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Published December 26, 2013 by Tony

Barilla says NO to Gay Ads
The Jackal’s group reacts!

Our nation still is the emblem_ of closed-mindedness.
This time is the Barilla’s brand_ to impress_ the audience_ worldwide. While companies, such as Ikea, launch spot that continually refers to the “_new-families_” and “extended_families”, which are no longer simply made by dad, mum and son, some brands just draw back and still aim on the “traditional”.
The _tricolor-pasta’s producer_ declared_ itself against advertisements that refers to ‘non-traditional’ families, and about gay Guido Barilla said :
” …. I’ll never produce a commercial_ with gay people. If they like our pasta and  our communication, eat it!  If they do not like what we say, do without and eat another!”
With these sentences, the firm made Italia and abroad indignant.
_Napolitans_ also has remained agape, and the known Neapolitan group of independent_videomaking called “the Jackal” for only answer created a _clip_ dedicated to Barilla ads, but with a gay couple.

For other the Jackal’s video see HERE

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Published April 6, 2013 by Tony


Walking down the street an old woman sees a piece of twine on the ground, bends down, picks it up and puts it in his pocket to preserve it.
Scene of other times, times when even a rope could be useful, how to tie an old cardboard suitcase for example.
Today, anyone who needs a piece of rope buy a whole roll, then forgetting it somewhere, as cardboard suitcases do not exist anymore. Today you buy a trolley or the newest Samsonite seen on TV, even if it is for only one trip.

Adaptation? Consumerism? Progress?

Perhaps the European single currency (euro) has made things worse here, then the international crisis, but if we go further back in time, economic difficulty begins with the advertising and worse with the loss of values, in a broad sense, which over the years hit our society.
For values I also mean anything concerning the little things, like that piece of twine collected from the lady. Meantime, commercials push people to wish what they do not have, to replace, to keep up with the times.
Although because of this my relatives criticize me, I do not throw away things easily, and I like to preserve and collect useful things if I find them abandoned, even if it is just a nail or an used flowerpot.
My grandma said: “astipa che truove” (as to say preserve and you will have  at disposal), and we were a family that could not be considered poor or needy. It was our lifestyle to be different, and mainly the value you gave to things…. the shame, if there was, was not for dressing a worn cloth or for not owning a car.
Trouble shared is a trouble halved, some would say. Maybe!

Some time ago, on a sidewalk, next to the trash cans, I saw a large mirror thrown, abandoned because there was no longer useful, probably. It was a beautiful mirror-style eight-shaped and I not deny the instinctive urge to pick it up and take it away before some street urchin on duty had broken it, or that garbage collectors could take it away, but the shame prevailed together inability to carry such a burden alone.
I only can guess what that old woman or any other person lived forty years ago would say…. period when any item was not thrown with such ease, and there was a sort of family and domestic recycling. I guess if one of these people of old times had the opportunity to come back to life today, he even could live off with the use of everything (still good and usable) is thrown away and that we see down the street or in the rubbish bins.
And to think that nowadays someone is addressing a holding company in order to have a dishwasher or a plasma screen, at any cost.


American Actors

Published February 14, 2012 by Tony

George Clooney

Italians like many Americans actors, and George Clooney just is one of them. Aside from his famous movies he even became more popular when started a relationship with Sardinia-born Elisabetta Canalis and coming as often as not in Italy, because his villa on lake Garda. For this, some Italian firms engaged him for their advertisements and we all have watched him in TV or on billboard while publicizing Martini, Fiat or Nespresso coffee, also if on those circumstances he acted in English. Then, lately the first step forward with George even talking in Italian in his last spot for Fastweb, an Italian telecommunications company specialized in telephony,  broadband connections and cable television. Few lines only as you can see on the following video, but well-chosen because the actor by now is considered one of the family for us as we hope he also feel at home here. Maybe George only made it for money but we like to think he will learn more Italian in the future.
However, other American actors have been chosen for commercials like Dustin Hoffman, Nicole kidman, John Travolta, Richard Gere, Christopher Lambert, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, etc… till the a current one with Jennifer Lopez.







Published February 8, 2012 by Tony

Among Super Bowl commercials it’s said that this Italian spot, about FIAT, is having a popular appeal, and you even could give me confirmation.


In the case you are not able to understand what the sexy woman says, here’s the translation:

What are you looking at?!
What are you looking at?
You’re undressing me with your eyes.
Poor you … you cannot do without doing it … is your heart thudding, is your head spinning, you get lost thinking that I could be yours forever.…