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Published February 16, 2015 by Tony


Michele Ferrero (1925 – 2015) was one of the most important Italian businessmen, owner of the eponymous Ferrero Group.
Son of peasants, after the second big war, together his wife he opened a pastry shop in Alba (Cuneo). In 1946 Michele was the man behind the company’s development, creating many new products purchased today by millions of consumers around the world, opening factories and representation in Germany and France, and then exporting his articles  overseas, from Australia to Ecuador.
At that time the Italian giants brands were Motta and Alemagna that predicted: “Ferrero goes for broke, it will fail.”
Michele is the inventor of the most famous Ferrero products: Nutella (1964), Mon Cheri (1956), Tic Tac (1969), Ferrero Rocher (1982), up to the Kinder line that now represents about 50% of the Ferrero turnover.
Thanks to the continuous territorial expansion, and production lines, today Ferrero is one of the leading confectionery worldwide, with over 34,000 employees in 53 countries, 20 production facilities, 3 of which are operating in the field of social enterprises in Africa, and Asia and 9 farms.

By Michele Ferrero’s will,  in 1983 was born the Ferrero Foundation, based in Alba, which has the dual objective of taking care of ex-employees Ferrero and to promote cultural and artistic initiatives. Indeed,  in its logo appear the three verbs that characterize his phylosophy : “Work, Create, Donate”.
In 2005 he created the Social Enterprises, already active in India, South Africa and Cameroon, not only based on a purely Conception entrepreneurial, but acting with a “social” spirit, as they are aimed on the one hand to create jobs in disadvantaged areas emerging countries, and to also carry out projects and initiatives to promote children’s education and health in the areas where the establishments are located.

Perhaps the best-known product in most of the world is “Nutella”, trade name of an Italian hazelnut cream made from sugar and vegetable oils to flavor cocoa and hazelnuts. It was created in 1964 by the confectionery Ferrero in Alba, from a previous cream called Giandujot and then Supercrema. The name comes from the noun “nut,”  and the Italian suffix “ella” to get a catchy name.
Today Nutella is probably the most widespread “chocolate spread” in the world, whose main ingredient is the hazelnut, once taken from the local hazelnut plantation where he was born. Mr. Michele, as his collaborators always called him, had the idea of planting trees hazelnuts in the South, so that he could have at disposal fresh hazelnuts at any season. From that visionary project was born  8,000 hectares of crops in Chile, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia, where have been planted 6.6 million of trees. The latest reports claim that sales have been of 350 thousand tons produced each year.

Since the beginning Ferrero adopted reusable glass containers as a form of incentive to buy the product. Once emptied of its contents, the container can be used as a container. The glass jars were soon embellished with multi-color images and a characteristic shape.
During the feast of St. Peter and Paul, Michele had a habit of visiting his Ferrero Foundation in Alba. Here he greeted older workers and talked with other workers, and maybe tasted his products too, keeping the air conditioners to the maximum so that the chocolate did not “suffer” the heat “.
Frequently he went to various
supermarket to buy its products and those of other brands to verify freshness and differences. In each factory Michele asked to put a statue of the Lady of Lourdes, but not to offend Muslims, the designers did not put it in the factory in Manisa, Turkey. Michele Ferrero did not like to waste money, except for his favorite cake that he commissioned for some event to a trusted confectioner, and then carried by a helicopter to Alba.   Dwelling in Monaco where he lived in recent years, next to the villas of his son John and Louise, and the widow of his son Peter (who died in 2011), his last joy was being with his five grandchildren ((Michele, Bernardo, Michael, Marie Elder e John). He wrote for them a affectionate letter, during the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Nutella, celebrated in May 2014.  He ideally passed the baton to the fourth Ferrero family’s generation.


Published March 19, 2013 by Tony


“Kinder Surprise” egg is a delicious chocolate, white in the inner side, filled with a plastic container in which kids find a toy (the surprise).
This innovative candy, very famous in Italy and in Europe, was created and from long manufactured by the Italian company called Ferrero, from the city of Ferrara, company famous throughout the world for its delightful Nutella.

