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Published April 26, 2012 by Tony

Couples With Big Age Gaps

Madonna & Brahim Zaibat
Previously I talked about the case “Jordan Power & James Hooker” which raised the controversial issue for age gap relationships, a newspaper story which, as you know, provoked outrage and irritation of many self-righteous. Well, in that instance it was an old man who had chosen a young  girl as the companion of his life, and since in these cases the criticism is promoted more by mothers and women, what do they say when the opposite occurs? It is to say, what do women, moms or  churchy persons say when it just is an older women to couple with a younger person?
Around the world there will be thousands of couples formed by both older men with young girls and mature women with younger guys, but said so, the deed seems to have no credit or importance, so I must refer to  famous and well-known people to prove it. Searching around, I have found some, perhaps well-known, but certainly there will be many other similar examples. Here’s the couples:

•    Madonna & Brahim Zaibat (30 years difference, when he was 16 she 46)
•    Kim Cattrall & Alan Wyse (29 years difference, when he was 16 she 45)
•    Barbara Hershey &  Naveen Andrews (21 years difference, when he was 16 she 37)
•    Liz Taylor & Larry Fortensky (18 years difference, when he was 16 she 34)
•    Francesca Annis & Ralph Fiennes (18 years difference)
•    Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher (16 years difference)
•    Geena Davis & Dr Reeza Jarrahy (16 years difference)
•    Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins (13 years difference)
•    Vanessa Feltz & Ben Ofoedu (11 years in difference)
•    Mandy Moore & Adam Goldstein (11 years in difference)

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

When Louise Veronica Ciccone coupled with her first (or second) young partner or when Woody Allen, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger or Marilyn Mason, for instance, did it with a very… very young partner compared to their age, the bigots did not express the same public indignation. Why that?
Because a “VIP” can do everything without being criticized harshly and a “common people” cannot, perhaps?
I’m flabbergasted and disappointed when someone points out as pedophile any person like James Hooker and do not do the same when Hugh Hefner, for instance, at 80 years old chooses a twenty-year-old! Obviously, they both are not, but you shouldn’t have double standards. For me, as Aaliyah song says, “Age ain’t nothing but a number”, simply.