandi and Rocco Papaleo

Also tonight there was the presence of the singer Celentano who, as usual, between a song and another, made some criticism and this time towards two well-known Italian Catholic magazines (Avvenire and Famiglia Cristiana), saying that instead of devoting themself to politics and news, should speak more about faith and religion.


For the youth section, last night, wins the teenager Alessandro Casillo.

Alessandro Casillo

Then came the final vote and the winner of the sixty-second Sanremo festival has been “EMMA” with the song “Non è l’inferno





Published February 10, 2012 by Tony

Despite cold, snow and frost, Etna in Sicily, the largest volcano in Europe, has awakened again and covered with snow has made a spectacle of itself. The last eruption of yesterday is the first in 2012 and the second began in the late afternoon with a rising trend up to the early hours of the next morning. Thanks to the clear sky and to the moon, the show was visible for miles and miles away.