Millions of children have eaten and enjoyed these eggs that Ferrero at Easter also offers in larger sizes and with surprises even more inviting.
Such a tasty and fascinating item could not go unnoticed in other countries, but unfortunately in the U.S. it is considered illegal.

kinder surprise eggsAs Ferrero states, his kinder surprise egg is not suitable for children under three years of age and this is a big deal in the U.S. because this type of product is in violation of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requirement, which states that candy-with-ensconced-toys must be safe for kids of all ages.
Anyhow, this hasn’t stopped people from trying to smuggle them in. According to Canada’s National Post, more than 60,000 Kinder eggs have been seized at the U.S. border annually though penalties can rise up to $2,500 per egg. It is said that a Winnipeg woman nearly paid a $300 fine when she tried to cross the Canadian-U.S. border with one Kinder Surprise egg or the highly creative man who used one to propose to his girlfriend.
Besides, nothing has deterred a New Jersey businessman, who loving them so much and wanting to make sure future generations of American children could enjoy them as much as overseas others kidsChoco treasure do, has meantime tried to figure out a way to legalize the contraband.
He is Kevin Gass, the co-founder of Candy Treasure LLC, a Lebanon, N.J., who about a week ago has proposed his Choco Treasure, a Kinder-inspired chocolate egg with a toy inside.
This is the biggest kid’s candy in the world, and we think it tastes great. It’s fun, and we spent quite a bit of time to make it safer and also as much fun as the original,” Gass told ABC News, adding that he worked with the FDA and a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission certified lab to make sure the product was safe for children of all ages.
The strange thing, this egg is similar and structurally identical to Ferrero’s one, with a capsule submerged inside which separates the two halves of chocolate, and it becomes difficult to understand why it is now considered “safe” while the original, the Kinder Surprise egg, it is not.
Maybe because Ferrero is an Italian brand and Candy Treasure LLC American?
Business’s mystery…… or just an unfair competition?
I feel sorry for American children, but at least I am consoled by the fact that, according to the images, chocolate Choco seems to be different from Kinder’s one. Toys aside, this suggests that the taste will then be different, savor that made Kinder famous worldwide.
Same thing already seen for Nutella‘s chocolate, imitated by many firms but none as tasty and unique as the original.

Ferrero Kinder suprise egg




Salon du Chocolat in Zurich

Published April 2, 2012 by Tony

For the opening soirée of the first Salon du Chocolat in Zurich, on Thursday evening, renowned chocolatiers and pastry chefs applied their skills to create unique dresses made of chocolate.  The Maitres Chocolatiers came from Belgium, Switzerland and France.
Great applause for French chocolatier Jean-Claude Jeanson and designer Mister Crochet for their original creation, a flamboyant bird’s nest with three real pigeons inside. Besides, the model’s long legs were covered with white chocolate tattoos. The hairdresser Valentino finished the last touches of their model on stage.
Geneva-based chocolatier Philippe Pascoët worked together with Swiss designer Elisa Sue to create a Baroque style gown, while Choc-master Philippe Bel, based in Lyon, mixed confectionary and chocolate for a sensual brassiere made with a combination of dark and milk chocolate and marshmallows.
I believe that each of us, looking at those attractive models, would say: “I could eat you whole!”
The show will be in other cities during the upcoming months:
•    Bahia from July 6th to 8th
•    Paris from Oct 31st to Nov 4th
•    New York from Nov 9th to 11th
•    Lyon from Nov 16th to 18th
•    Cannes from Nov 23d to 25th
•    Cairo in November (dates to be announced)
•    Moscow in December (dates to be announced)
•    Shanghai at the end of 2012


Published February 3, 2012 by Tony


Italy and Naples are known worldwide for their ancient tradition of coffee like the one that, after lunch, I’m sipping right now; but we know something about chocolate too. Most of our desserts are made with chocolate and there are industry leaders for this, even if the neighboring Switzerland is among the best chocolate makers. Each country has its own old traditions and even some small local manufacturer of chocolate. I can say that we are connoisseurs and companies, both Italian and Swiss, use very strict and precise criteria for the production of cocoa and chocolate. Among the most known firms that we find more on the supermarkets’ shelves and to whom we trust, I  can mention now Perugina, Ferrero and Lindt, each with many varieties to choose from. Perugina name comes from the city of Perugia in which the firm is located, instead Ferrero is perhaps today known in many nations  for his NUTELLA, a jar containing a particular type of spreadable delicious chocolate with hazelnut flavor. All Italian children and young people are crazy for Nutella and if you’ve never tasted it, I can only tell you to be careful because it is so good that you may become Nutella-addict quickly. I personally like pieces of dark chocolate (no more than 75% cocoa) softer flavored, and by now, I cannot avoid to eat a little bit of it in the night after dinner. Yum