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Madonna’s gym

Published February 21, 2013 by Tony

Hard Candy Fitness

A mega fitness center of 1,200 square meters divided into three levels, in the heart of Rome, in front of the Colosseum. In the capital the “Hard Candy Fitness“, the pop star Madonna’s gym was born, the first center in Europe, after the one in Mexico, Australia, Russia and Chile.

With five luxury rooms, one for the weights, one for anti-gravity suspended activities, one for spinning and a room for Madonna’s dance “floor concert”. The new ultra-luxury gym will open in Rome on May 26 and will be equipped with advanced equipment. You can experience the philosophy of Madonna’s fitness, with training programs that have as slogan the concept of “Harder is better“. As explained by Mike Apple, vice president of Hard Candy Fitness. <<Madonna began as a dancer, and her concerts are real shows. She trains every day, six days out of six, three hours a day, and proves and re-proves her choreography. She works very hard and thinks that the results can be got by sweating>>. The fifth exclusive spa, named like her 2008 album, comes to life through an agreement with the network of gyms “Dabliu“, Italian licensee of the brand founded by the queen of pop. Andrea Pambianchi, project manager of Hard Candy Fitness says: <<The relationship between Madonna and fitness is very clear, very strong. And her concerts are a proof. At the “Hard Candy Fitness” you will be able to try in exclusive the lessons “Addicted to Sweat” or the workout program that Madonna plays every day>>.
Who knows if Madonna will attend the opening ceremony.