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Published November 23, 2014 by Tony


– CSI: Crime Scene Investigation –


Csi and its spin-off has long been the most watched TV series in the world, that premiered on CBS on October 6, 2000 for a total of 14 seasons till now.
All this thanks to the high professionalism of the production team and the skill of the actors, which I think should be quite stressed after having photographed – for such a long time –  hundreds of battered corpses and bagging their pieces.  In Csi an average of 4.8 people per episode die, so after 315 episodes and fourteen seasons, the series has on its shoulders 1512 murder victims. This seems impressive, but it’s nothing compared to 38 deaths per episode in the series “Walking Dead”. According to “New Scientist”, the care with which Csi is made, about the depiction of police technique and procedure, showed many useful information to underworld.
In recent years, during its broadcast the share has declined, for the arrival of new and most interesting TV series, probably more bloodier and impressive. We all know that sooner or later this American crime drama television series gotta end, and hope this will happen before the inexorable decline.


Published May 19, 2012 by Tony


Although I am not pleased to advertise this kind of news and also if my blog is addressed to other topics, the anger and grief are such that I feel bound to publish this post. The news is fresh.

Three homemade explosive devices, evidently operated by a remote control, have deflagrated this morning in front of the high school, “Morvillo Falcone” in Brindisi (Puglia), killing a 16 year old girl, Melissa Bassi, and injuring seriously other teenagers. The first surveys of the forensic and bomb-experts in Brindisi, confirm the presence of three cylinders of LPG bombs perhaps hidden inside a dumpster, which was then disintegrated behind a low wall near the school. The type of bottles used and any detail would be the signal of a premeditated attack and that someone really wanted to hit that school. No elements for now about the outrage’s matrix, but the type of attack is not typical of the mafia, also if the explosion could respond to a “logic of terrorism” that wants to scare people, create disorder, fostering uncertainty and instability. There are many hypotheses being studied by investigators. Three tracks from the main characters investigating, organized crime, terrorism or the isolated act of a mad and reckless subject. Someone assumes that everything has to do with the raid of May 9, when police in Brindisi dismantled a mafia organization linked to the “Sacra Corona Unita” (SCR). The SCR is a mafia organization that has its center in Puglia and found in agreements with criminal organizations in Eastern Europe, a way to emerge and detach itself from other mafia. Today’s attack, intelligence sources point out, could represent a kind of ‘strategy of tension’ as those implemented by the Mafia in recent years.

Beyond the investigations, it’s disgusting and absurd that the target becomes a school!

melissa bassi

A pic of the teen killed.


Published May 17, 2012 by Tony


In case you or any relative are planning a trip to distant lands, to visit an unusual place during vacation e.g. , first take a look to the following list because there are hazardous or inadvisable  destinations you’d better avoid, or going there well aware of what you’re getting.


According to the Wif (World Interesting Fact), Burundi has the highest death rate in relation to population / poverty rate / number of crimes.
Among the industrialized countries it is perhaps the poorest because the recent crisis. In the favelas is daily survival.
Tripoli, Libya
Stuff of our days. Going to Tripoli now is unwise.
Despite its natural beauty, for the presence of Al Qaeda and Taliban, Pakistan is a country considered too dangerous for foreigners.
The only safe tourist area seems to be Cap Skirring, while around the battles between rebels and army are frequent.
Not only war. In parts of Iraq and the busiest centers is a high risk of infectious diseases. From May to November the focus from malaria, and throughout the year from infections due to food and drink.
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
In the capital, civil tension is always high. Millions of people live in areas affected by natural disasters and lack of basic services.
Although since 2004 is officially called the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, because the Taliban is an outbreak ready to explode at any time.
People continue to die in Sudan. And getting sick here can be very dangerous: there is one of the worst health systems in the world. As AMREF reports.


Riachuelo Basin, Argentina
Here reigns the wrongful refusal with about 42 open dumps.
Dzerzhinsk, Russia
The cities most polluted by chemicals in the world.
Appalachia, West Virginia
The site of the U.S. most polluted by clouds of coal mines.
Kabwe, Zambia
On the soil of this city is not growing anything more. It is one of the most polluted (for levels of lead) of the Earth.
Lake Karachay, Russia
The largest lake polluted by nuclear waste of the Earth.
La Oroya, Peru
99% of children in this city has rates of blood lead above the limit.
After the earthquake of 2010 is still in a state of health emergency. Continue the cholera epidemic.
Research and UNICEF statistics say that  this is the country with the highest maternal mortality rate in the world for medical malpractice and infections.
The long shadow of Chernobyl after 25 years is still present. Access to the center is forbidden for anyone who does not have a valid reason to enter.
Fukushima, Japan
After the disaster of 11 March and the release of radioactive material, is currently one of the most risky place of the Planet.


