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Published March 6, 2013 by Tony


Yesterday, late in the evening, a fire almost completely has destroyed the “Città della Scienza” (City of Science)  in Naples.
Firefighters had to work all night to be able to douse the flames because there were more outbreaks in different pavilions, and this, in the absence of wind, suggests that the fire might be arson. Only a dedicated theater is saved and the damages are considerable.
The City of Science was founded in 1996 by a foundation for the promotion and popularization of science, and built in the district of Bagnoli, in the big industrial area of the former Italsider, encouraging the conversion of the area into a high-tech hub, and offering at the same time new jobs opportunities. The structure was composed of a multifunctional interactive science museum and of a training center. The exhibition halls were divided according to the scientific experience proposed. There was a “gym science” that allowed people to know the dynamics of various physical and natural phenomena; a planetarium, a “workshop” for children divided by age and allowing students to learn science by playing; a huge hall used to organize exhibitions theme at particular times of the year;  a series of spaces dedicated to events, meetings and conferences, and, finally, an area dedicated to education and territorial development in the field of entrepreneurship.
The city of Science in Naples was, therefore, a second generation interactive science museum “hands-on”,  and represented one of the most advanced initiatives in Italy with regard to the creation of a comprehensive system of dissemination and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to people and schools.

For the reconstruction the foundation is planning to organize a concert to raise funds to restore the structure.