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Published March 29, 2013 by Tony


Sometimes there are studies that seem to discover the hot water!
I read about a new research from the University of Georgia (UGA) concerning a survey on some students (from sixth grade to twelfth grade in six different school districts) to check the difference in academic performance between those who were already dating.
In summary, the results of the research reveal that students who date during this study period, have worse overall academic performance.
Wow! Amazing!
Weird, I was just convinced of the contrary!
In fact, it is well-known that wonks have always been the students who date earlier and more.

Sarcasm aside, I think no need to set up such researches to become aware that a student who begins flirting during adolescence, then will have another thing to think beyond the study.
Basically, an adolescent who begins to date and carry on an affair, only leads us to know that he/she is probably more “mature” than others. Where for “mature” I mean an adolescent who already feels a physical attraction (and not only) to the opposite sex.
Such maturity (including mental one) is the result of various influences, genetic, temperamental, social and environmental, while physical aspect and stage of sexual development also have their own considerable weight. On the other hand, all this is what, from time immemorial, differentiate unattractive/wimp/introvert teenagers from cool/lively/smart peers.
The research also highlights how emotional difficulties, bullying, depression, and anxiety are linked to higher rates of smoking, drinking, and drug use. Also, another recent University of Toronto study showed that children of divorced parents are 13 times more likely to start smoking cigarettes.
It was to be expected! Or were you thinking differently?
As mentioned ahead, family and social environment affect a lot on children’s behavior. I do not believe we’ve to be psychologists to understand it.

All things hackneyed. Researches or studies that may be, they have their cost. So I say, why researchers do not engage in something more useful, like trying to find ways to decrease divorces, bullying, anxiety, and so on and so forth?!
But, it is evidently easier to conduct a research, like those, to have the confirmation of things we already knew.



Published February 5, 2013 by Tony


I know that the human race can be divided into optimists and pessimists, like saying good-natured and disheartened, trusting and suspicious.
But who of you have never had periods of total demolition, abandonment and despair?!
Now, and for a long time, this is for me one of those moments that many would call of existential crisis, depression.
Apathy, indifference, anxiety and despair become problems to be reckoned with at all times. They are the ones that bring you down during the day and pull you out of bed at night.
Those old questions that no one has yet found an answer – and probably never will find – become a boulder on the shoulders, hamletic doubts, a source of anger and resentment.
Nihilism takes slowly and inexorably foot.
That little bit of faith you’ve conquered over the years falters, hesitates, requires clarity.
Strange, even so, I’d like to be a Tibetan Monaco who lives alone on a remote mountain in close contact with nature.
You become more introspective, and even if the dialogue makes little sense – and seems to become a better listener – you start to questioning on the meaning of every little thing.
Then suddenly fear fills yourself, haunt you, stop you.
The world may also end for you now….. on the other side, what fucking meaning has it, this remains uncertain.
Mind begins to take into account the strangest statistics, as well as how many moments of happiness or sorrow – in hours – we have in our lives.
Since joy or happiness for themselves are feelings much more unstable and less durable of sadness and pain, then unnecessary to compute: our life is made up of more suffering than joy, for sure!
Sad realization!
I wonder if at the time of the Celts and Greeks existed depression or anxiety and if they too were asking themselves our same questions.
What do you say, I really need Prozac?
Hmmmm …… maybe it would take a severe treatment……