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Published April 22, 2013 by Tony


I have read that there are polls determining who has sex in the strangest place and the couple who was arrested a few days ago, in the province of Livorno, could clinch the top spot in the standings.
In the afternoon of Tuesday, some believers who were in the cathedral of Cecina heard (unambiguous) moans coming from a confessional and horrified called the police.
Once at the church and opened the confessional, the agents found themselves in front of a half-naked couple engaged in a sexual intercourse. Although the two tried to escape, were arrested and charged with resisting at public officers and obscene acts in public.
Umm, if the case, they will participate in an upcoming poll when they will come out of jail.



Published April 10, 2013 by Tony


Standard of living and lifestyle have influenced and still influence the way how people spend their weekend. If we take as a reference two medium families, one from Naples and another from New York, both formed by working parents, with one or more adult children, probably in a month the Neapolitan parents spend one Saturday or Sunday to dine out, while the New Yorker parents spend three. For New Yorkers the Saturday “evening dining out” was, until recently, an obligation, especially for couples with both engaged in work. Due to the popular demand, in order to go to a restaurant or pizzeria in New York, a Saturday evening reservation even was necessary. Where the New Yorker didn’t go out to dinner, as an alternative there always was a dinner party hosted by some friends at their home or in a pub. A lifestyle difficult to eradicate, even in view of the fact that wives were not inclined to spend weekend at home, between cooking and dishes.
Aside from this substantial cultural difference, there was another of economic nature, because an average Neapolitan family certainly did not have the same economic opportunity of the overseas peers.
Although a normal dinner in a normal restaurant in the Neapolitan hinterland costs less than the one in a similar restaurant in New York, the average Neapolitan family culturally is more “conservative” and traditionalist, with wives, who, although involved in work, have not lost their  “housewives” identity, preferring to stay at home during the weekend.  In Naples, there has never been a “dining party” culture, and instead of Saturday dining out, if anything, the custom of a Sunday lunch away from home has always been more in vogue. But occasionally and not as a weekly habit. The Neapolitan wife has always been very attached to the house and the children and  weekend is just a chance to spend more time at home with family, and attend to all those household chores that she has not been able to do during the week.
Our habits have not changed much over the years. The economic situation has led, if anything, to renounce to some Sunday lunch at the restaurant and be thriftier in foodstuffs purchase.

Americans, instead, after a hard week spent at work, look forward to weekends, planning in advance for them.  For many weekend means going out with friends or relatives, outdoor activities or watching a game in a stadium.
In the past, one of the largest changes in American eating habits was the increasing reliance on food eaten away from home (FAFH). FAFH increased from 33% of total food expenditures in 1970 to 47% by 2003. Most of this is at table service and fast food restaurants.
Much of the growth is attributed to the rising value of household time, especially as induced by more female labor force participation, and rising household incomes.
As a 2009 Zagat Survey showed, eating out was a way of life for many Americans, with 50% of all meals prepared outside the home. In short, restaurants became the family kitchen for the busy two-career families. According to Zagat Survey CEO Tim Zagat, “Americans are still eating out in restaurants, they are just making smarter choices.”

Recently, the economic downturn, occasional jobs and financial turmoil in America have made it difficult for people to find enough money to afford their “dining out” habit.
Lately, Americans are making family dinner more often than dine out, a trend that slowly took root before the recession. Mostly, they’re cooking with and eating a narrow range of foods — and relying, to some extent, on prepared, frozen, and canned items to feed their families quickly and economically. “It’s very boring. That’s the sad truth,” says Harry Balzer, chief food industry analyst for the NPD Group, a national market research company. “For the most part, we’re looking for what’s the eaesiest way out of this, what’s the cheapest way out of this.” Balzer said, the number of restaurant meals an American family eats — dine-in or takeout — has been flat, at just under 200 a year, correlating to plateaus of both women in the workforce and household incomes.

