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Published December 24, 2013 by Tony


There is no city in the world that doesn’t celebrate Christmas with some Christmas decorations. Some European capitals or major cities like New York are a glitter of colors in this period. Without a doubt the richest cities where the Christmas spirit is more felt and experienced. Although Naples has never had this record and has never been a city richly decorated, this year I see some more light around the squares.


galleria Umberto   piazza borsa   piazza dei martiri

piazza trieste e trento   piazza triete e trento   corso umberto

via chiaia   via filangieri   via merliani

piazza dei martiri


Published April 8, 2013 by Tony


The Italian website Tripadvisor has selected the ten best Italian beaches. On Tripavisor’s site, you know, the judgment is expressed by travelers and tourists staying somewhere. Here’s the traveler’s choice out of a total of 276 locations examined.

1 – “Spiaggia dei conigli” (Beach of rabbits) –  Lampedusa, Sicily
The islet of Rabbits is a lovely place in the south west of the island of Lampedusa. It is an isle located in the center of a wide bay, where the real gull nests.
Caribbean’s colors and a white beach that give a unique landscape. The wonderful sea, instead, does not make easy your departure.


2 – “La Pelosa Beach” – Stintino – Sardinia
A long and wonderful beach at the bottom of Capo Falcone, northern extremity of the island, close to the small fishing village. The sand is extraordinarily white and thin and the seawater is transparent.

“La Pelosa Beach” – Stintino

3 – “Cala Mariolu” – Baunei –  Sardinia
Its name is due to the fact that the beach was frequented by a monk seal. The fishermen called this place “mariolu”, ie thief, because the seal often managed to steal the fish directly from the networks. The beach of Cala Mariolu is gorgeous, characterized by small pebbles of pink marble mixed with sand. The water is clear blue.

Cala Mariolu – Baunei

4 – “Cala Brandinchi” – Capo Coda Cavallo, Sardinia
Cala Brandinchi is located in the village of Capo Coda Cavallo, in the municipality of San Teodoro. The beach has a background of white and very fine sand, bright hues, and surrounded by a pine forest and dunes.

Cala Brandinchi - Capo Coda Cavallo

5 – “Spiaggia di Tuerredda” – Teulada, Sardinia
Situated in a beautiful bay between Cape Malfatano and Cape Spartivento is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia for its clear and fine sand and the transparent color of the sea, which seems a Caribbean landscape.

Spiaggia di Tuerredda - Teulada

6 – “Spiaggia di San Vito lo Capo”- Sicily
The beach of San Vito lo Capo is enclosed in a small bay between the beautiful Natural Reserve of Zingaro and the Reserve of Mount Cofano, near the village of San Vito. Picturesque and popular seaside resort nestled in a landscape of great effect. The beach is beautiful, long and very wide, with fine white sand, lapped by a turquoise sea, clear and transparent.

Spiaggia di San Vito lo Capo - Sicily

7 – Tropea seaside – Calabria
With its different bay and inlets, Tropea is very attracting. Some of these bays and beaches are accessible only from the sea. The sand is white and fine and the sea clear and transparent.

Tropea - Calabria

8 – “Baia del Silenzio” (Bay of silence) –  Sestri Levante, Liguria
Sestri Levante is a promontory called “island”, which extends towards the sea remaining united to the mainland by a thin strip of land that separates the Bay of silence from the Bay of Fables. During the summer the water is not as clear as in Sardinia, but it is a very lovely place.

Baia del Silenzio - Liguria

9 – “Spiaggia del Fornillo” – Positano, Campania
The main beach in Positano is set like a precious jewel between Amalfi and Sorrento coast. This stretch of coastline has often been described as the most beautiful in the entire Mediterranean. One after another, green and rocky mountain lunge dramatically into the Mediterranean blue sea.

Spiaggia del Fornillo - Positano



Published February 9, 2013 by Tony


Valentine’s Day, the feast of any couple in love…
and now I turn just to people in love asking,
“do you believe it needs this holiday to show your love?
I do not think so because if we love a person, we do it for 365 days a year,  and quite superfluous confirm it with a gift once a year.
But, alas, we know that today it’s a business affairs, and the fact that you cannot absolve yourself from making a gift, my advice then is:
more than the gift itself, it will be a love message accompanied by a cheap item. In the message you can write what you want, rather pointing out that your love goes beyond the gift that wasn’t even necessary.
The small item, to append, might be something unusual, fun or personalized, such as the following one I propose:


My Side/Your Side Pillow Cases

Cupid Arrow, a secret message holder
Glow in the Dark Roses, luminescent flower
T-Shirt built for Two
Underwear built for Two
Glove built for Two
Personalised Calendar
Personalised Pebble
Diamond, Personalised paperweight
Voodoo Chrome Knife Set
Love U chocolate Puzzle
Love Message in a Bottle
Personalised USB Pen drive
‘Always & Forever’ Cushion Cover Set
Plush Toys: Egg and Sperm



