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Published October 6, 2012 by Tony


By now, the term “week-end” is one of those word of English origin that has become international and common in every corner of the world. With such a word we refer to “the end of the week”, and in particular to the days of Saturday and Sunday, dedicated to recreation and rest from school or work.
Our Lord rested on the seventh day of creation and for religions the last day of the week has always been considered a day of stop, a day off from any work activity. The lengthening of working hours or school commitments during the week, then brought to add another day of rest, the Saturday precisely, resulting in the establishment of the “weekend” in many cultures. Weekend which thus becomes a prize, an invention of the “system” to keep us good, to make us forget the worries and give us time to recover and start again: the weekly dose of leisure institutionally overt (beyond the fact that many do not know idleness or work).
Rest and recovery that have become necessary in a society where we often live in trouble. For this reason, it seems that is not the weekend to meet us but ourselves that are going to meet it. Phrases like “what are you doing this weekend?“, “I’ll do it over the weekend“, “I’ll see you over the weekend“, are now in common use. Many of us put off commitments and things to do during the weekend as if it was endless, with the result that the “week-end” becomes stressing and we arrive at the beginning of the new week more tired than we were on Friday. The fact is that we wait anxiously for the “weekend”, we wish it so much that in the end it seems that the time, over it, then flies away in a flash. Shit, we’ll say, it’s Sunday night already?
But console ourselves, incidentally this also happens after spending our long and coveted summer holiday!