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Published March 15, 2013 by Tony


sex benefits

Some recent studies on sex show that it improves intellectual abilities and relieves headache’s symptoms.
Italian researchers at the University of Pavia, published a study that associates sex with the capabilities of the brain. By the tests conducted on various groups of couples, those who had a more intense sexual activity showed a greater nerve cells growth, which, as we know, is essential for body and mind’s well-being. This shows that frequent sex reduces stress and facilitate the functioning of the brain and thus of the intellect. These results, published in the German newspaper Berlin Zeitung, is related to the increase in prolactin that occurs during sexual activity and that improves cellular oxygenation in the brain.
These data are consistent with other researches linking sexual activity to physical and mental health. Among them, two Australian studies published in the International British Journal of Urology, whereof one showing that regular and numerous ejaculations reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men, and the other that a sexual satisfaction increases vitality and psychological well-being in women.
A healthy sexual activity is also able to relieve, in a partial or total way, the symptoms of headache, also when it comes to migraine or the worst ‘cluster headache’, as a recent study by the Department of Neurology at the University of Munster has demonstrated, after having analyzed the effects of the sexual activity on various forms of headache in 1,000 patients.

But, sex’s benefits do not end there, because other researches has shown that:
it helps to sleep;
activates the immune system and helps to be in shape;
in women decrease the risk of incontinence and defend the vaginal mucous membranes;
oxytocin and beta endorphins produced during sex, limit the action of stress hormones and this helps to keep our skin young and healthy, also protecting from the harmful effects of smoking and sun. A strong sex activity stimulates the production of oils in our body, helping the skin to stay elastic and hydrated;
in men hearty sex protects the heart and arteries due to higher testosterone production;

Is not that enough for you?


Published May 25, 2012 by Tony

Ventricular Assist Device

The baby of 16 months who two months ago received a special artificial heart, enjoys excellent health. The baby was in serious condition and would not survive while awaiting for a heart transplant. Transplant which then has been carried out successful subsequently.
The intervention, lasted eight hours, was performed in March at the Children’s Hospital “Bambin Gesù” in Rome and for the first time a new device was used, but still in testing phase: a small titanium pump only 11 grams, capable of sustaining a flow rate of 1 liter of blood per minute. In medical jargon it is called Vad, or ‘Ventricular Assist Device’, and is a “temporary” mechanical circulatory support able to maintain a constant cardiac output in a diseased heart unable to perform the pumping function. The unit that had never been used before, has requested a special permit from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Italian Ministry of Health to be used.
But, a good new, finally.