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Published February 7, 2013 by Tony



In Naples, the first football team with gay players is born.
The idea came, more than a year ago, to a Neapolitan actor, George Sorrentino, a football fan, who, with the intent to organize a five-a-side football team, began to look for other gay players on social networks frequented by Neapolitan homosexuals.
After receiving more than thirty accessions, the actor was able to finally form a futsal team which he called “Pochos” (a word which means kids in Argentine), team which officially was presented yesterday during a presentation to the “Pinguin cafe” in Naples, with the presence of journalists, the head of Arci Gay sports of Naples and the presenter Cecchi Paone, who long ago had the courage to make a public coming out.
The name “Pochos” was chosen in honor of the former football player of Napoli Ezequiel Lavezzi, who was nicknamed the “pocho” by Napoli fans and that since he is playing in France, has been chosen as the sexiest player by a Ezequiel LavezziFrench gay magazine.
Beyond the sport, this initiative arises mainly because in the world of sport, and football in particular, sexuality is still taboo, with too many cases of homophobia around.
The same silence that usually circulates in racing circles, about the sexual orientation of the players, is indicative of fear and prejudice, someway a symptom of violence.
As Sorrentino says: “In football, players are afraid to declare their sexual inclinations. We do not want to fight prejudice, because otherwise we got ghettoized, but we want to play football with the participation of both gay and ethers, and convince everyone that when you score a great goal, the sexual orientation of those who scored it is not a matter.”
T-shirts, created for the occasion, will have drawn a stylized Vesuvio with a rainbow, in the hope of a “nice time” after the “storm”.


Published October 6, 2012 by Tony

Cruz’s gayness cause a stir

The featherweight boxer Orlando Cruz becomes first in history of boxe to come out as gay while still competing.
The Puerto Rican, who is currently ranked No.4 in the world by the WBO did a historic revelation, he is relieved about his decision but had initial reservations, and in an interview said: “In this sport that is so macho, I kept this hidden for many, many years. I’ve been fighting for more than 24 years and as I continue my ascendant career, I want to be true to myself. I want to try to be the best role model I can be for kids who might look into boxing as a sport and a professional career. I have always been and always will be a proud gay man“.  He praised his mother and sister for their unconditional love and said his father has always backed him, adding: “Like every father, he wants his son to be a full-blooded man, but he is aware of my preference and taste”.
Since boxing as American football is a strong sport where masculinity must prevail, an individual can’t be gay, that’s the common assumption or the homophobic point of view. Again the homosexuality considered as a disorder or handicap.
OMG, why don’t scientists create a vaccine against such an unacceptable mind-set?
Yet, there are historical precedents as the case of Emile Griffith,  with the hope that the warning given to us by Justin Fashanu, will be useful for something.
Being surprised that a gay boxer exists is a little like being surprised that gay people exist, independently from their activity, as well as gay activity exists in prisons, the army or boarding school dormitories.
As Yahoo’s Kevin Iole writes, “a sad sign of the lack of progress in our society that, when Cruz issued a statement on Wednesday admitting his sexual orientation, it was news.
Many people have turned up their nose at this news, while others, for sure, will not watch at his next matches.

My dear homophobe or ignorant friend, put well in your head that, long as there is mankind, there will be  gay people, whether they are workers, teachers, actors, singers or sports celebrities. This’s normal and so must be considered!

Not long ago, the gentlemanly Italian national football manager Cesare Prandelli told something about homosexuality and sport, because in the world of football and of sport in general, there is still a taboo around gayness, while everywhere everyone ought to live freely with themselves, their desires and feelings.


Daniel Zamudio

Published April 28, 2012 by Tony

Another victim of the discrimination


Daniel Zamudio Vera, a 24-year-old Chilean man, has died after almost a month in the hospital after a vicious hate attack he suffered at the hands of a group of suspected neo-Nazi on March 3, 2012. It all started on a Saturday early in the morning in a Santiago park, close to a police station and a park secured by guards. A group of thugs massacred Daniel that was hanging out there, beacuse he was gay. They tortured him for six hours and nobody saw anything. Damn, how is it possible?! One out of the four aggressors is said to be a neo-Nazi. The rest, a mixture of ill-bred misfits. But today, all of them are accused of participating in one of the most savage assaults ever seen in Santiago. As the aggressors refer, they hit him  with “kicks, punches in the head, face, testicles, legs, and all over the body”. Then one of them  tattooed three swastikas with the neck of a bottle that they broke minutes before on his head.
The Anti-Discrimination Law that has been stuck in Congress for seven years has come back as a trending topic after the attack on Zamudio. There has even been a request to call it Zamudio Law [es] and to carry on the discussion at the Parliament’s Mixed Commission after the last vote that took place in November 2011.

