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Published January 31, 2013 by Tony


Who has not common habits, tics, behavior or gestures among us?
Things that we unconsciously do every day, without even realizing it?!
I wonder why some gestures are so common to many of us, as if genetically encoded, and which everyone no longer pays attention. I am referring to usual gestures, like touching our forehead while we are pensive or doodling while chatting on the phone.
But I’ve noticed that we men have a particular attitudes when in the bathroom to piss.
Standing in front of the WC, while happily freeing our bladder, most of us, depending on the circumstances, are accustomed to:

a – be blankly, as to fully enjoying the act;
b – contemplate casually the wall tiles in front of us;
c – raise the head and look at the part of the ceiling that is above us
, as it happens to me.

I’d like to know if any of you have some different habit, strange, that is not one of those known and usual.