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The word Vagina banned in American parliament

Published June 16, 2012 by Tony

Michigan State Rep. shuts up Lisa Brown

Is the term “vagina” prohibited and offensive to American Republicans?
So it seems after what happened during a speech at Michigan’s House of representatives.

Alright, Lisa Brown said “…you’re all so interested in my vagina…”, but it was just an ironic and controversial way to say that there finally was legislating something that concern the female reproductive organs and women life as abortion implies. Honestly, I agree with her because “vagina” is the anatomically, medically correct term and among adult people, as representatives are, there shouldn’t be nothing so offensive and vulgar. For me the concern isn’t politic, meaning that no matter which political party gives forth to this – anachronistic and out of place – remark.
Darn, are we still talking about this shit in the 21st century!? Ludicrous!
I think that probably was not the phrase to be so offensive to bother some representatives, but the Democrats’ political position on abortion, and doing this they thought to silence the opponent and cast a bad light on her to the public opinion.
Finding myself in a neutral position, I think American people understand when something is offensive or just pleasantry as in this case, and hope that politicians, in general, stop doing these partisan childish tricks and focus, instead, on much more serious and important things.