I’m against death penalty but in such cases my belief wavers!

Daniel Zamudio was the second of four children born in 1987 in the town of San Bernardo, a district located just south of Santiago, the Chilean capital. By the time he was about 13 years old, his family realized Daniel was homosexual. However, he did not openly admit his sexual orientation until age 17. Daniel’s relationship with his family was good, although not free from conflict with his father who apparently did not accept his son was gay. In 2003, after his parents separated, Daniel went to live with his mother and grandmother. At age 17, he fell into a deep depression triggered by the suicide of his best friend. Unable to cope with the tragedy, he became emotionally instable, neglected his studies and finally he quit high school. Until recently in 2012, he was working as a clerk in a Chinese clothing store with the intention of saving some money to resume regular schooling and to take modeling and acting lessons. His goal was to pursue a career in communications and eventually to start a family and become a father. Daniel regularly attended LGBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-sexual) oriented nightclubs and more than once mentioned to friends that he had been harassed by strangers when he was leaving the venues. On March 2, Daniel went to work as usual at 7:30 a.m. He told his family that he would meet a friend in the evening and would be home late. He did not return. On Sunday, his family reported his disappearance to the Chilean Police. They managed to identify him as the young man who had been admitted the day before to Santiago’s Posta Central Hospital. Daniel had been found by a policeman around 4:00 a.m. without ID documents, badly injured and unconscious. He was found in “San Borja” Park which is located along the Alameda, a main thoroughfare in downtown Santiago. Daniel’s injuries were so severe that the medical team at Posta Central decided to place him into an induced coma. His head and body had been brutally beaten. Part of one ear had been cut, his legs were broken and he had cuts resembling swastikas on his chest and back. Several cigarette burns were found in different parts of his body. On March 19 his condition worsened and on March 27 Daniel died.

Despite the vitality of a young man, he probably preferred to leave this world, a world unfair, bad and rotten for a better one. Daniel, forgive us and may God rest your soul!


Published November 23, 2011 by Tony

Rugby player becomes gay after an accident

"Ambiguous Desires" of Evgeny Mokhorev

"Ambiguous Desires" of Evgeny Mokhorev

It happened to a former English rugby player of 26 years: – after having had a stroke for a freak accident while training, in which he had broken his neck – Chris Birch woke up gay. “I’m happier than ever, I would change one iota”, the young man told to the Telegraph, explaining that as soon as he recovered, his life changed beginning to have a relationship with a man.

I confess, after reading this curious news I had to laugh, because personally think it is a very unlikely event. At first glance I thought, “It was just a ploy for the guy to coming out, declaring his sexuality and sweeten family and friends judgment”.
As if to say: “He is gay, but not for his fault, it was the unfortunate incident to give him trouble!”
The same applies to other similar news affirming that someone suddenly found himself with a different sexuality. Absurd!
My beliefs are based on scientific data. Debunked for years (thank goodness!) the belief that homosexuality is a disease, long since most scientists agree to attribute the causes of homosexuality to a mixture of biological (genetic), psychological and environmental (prenatal and postnatal) factors, although it still is difficult to quantify separately the various influences. It isn’t, therefore, a matter simplistically only mental or of options occurring during the critical stages of the development, because a priori there is already a well-defined genetic and psychological orientation that, willy-nilly, brings people “to prefer” a sexuality rather than another. Thus, no matter what anyone says or thinks, no one becomes gay at once, and neither after an illness or an accident. If so, it will go back to the ancient assumption that homosexuality is just a  “mental” issue and if it really was so, most of psychologists and psychiatrists, by few sessions, could have healed, long since, a myriad of gay subjects. A validation of this, the fact that no gays in the history has ever “regained” the “normal” sexuality with or without treatment.
Today news travels fast, thanks to the internet too, so we know many more things and facts, that take place in the world, than ever before. Do you remember the case of the boy who already at 6 years old confessed to parents to feel like a “girl” inside. But we can find many other similar cases on internet, such as the recent about Bobby Montoya a seven years old kid who prefers women’s clothing and asked parents to enrol in the “Girl scout”. If these cases do not confirm what has already been widely assumed, namely that homosexuality, as sexuality in general, has a genetic basis, then it means to be blind and biased on this topic that should not even make headlines or dismay because sexuality, whatever it is, must be accepted and understood first. The words “different” or “normal”, usually used, must disappear. When it will come to this, the society will then have taken the right way for that change we are looking for a long time and never put into practice, with no need of tormented “coming out” or other incidents to let other accept a “natural” sexuality


Greek Myths Sexuality

Published August 10, 2011 by Tony

Greek Myths Sexuality
Erotic fancy Scenario II

[for “Erotic fancy Scenario I” click here ]