Even the New York Times supported the thesis of the “end of the dinner party” because people do not have more money, time and wish to do so.  Someone else says that beyond the crisis there is a lack of good manners and savoir faire, with people no longer able to have a conversation and that’s why lately “finger food” and “standing up” are preferred to dinner party.



Published October 25, 2012 by Tony


Tiziano Ferro is a famous Italian songwriter of 32 years, also known in Europe, especially in Spain, and South America. Tiziano had a difficult adolescence, shyness, marginalized by classmates, suffering from bulimia which led him to go overweight.  As an outlet, music helped him as he began to study guitar, vocals, piano and drums. After various music adventures and rebuffs, in 1999 one new CD reached the top spots in the rankings and from there the success began.  In 2005 he moved to London, dubbed  the character of Oscar in the movie “Shark Tale”, and graduated in a Los Angeles university as English and Spanish interpreter and translator.
In 2010, in conjunction with the public declaration of his homosexuality, his first book “Trent’anni e una chiacchierata con papà” (Thirty years and a chat with dad) is published, a diary written by the singer from 1995 to 2010 in which, among other things, talks about the courage to declare his homosexuality. Shortly after, in an interviews Tiziano claims to have finally found a love but does not reveal his name.
From that moment on, media have tried to know who his boyfriend is, but the artist has always maintained secrecy about his private life so that even the  magazines of gossip have never been able to know something more. But now, following a revelation during an interview in the Spanish program “Hay que te quiero decir one thing“, in which he has said:  <My boyfriend is an anchorman of an Italian TV program“> , the gay community, always very attentive and informed, has focused its attention on the singer Miguel Bose. To confirm this hypothesis is the fact that Miguel is gay, who is a conductor of a famous Italian transmission, and has also released the album “Papitwo” containing a duet just with Tiziano, who is often in Spain. Two and two makes four, so many are convinced that Bose-Ferro is the new gay couple of the year.

Here for a Tiziano Ferro’s video



Published April 26, 2012 by Tony

Couples With Big Age Gaps

Madonna & Brahim Zaibat
Previously I talked about the case “Jordan Power & James Hooker” which raised the controversial issue for age gap relationships, a newspaper story which, as you know, provoked outrage and irritation of many self-righteous. Well, in that instance it was an old man who had chosen a young  girl as the companion of his life, and since in these cases the criticism is promoted more by mothers and women, what do they say when the opposite occurs? It is to say, what do women, moms or  churchy persons say when it just is an older women to couple with a younger person?
Around the world there will be thousands of couples formed by both older men with young girls and mature women with younger guys, but said so, the deed seems to have no credit or importance, so I must refer to  famous and well-known people to prove it. Searching around, I have found some, perhaps well-known, but certainly there will be many other similar examples. Here’s the couples:

•    Madonna & Brahim Zaibat (30 years difference, when he was 16 she 46)
•    Kim Cattrall & Alan Wyse (29 years difference, when he was 16 she 45)
•    Barbara Hershey &  Naveen Andrews (21 years difference, when he was 16 she 37)
•    Liz Taylor & Larry Fortensky (18 years difference, when he was 16 she 34)
•    Francesca Annis & Ralph Fiennes (18 years difference)
•    Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher (16 years difference)
•    Geena Davis & Dr Reeza Jarrahy (16 years difference)
•    Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins (13 years difference)
•    Vanessa Feltz & Ben Ofoedu (11 years in difference)
•    Mandy Moore & Adam Goldstein (11 years in difference)

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

When Louise Veronica Ciccone coupled with her first (or second) young partner or when Woody Allen, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger or Marilyn Mason, for instance, did it with a very… very young partner compared to their age, the bigots did not express the same public indignation. Why that?
Because a “VIP” can do everything without being criticized harshly and a “common people” cannot, perhaps?
I’m flabbergasted and disappointed when someone points out as pedophile any person like James Hooker and do not do the same when Hugh Hefner, for instance, at 80 years old chooses a twenty-year-old! Obviously, they both are not, but you shouldn’t have double standards. For me, as Aaliyah song says, “Age ain’t nothing but a number”, simply.