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Published February 26, 2013 by Tony


Voting results are now complete.
With 124,000 votes, the political parties of the center-left, headed by Pier Luigi Bersani, has obtained an absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies and thus a sort of “governance”, but having only reached a relative majority in the Senate, with 120 seats against 117  of the center-right parties, the alleged governance is at risk. In order to be able to govern with a degree of stability, the potential Prime Minister Bersani will need a senate majority too.
To complicate matters, there is the electoral success of the “M5S, Five Star Movement” led by Beppe Grillo, who won 108 seats in the House and 54 in the Senate. The M5S through a groundswell of antipolitical sentiment, for years criticized the activities of all political parties and considers all politicians not reliable and honest who should be “sent home”. For these reasons, Grillo does not support any political party and not even available to any kind of coalition.
The results show that the Italians do not agree with the policy pursued by Monti who comes out defeated by these elections, while aside from the resurgence of the center-left, Berlusconi and his party have maintained and reaffirmed their political strength.  Finally, the vote of “protest” given by thousands of people through the “Movement 5 stars”, must not been underestimated, as it is assumed that it will make feel its weight in parliament.
See the following tables for the percentages of the main parties divided for House and Senate.