Greek was one of the most important civility in the world and some country, as the southern Italy, is lucky to have had such ancestors. Greek deeds and culture were significantly influenced by their Mythology whose history is full of licentious relationships and considering my prior post “Pornography” I now will linger on this aspect and taking cue from the various love affairs and intercourse among the Olympus deity, through a simple flight of fancy – that in the light of the fact could be very plausible – I will describe an erotic situation.
Just a likely story you don’t find around because the border between eroticism and pornographic is so feeble and doing it with the great historical characters – we study at school – is not affordable to everyone.
I think a lot of people as me – while reading a story or a tale – often would like to know the details, the background or just what the same story presumes but that is hided, not mentioned or lacking as in the case of the ancient citations about the Myths intercourse.
Anyway, I hope to give back an exciting model not so abstract.
Good reading and enjoy!



Achilles, known as quick-foot or speedy, in the Greek mythology was the son of the nymph Thetis and Peleus, the king of the Myrmidons. He was the central character and the greatest warrior of Homer’s Iliad.

During his childhood, while learning the art of the war, Achilles had Patroclus as intimate friend who then became his henchman, and though even Patroclus was older than him, he couldn’t boast about a higher strength or higher-born.

Patroclus, instead, was the son of Menoetius, grandson of Actor, King of Opus, and cousin, beloved comrade and brother-in-arms of Achilles. As recorded in the Iliad, he was depicted as a very sweet and good will figure, just a novelty in the world represented by Homer where, for any hero, strength and crudeness had more importance than other virtue. Patroclus

During his childhood, while learning the art of the war, Achilles had Patroclus as intimate friend who then became his henchman, and though even Patroclus was older than him, he couldn’t boast about a higher strength or higher-born.

The relationship between Achilles and Patroclus, whose deep and loyal friendship is mentioned explicitly in the Iliad, is a key aspect of Achilles myth. However, its exact nature has been a subject of dispute in both the classical period and modern times because Homer never hints at any romantic or sexual approach between each other.

Achilles devotion to Patroclus is an archetype rapport easy to find between many others characters as for example:  Damon and Pythias, Orestes and Pylades, Harmodius and Aristogeiton, couples of comrades facing together danger and death, willingly.

Oddly, Achilles who usually is insensitive high-and-mighty, became tender towards Patroclus only.

In 5th-century BC Athens, their relationship was commonly interpreted as pederastic as some modern authors believe. In fact,  Aeschylus, in his tragedy ‘The Myrmidons’, considers the relationship as a sexual one, then unusually assigning Achilles the role of erastes (or protector) and of eromenos to Patroclus. In Plato‘s Symposium, written around 385 BC, Achilles and Patroclus were viewed as lovers. When later Alexander the Great and his intimate friend Hephaestion passed through the city of Troy, Alexander honoured the sacred tomb of Achilles and Patroclus in front of the entire army, as a clear declaration of their own love. Besides, William Shakespeare‘s play ‘Troilus and Cressida’ depicts them as lovers.

Patroclus death


Different contemporary readers interpret the two heroes either as relatives or close friends, as “war buddies”, as being in a teacher/student relationship, or in love with each other as an egalitarian homosexual couple.

Anyhow, because this deep relationship, Patroclus death becomes the main reason why Achilles returned to fight even if – as gods had informed him – that cost him own life.


Back to their youth, here’s now my ‘erotic fancy scenario’.

Coming back from the forest, Achilles found Patroclus waiting for him while walking around.

achilles & patroclus“Hey, welcome! Do you need something, perhaps?”, the man said.

“Really tired now but you are so tender as usually.  If you want, could massage my shoulders, just so numbed.”

Patroclus approached him while the boy laid down the sword and took off his chlamys, then knelling down Patroclus put away his greaves too.

“My dear, relax here on the grass so I can entertain you.”

Achilles laid down with the man sat close to his naked body trying to massage his hairless chest.

After some minute a hand of Achilles seized the man’s head driving it towards his crotch. achilles & patroclus

Without other words Patroclus understood what he had to do and his lips soon mouthed the flabby cock hanging on the turgid sack.

The sturdy man started a hot blowjob while the cock got bigger in a while. Achilles stretched the arms on the grass giving a deep sigh. 

Now, both relaxed and with a so erect and stiff penis in his hands, Patroclus could do his best, licking around, sucking deeply glans and balls and swallowing the trunk. A so wonderful blowjob that brought the young to cum soon and copiously in his friend’s mouth.

Excited, the man squeezed the penis more times till to get the last drop of sperm, then leaning the head on the friend’s pubis.

After some minutes Achilles stood up and before dressing, embraced Patroclus then giving him a warm French kiss.