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New frontiers of cosmetic surgery

Published March 26, 2013 by Tony

Youth & Wellbeing have no limit

New fashions and the desire to have a body always youth and perfect has led people to resort more and more to cosmetic or plastic surgery. Obviously, between mammoplasty, facelifts and liposuction, women are the ones who undergo more to surgical procedures and, oddly enough, in recent years have increased also the demands for corrective actions towards the “private parts”.
Compared to 2011, in 2012 there was a 24% increase of the operations to the sexual organs, despite the high costs and risks deriving from such surgeries.
The most common (female) surgical procedures are:

Labioplasty – the reduction of small or big labia that is done for purely aesthetic reasons, in the name of the much-vaunted eternal youth.

Vaginoplasty – An intervention intended to tighten the vagina. It is used especially after childbirth, as a definitive act to treat the symptoms related to the relaxation of the perineal and vaginal canal, to improve its function and sexual activity, but also to give to the partner the feeling of having to deal with a teen-aged vagina.

Vulvar Rejuvenation – The objective of this surgery is to improve the external genitalia appearance. By injection of hyaluronic acid or fat in order to give a certain tone to the vulva. The “rejuvenation” can also interest mound and labia.

Hymenoplasty – Although the reconstruction of the hymen is required by women whose culture imposes the virginity for social or religious reasons, some women make recourse to this kind of surgery for pure ambition.

labiaplasty  vaginoplasty  labioplasty

For men,
instead, operations are primarily aimed at the enlargement or augmentation surgery (phalloplasty) of penis, which increase the length or width of the penis.

penis enlargement  girth enlargement  length and width enlargement


Milan Fashion Week 2013

Published February 27, 2013 by Tony

At the “Milan Fashion Week Spring” 2013, on the catwalk, female and male models, by famous fashion brand’s griffe, have amazed everyone, and comes out a rather effeminate look for men and a pleasantly sensual one for women.

Salvatore Ferragamo   Versace

Versace   Versace

Emporio Armani Blumarine

Gucci   Gucci

John Richmond   versace

Even accessories have not gone unnoticed, as the bags that you see in these pictures:

Aigner  Aigner

Dolce & Gabbana  Gabriele Colangelo


Salon du Chocolat in Zurich

Published April 2, 2012 by Tony

For the opening soirée of the first Salon du Chocolat in Zurich, on Thursday evening, renowned chocolatiers and pastry chefs applied their skills to create unique dresses made of chocolate.  The Maitres Chocolatiers came from Belgium, Switzerland and France.
Great applause for French chocolatier Jean-Claude Jeanson and designer Mister Crochet for their original creation, a flamboyant bird’s nest with three real pigeons inside. Besides, the model’s long legs were covered with white chocolate tattoos. The hairdresser Valentino finished the last touches of their model on stage.
Geneva-based chocolatier Philippe Pascoët worked together with Swiss designer Elisa Sue to create a Baroque style gown, while Choc-master Philippe Bel, based in Lyon, mixed confectionary and chocolate for a sensual brassiere made with a combination of dark and milk chocolate and marshmallows.
I believe that each of us, looking at those attractive models, would say: “I could eat you whole!”
The show will be in other cities during the upcoming months:
•    Bahia from July 6th to 8th
•    Paris from Oct 31st to Nov 4th
•    New York from Nov 9th to 11th
•    Lyon from Nov 16th to 18th
•    Cannes from Nov 23d to 25th
•    Cairo in November (dates to be announced)
•    Moscow in December (dates to be announced)
•    Shanghai at the end of 2012