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Published December 29, 2013 by Tony

– Major World Events in 2013 –

Another year has passed, and although this 2013 fortunately will not go down in history as the year of the worst disasters, many important events have occurred, and it is appropriate to summarize them (news are not given in a chronological order).

Historical Events for Year 2013

Obama’s victory – re-elected to the White House
Election of Pope Francis, after Pope Benedict’s resignation
Hollande new French President
Samaras double voting and the government in Greece
Xi Jinping at the head of the Chinese Communist Party
Aung San Suu Kyi was elected in Burma and withdraw the Nobel
The robot Curiosity arrives on Mars
Croatia becomes the 28th member of the European Union as Lithuania takes over the presidency
Scientists successfully cloned human stem cells
Detroit files for bankruptcy
Iran Nuclear Deal
China Moon Rover Lands on Moon.
Death of Nelson Mandela


Cyclone Cleopatra
Train accident in Lac-Mégantic
Train accident in Santiago de Compostela
Chelyabinsk Meteor
Earthquake in Bushehr
Earthquake in Ya’an
Typhoon Haiyan
Lao Airlines Flight 301
Tatarstan Airlines Flight 363
Boeing 777 crashes at San Francisco Airport
Boston Marathon’s Blasts
Hurricane Sandy

Golden Globes 2013
Best Drama: Argo , directed by Ben Affleck
Best Musical or Comedy: Les Misérables , directed by Tom Hooper

Grammy Awards 2013
Record of the Year : Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know
Song of the Year : Fun – We Are Young
Album of the Year : Mumford & Sons – Babel
Best Rock Album: The Black Keys – El Camino

Emmy Award 2013
Breaking Bad
Behind the Candelabra
The Colbert Report
Modern Family
The Voice

Oscars 2013

Argo by Ben Affleck
Ang Lee – Life of Pi
Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln
Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook

Sport Events
London Marathon
Moscow Athletics World Championships
Rugby League World Cup final
UEFA Champions League final
Aviva Premiership Rugby Final

Miss Universe 2013
María Gabriela Isler

Nobel Prizes in 2013

François Englert
Eugene Fama
Lars Peter Hansen
Peter Higgs
Martin Karplus
Michael Levitt
Alice Munro
James Rothman
Randy Schekman
Robert Shiller
Thomas Südhof
Arieh Warshel
European Union

Celestial Bodies discovered in 2013
2013 ET
C/2013 A1 Siding Spring
C/2013 F1 Boattini
Kepler- 62 c
Kepler- 62 and
Kepler- 69 c
Kepler- 78 b
S/2004 N 1

International Crisis

Syria and Lebanon, Sudan, Turkey/PKK, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Sahel, Mali, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Central Asia, Iraq, Colombia, Philippines, Myanmar.

According to some ” TIME” ‘ s surveys , here’s a list of the top Arts & Entertainment events of the past 12 months.

Best Movies
The Great Beauty / Big Beauty
American Hustle
The Grandmaster

Best Songs
“Get Lucky,” Daft Punk
“The Wire ,” Haim
“Control,” Big Sean feat. Jay Electronica & Kendrick Lamar
“Ohm,” Yo La Tengo
“I Got a Boy,” Girls ‘ Generation

Best Books

Life After Life, Kate Atkinson
Tenth of December, George Saunders
The flamethrowers, Rachel Kushner
Book of Ages, Jill Lepore
Command and Control, Erik Schlosser
The Bully Pulpit, Doris Kearns Goodwin


Published January 25, 2012 by Tony

Bloody Saturday in New York subway

What ‘s going in New York City’s subway?

This past week four deaths in subway odd accidents in less of 24 hours, one in Brooklyn, one in Queens and two in Manhattan.
Was it a black Saturday or just a coincidence.
The first fatal subway accident occurred at 2 a.m. in Elmhurst, Queens when a  man was found unconscious at the elevated Elmhurst Ave. station on the R line. He was rushed to the hospital, but died an hour later. Authorities believe he may have slipped and fell down the stairs.
At about 8:30 a.m. in Manhattan, a man died near the 14th St. station when an L-line train struck him inside a tunnel. Investigators are unsure why the 22-year-old Long Island man was wandering around inside the tunnel.
The third fatality occurred on the A line a little after 4 p.m. in Brooklyn at the Nostrand Avenue station. The victim died when struck by the A train and police do not know why the man was on the railway.
The final more gruesome death occurred at the Sixth Ave. station at around 10 p.m. when as in a horror movie some Manhattan passenger saw a decapitated head lodged between the platform and the train. Authorities are still investigating the accident and searching for the body’s victim.
Police say none of the victims were related.