Dasht e Lut, Iran
This is the hottest desert in the world.
The only country where the species of venomous animals are more than non-poisonous.


Christchurch, New Zealand
According to the WTO, New Zealand is one of the highest seismic risk zones in the world. The recent earthquake in Christchurch shows this.
Fiji Islands
This is a favorite destinations for many tourists (mostly Europeans) but also the favorite place for earthquake and resulting tsunami risks.
As for the Fiji Islands, Panama is also a destination for tourists. But even here, because of the significant level of seismic, tsunami warning is always present.
California people is accustomed to earthquakes but this not mean you have to be unworried.
Easter Island
It is the area of the world most surrounded by volcanoes and in marine surface (about 1,133).
Ubinas, Peru
The Peruvian authorities are certain: the eruptive activity of the volcano Ubinas, which had affected some provinces in the past, could resume.
Galeras, Colombia
One of the largest active volcanoes in Colombia, is located about 700 miles southwest of Bogota, and in recent years has seriously threatened the population of Narino.
It is the city in the world with more natural hazards: earthquakes, typhoons, landslides, floods.
Volcano Villarrica, Chile
A continuing goal of sightseeing but it is the most active volcano in Chile.


Published April 28, 2012 by Tony

No Condoms as Evidence Bill

Got Rubbers? Police May Arrest You!

To be honest, I was shocked when I read that in New York , for one, it is a crime and I could be arrested and accused of prostitution if police find out I am carrying one or some condoms. Absurd! If I had my car’s hood filled with boxes of condoms, maybe I would understand this charge. For who doesn’t know, currently U.S. police and courts can use the fact that people have or are carrying one or more condoms to prove that they are engaging in criminal activity, such as sex-workers. OMG!
“When it comes to condom possession and use, United Sates’ health and criminal procedure policies are at odds,” as the Senator Velmanette Montgomery says. For decades, city and state agencies have promoted safe sex practices as a public health priority and NYC., in particular, has taken this health campaign to the streets of the five boroughs, distributing millions of free condoms as a way to help combat sexually transmitted diseases and infections…. instead? This absurd regulation brings people to avoid carrying some condom in their pockets.
And this especially strikes those who are typically profiled by the police as possible sex workers, who are afraid of carrying preservatives and thus often engage in sex work without condoms. In the 2010 study conducted by DOMH, 57% of the sex workers interviewed said that they had had condoms taken away from them by a NYC police officer. While, in the 2011 study, 45.7% of sex workers interviewed did not carry condoms at some point for fear of police repercussions. This just is a good way to combat sexual diseases…. compliments!
“Confiscation of condoms for use as evidence of prostitution-related offenses is widespread in New York City and has serious public health consequences for sex workers and members of their communities,” said Katherine Todrys, a consultant for Human Rights Watch. Anyway, in New York, public health experts, human rights activists and advocates for sex workers and the LGBT community, are joining in calling for the passage of the Senator’s Montgomery legislation (S.323/A.1008) that should bar the use of condoms as evidence of prostitution.  The bill has support from various human rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, Streetwise and Safe, and the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center. Thanks God!

A different and better news about Argentine government policies instead. Here,  the minister Guillermo Moreno, not only speaks explicitly about condom use, but also made clear that his country needs more. For this he summoned the two leading manufacturers of condoms in Argentina, asking them to increase production to meet internal demand. For contractors, the Argentine government has asked to supply 3 million condoms more per year, to avoid even having to refuel abroad, in China, Malaysia and India.



Published October 14, 2011 by Tony

When the crime becomes Business!

The three accused

According to rumors, American networks would have competed, to the tune of dollars, for the exclusive first interview to Amanda Knox returned in U.S. after the acquittal for the murder of Meredith Kercher in Italy. Useless say we all are happy for her. Sure it will, become a scoop, and someone maybe will win a prizes even. I do not think that Amanda has something new or important to say in addition to everything we already know. When a legal case isn’t resolved yet, it would be fair and opportune to pay, if anything, to get to know who the murderess.

Judging by the programs that are aired these days, a lot of people in the television audience like to crime news.

And, who knows why, the killers are more sought than the victims, it gets more audience, evidently!

Behind crimes news on TV there is a round of millionaire business, from the TV networks, earning by  advertising, and ending with the protagonists, criminals and victims, in addition to criminologists, lawyers, psychiatrists, psychologists and commentators, invited as guests or consultants. The few who do not receive earnings, will certainly gain in visibility.

Amanda Knox after the acquittal

In journalism, you should not pay for news.