Published December 28, 2012 by Tony



Christmas, the best known and most celebrated celebration in the world. Although the atmosphere of Christmas is similar in almost all the nations of the world, every country has its own traditions. I’m from Naples and therefore, for those who love this city, I can tell you how Neapolitans live today this Catholic celebration. In Italy, every city is managed independently by local and regional government. An accurate, honest and forward-looking management leads to have more economic local resources, and therefore more money also for recreational activities and entertainment. The current crisis, unfortunately, also affects any municipality that are forced to avoid expenditure considered unnecessary. The city of Naples has never invested much money in decorating streets and squares for Christmas, and this year even less. Thus, apart from the glittering decorations of the shops, visitors who are in Naples now, will not find a city so lit up and lively. However, there are some classic Christmas markets, and for those who love the crib, can not help but visit the small alleys of San Gregorio Armeno, because the art crib in Naples, as well known, is ancient.  Throughout the Christmas period, there will be events and initiatives to promote visits to museums (like the Archaeological Museum Nazionale in Naples, Capodimonte National Museum, Royal Palace of Naples, Castel Sant ‘Elmo or Certosa di San Martino), guided tours, exhibitions, shows and other events.
Living In the suburbs, we often live and share little these initiatives, and here the atmosphere of Christmas is even less visible.  For a Neapolitan  what differentiates Christmas from other days is the menu. Here the shops are used to display their wares outside, on the sidewalk, and more in these days. During this period the greengrocers enrich their stores with exotic fruits, nuts, pine cones, fruit in season, and apart from cauliflower and broccoli, no one can miss the various vegetables useful to prepare the traditional “meat soup” which is the “typical “dish of the Christmas’ day. Fishmongers show oysters, smoked salmon, live eels, and all kinds of seafood, especially “vongole”, because the “spaghetti with vongole” is the traditional dish of Christmas’s eve.  Another store that is “highly visited” these days is the pastry shop. For a Neapolitan is not Christmas without “rococo” and “struffoli.” Ditto for “Panettone” and “Pandoro”, two other classic Christmas cakes that every supermarket has filled the shelves. Panettone is a typical dessert of northern Italy and apart from the classic one made ​​with raisins and candied fruit, there are now different types, chocolate, liqueur, almond, etc., and gift boxes with bottles of spumante.
It is not a customary to exchange Christmas’ gifts in any family, while children have to wait for the “Befana” to get some toys. Older children receive some gifts for Christmas, but generally it is a piece of clothing or money to spend at their own leisure. 


Holiday that brings more happiness here, is perhaps the New Year. We Neapolitans feel more the passage of time and old age that inexorable advances, and for this, another New Year’s Eve, that sees us still healthy, deserves to be spent in joy. In addition to the classic lunch with friends and family in the night, after having uncorked and toasted with a bottle of sparkling wine, many Neapolitans love to “shoot” the  New Year’s fireworks.  In truth we hear “rumble” of explosions already during the days of Christmas, and once at every street corner there were stalls selling fireworks. From long, many of these “firecrackers” of anonymous origin are prohibited, and today you can find only a few stalls selling Made in China “petards”.  Around these parts, there are many fireworks factories, and so at midnight it is not unusual to hear someone  that “shoots” firecracker of a certain power, that sometimes do buildings shake. Even today, unfortunately, by the news of the day after, we hear of people who are injured because of these firecrackers. The arrival of the New Year is greeted with the explosion of fireworks that people light up and throw out of windows or balconies. Once there was also the custom of throwing down from the balconies “old stuff”, such as plates or chairs, but fortunately this “bad” habit that made all the roads impassable and dangerous, is decreased. However, at least in towns and populous districts of Naples, it is not convenient to walk the streets at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Many people like to spend New Year in nightclubs or restaurants, and those needing to reach friends, after spending the New Year at home, usually do it and go out when fireworks are over.  It is a night of debauchery, to be passed in the company of friends, and especially young people attend to so-called “veglione” (coming from the term veglia=wake, meaning all night-dances), at home or in clubs. To kill time and wait for midnight, family do games like the traditional “Tombola”, a sort of bingo.  Because of the crisis, nowadays an old Neapolitan nursery rhyme could still be in fashion, it says: “mo’ vene Natale, nun tenco denare, me fumo na pippa e me vaco a cuccà” (is Christmas now, I have no money, smoke a stub and go to bed).


The “Befana” is a woman, old and ugly, and is a witch.  She is often represented as a figure flying on a broom at night and, bad or not, is the one that brings gifts to the children of southern Italy.  As with Santa Claus, children write a letter to the Befana, with gifts they would like to receive. Once, as in all the traditions, the arrival of the Befana was more felt by children, but today, she has been replaced by Santa Claus. In the final analysis, for children is important to receive gifts and little care who is  bringing them. Since the Befana is a little madcap, once it was custom that she had to hide the gifts for the home, and in the morning every child had to go in search of the gifts, ransacking every corner of the house. Another custom here is the Christmas stocking or “Befana stocking” as we call it. The Befana, apart from bringing toys, transformed a simple sock, left next to the letter, in a colourful sock full of candies and chocolates. Today, on the day of Epiphany, every engaged couple exchange a stocking full of goodies.
There are many old rhymes about Befana, and one is the following: “La Befana vien di notte, con le scarpe tutte rotte, col vestito alla romana: Viva viva la Befana!”, (Befana comes by night, with broken shoes, with the dress to the Roman Hurrah, hooray Befana). Depending on the piece of coal’s size (made of sugar) that children find in the stocking, each of them will know how much he/she has been “a bad child” throughout the year…. and how each letter worthy of respect,
in the end of the letter each child writes… and this year I promise to be a good child…..


Published July 4, 2012 by Tony

Well, I’m on vacation now.
I prefer the month of July for my holiday and as usually will spend some weeks in Marina of Camerota, a sea country in province of Salerno. I already told something about this pleasant place
that is about 100 miles from Sorrento coast down south. A small village, a fishermen one originally, tranquil and hospitable, reputed to be good for a tourism family oriented. If you want know more read here.
So, for this reason, this blog also is on vacation or will slow down its activity now. Somebody may think that during holidays we have more time to devote our blog, but is not so, for me at least.

Happy holidays to those already on vacation …..splash!