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Published October 17, 2012 by Tony


It is well-known that everywhere the first sexual intercourse occurs nowadays during adolescence, a time when many teenagers know little about sex and, apart from this, they have it because feel attracted by the partner or because they just want to try this experience.
Unfortunately, young people who have received a sex education at school or from their parents, before they first intercourse, are still a few. Today, the majority of young people gain knowledge of the basic sex concepts only through friends or internet, also if it often is uncomplete and unsatisfactory.
Young people do not like to read much, as they prefer a simple crosstalk while it is needless to dwell on scientific and moral speeches. In this context, for the young girls who are reading me now, I briefly will tell them that:

1 – Can I have sex with him?
If in doubt, ask yourself this question: is he the right guy with whom it is worth to take this step? Whatever happens in the future, will I remember him with affection and sympathy, glad to have given him my virginity?
2 – Must he use a condom?
Even if it is the first sexual intercourse for both of you, and thus it’s supposed that both have no sexually transmitted diseases, do not forget that it only needs one coitus to get pregnant.
3 – Ok but what if he ejaculates outside?
No, who does tell you that he will be able to pull out his penis before a drop of sperm has already come out? Besides, know that during intercourse a few drops of sperm (often called precum) can already be discharged. He can avoid condoms when you will use the pill, provided you have the certainty (which is impossible) that he is not having intercourse with other people, including occasional ones, and therefore might be a carrier of a disease. For these reasons, it is always opportune and wise to use condoms. If he carelessly has ejaculated inside you, there’s nothing to do, also if you can use the morning-after-pill and hope…..
4 – Is there a risk of getting pregnant through anal/oral intercourse or  if his sperm falls on my body?
No, from this point of view the sperm becomes dangerous if released into the vagina or even around the labia majora.
5 – Is the loss of virginity painful?
No, although depending on the consistency of your hymen, there may be more or less bleeding. If anything, pain or discomfort that you may experience  is due to the dryness of your vagina, also depending on the size of his penis. In any case, it is advisable to always use a lubricant (vaseline for example ). If the intercourse is too painful for you, tell him to stop, while if you feel no pleasure, have the courage to stop and excit yourself through the manipulation of the clitoris (fingering).

Sex is and should be a time of high pleasure and fulfillment, it must be so for everyone even if the first time. Therefore better to give up if this is not happening.