Published December 10, 2011 by Tony

2011: an Extreme Exhausting Year


 This year there have been devastating events everywhere, such as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Australia’s flooding and a drought in Africa and it seems that – despite 2010 already was a bad year for America –  during 2011 USA got smacked repeatedly. The U.S. has had a record 10 weather catastrophes: five separate tornado outbreaks, two different major river floods in the Upper Midwest and the Mississippi River, drought in the Southwest and a blizzard that crippled the Midwest and Northeast, and Irene. Some expert says it’s mostly bad luck or random chance, but many of them agree about ‘man-made global warming increasing’ as main responsible. If so, we all have to hope that U.S. first and other big States then, as Russia China and Japan, after the last United Nations climate meeting in Dubai, take the blame and charge of the critic situation. Here’s a recap of the disasters which occurred in these 11 months of 2011, excluding those happened to flora & fauna – sometimes inexplicably –  worldwide, or those caused accidentally from humankind. We all hope that the coming new year will be better, of course, and that peace and serenity will be the subjects of which we would treat next time. This is my best wish for you all, wherever you are, aware that suffering is just a way for us to strengthen our faith and have a heart towards those not-so-fortunate on this planet, that sometimes seems more like a purgatory that a heaven.

Argentina, earthquake magnitude 6.9, January 1
Southern China, earthquake magnitude 5.2, January 1
Chile, earthquake 7.1 magnitude, January 2
Near Japan, earthquake triggers Tsunami Warning, January 3
South-east Iran, powerful earthquake, January 3
Northern Argentina, earthquake 7.0 magnitude, January 3
Rockhampton, Australia,  Major Flood, January 3
Brazil, heavy floods leave at least 35 dead, January 6
California, earthquake 4.5 magnitude, January 12
Indonesia, huge Waves Destroy Homes, January 12
Pakistan, massive magnitude 7.2 earthquake, January 18
South Island in New  Zealand,  magnitude 6.3 earthquake, February 21
Queensland, Australia,  largest hurricane in Australian history – Cat 5 Cyclone Yasi, February 2
Hawaii,  Volcano eruption, March 6
Japan, devastating magnitude 8.9 earthquake and tsunami, March 11
California Highway falls into Pacific Ocean, March 16
Northern California, offshore magnitude 3.5 earthquake, march 17
Vanuatu,  magnitude 6.5 earthquake, March 17
Myanmar, Thailand,  magnitude 6.8 earthquake, March 23
Japan’s coast,  magnitude 6.4 earthquake, March 25
South Sandwich Islands,  magnitude 5.4 earthquake, April 1
Fiji, magnitude 6.4 earthquake, April 3
South of Java, Indonesia, magnitude 6.7 earthquake, April 3
Veracruz, Mexico,  magnitude 6.5 earthquake, April 7
Japan, magnitude 7.4 earthquake hits shore, April 7
Eastern Japan, magnitude 6.5 and 6.2 earthquakes, April 11
N. Carolina and Virginia, deadly Tornadoes, April 16
Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Huntsville, Alabama, massive thunderstorm killed at least 180 people, April 28
Albany, New Zealand, deadly Tornado, May 3
Major Mississippi flooding destroying  many homes, May 15
Papua New Guinea, Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake – Tsunami warning – May 15
Iceland’s Grimsvotn,  Volcano erupts followed by small earthquakes, May 21
Joplin, Missouri, Tornado Disaster, May 22
Springfield, Massachusetts,  deadly tornado, June 1
Arizona, Duststorm, July 5
Chile, Volcano erupts, June 6
Arizona, massive wildfires, June 8
Christchurch, NZ,  6.0 and lower magnitude earthquakes, June 11,12
Nebraska, Kansas,  40 Tornadoes rip through, June 21
Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska,  7.2 Magnitude Earthquake, June 24
Phoenix, massive dust storm, July 5
New Zealand,  Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake, July 7 and May, 03
Northeastern Japan, Magnitude 7.3 Earthquake, July 9
Philippines, Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake, July 11
Colorado,  5.3 earthquake, August 22
Virginia, NY and Carolinas, 5.9 earthquake, August 23
SC,NC,VA,  Hurricane Irene hits, August 26,27
Taiwan and China,  deadly Typhoon,  August 29
Texas, worst level of drought, during 2011
Alaska, 6.8 magnitude earthquake, September 2
Argentina, magnitude 6.7 earthquake, September 2
Vanuatu, magnitude 7.0 earthquake,  September 3
Northern Sumatra,  magnitude 6.6 earthquake, September 5
Vancouver,  magnitude 6.4 earthquake, September 9
Pennsylvania,  Floods, September 10
Texas,  Fire destroys 1,554 homes and 17 people missing, September 11
Northeastern India, magnitude 6.8 earthquake,  September 18
Siloam Springs, AR,  Tornado, September 18
Philippines, deadly Typhoon, September 27
Aisen, Chile,  magnitude 5.0 earthquake, October 7
Death Valley,  Magnitude 4.0 earthquake, October 7
Papua New Guinea, Magnitude 6.7 earthquake, October 14
Amurskaya Oblast, Russia,  magnitude 5.9 earthquake, October 14
Simeulue, Indonesia,  magnitude 5.4 earthquake, October 16
Central America, Heavy rains kill at least 84, October 18
north of Tristan Chua,  magnitude 5.3 earthquake, October 19
Palau Region, magnitude 5.3 earthquake, October 23
Eastern Turkey, magnitude 5 – 7 earthquakes, October 23
Fiji Region, magnitude 6.0 Earthquake, October 27
Bangkok, massive Flood, October 27
Liguria region, Italy, deadly floods, October 26
Peru, magnitude 6.9 earthquake, October 28
Africa,  most active Volcano Erupts, November 9
Sicily, Italy, heavy rains cause Flooding and devastates village, November 23