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Published March 15, 2013 by Tony

Nate's dad letter

This letter written from a dad to his gay son Nate is going viral on the Internet because of its simple, hopeful message of love.
It was posted on the Facebook page of, an organization aimed at empowering youth through its snarky, gay-positive T-shirts, videos and activist campaigns.
I don’t know if this letter is real, but gives me the opportunity to launch a campaign to help and give words of comfort to all the boys, gay or not, who need it. I know how even a few words of understanding or a short chat of encouragement can be useful in times of distress. I am available to do so and I will respond to anyone who needs to hear a friendly voice. Those interested can write me to:


Published June 22, 2011 by Tony


By now, it’s well-known that the chat-lines in internet are very popular and crowded worldwide.
Together the SMS it is the new way to communicate among the new generation and even old people have been infected. Apart from other Internet utility, the social networks have been the main affairs that increased computer business lately.
During the last weeks, just for fun, I attended a famous Italian chat-line by internet at different hours and undoubtedly the most crowded rooms concerned the sexy rooms.
Well, I think now I can throw out a judgement.
Needless specifying that the sexy chat is a sex-oriented chat-line and the visited one had different thematic rooms by now became permanent. It is a video-chat and so some people have their webcam on.
The most populated rooms are called “sex” simply, with some for heterosexual and other for homosexual relationships. The anonymous registration asks for a nick together age and genre so that, in the room, visitors can know who is male or female and through the nick also realize what he/she is looking for in broad terms. But, in spite of these differentiations, some weird person also if gay or transsexual was showed as female and nothing to be surprised in finding them in any room.
At a rough estimate, the (actual) female members in the rooms were always very low, nearly 10% to the amount of which only 40% young people, the one just in great demand. As a matter of fact, youths overall were the most sought person and there even was a sort of awe towards them. I used different registrations, naming me, at the occasion, as “Mature_Man”, Mature_Lady”, “Young_Boy”, “Lil_Girl”  and so on,  just with the purpose to check  the different people behaviour.
As young people I always got more calls.
About male, 50% of them were between 24 and 35 years old,  30% between 36-46,  10% more than 47 years and the last 10% less than 23.
In any case, male people looking for a real encounter – being resolute and quick – was few and mostly the youngest visitors.
Most of partakers were there for autoeroticism simply, in search of person with webcam/mic and unexpectedly they were young people mainly.
Oddly, this datum is in contradiction with the statistics according to whom nowadays young people are having sex earlier and more compared with the previous generations.
The number increased in the gay rooms where many people were in search of occasional partners and with many looking for (cyber) sex by webcam at the same time.
If the first would have met the second the problem were solved, I thought! 
This shouldn’t astonish if we think that today is a multimedia-time where the imagination and fancy have been took over from video and realism. To the old generations, during their youth, needed nothing else than imagination to have a jerk off or they simply got it because horny.  Today many boys – hetero mostly – have no craving for masturbation and go in the sexy chat for a prodding or looking for autoeroticism as a pastime. Some of them even go because cybersex simply is in fashion!
Once, for old people pornographic video or particular play games just had the same role of the modern webcam, whereas the lust ordinarily decreased with age and now one would ask  <what will these boys act during the old age then?!>
Possibly, when one of these addicted boy will be 50, there will be no game or video able to excite him satisfyingly unless, in the meanwhile, another big invention as Viagra will be available to boost his lust too.
To me it just looks like a “Peeping-Tom-world” often out of touch with the reality. People going there every day with the wish to meet the dreamed sexy soul and wasting franticly many hours but, in the end having always the same hand job alone in front the computer. I can only imagine the trouble of those that not alone (married, boys, etc.) must seize the opportunity to be naked on cam when relatives are away, feeling apprehensive or doing it with the door warily close.  !Bah!

The fact that northerly people had some different demand confirms what I wrote in “Sex Suvey”  some month ago. In fact, it is quite common to find more women/girls, married women or couples in search of sex or for another partner. The different culture brings the wife to find a lover or the husband to find a partner for his wife, if ever with him as voyeur only. Up north, we meet more single or divorced people and more freedom in general. 

The last thing emerging by my test concerns the great demand of huge penis.
The penis size became a sort of pass or bonus hence any other demand faded in the background. I must think that probably, most of the “well-endowed” guys just attend this kind of chat,  because if it’s true that the average Italian penis size is statistically within 5,50 – 6,30 in., there should be no other explanation in coming across so many big cocks showed on the webcam in such chat lines. Unless, in the last 15-20 years something happened to male genetic factors bringing the newest generation to have bigger penis (together a lack of lust) with the relative statistics too old to have still credibility. Who knows?!