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Published December 15, 2013 by Tony


After reading this article you’ll realize that sexual activity is comparable to a sport, better than a drug, but more fulfilling and without side effects. One of the latest scientific studies on sex, led by Barry Komisaruk (University of New Jersey), who for ten years has been studying how neurons affect pleasure, says that an orgasm works better than a sudoku or other mental exercises, avoiding their degradation.
In the light of the findings conducted to date, it seems that sex is the panacea for many ailments, especially those due to aging, from the immune system to the heart, from the skin to the bone, and… up your mood!
And, in light of all these researches, old and new, in the points listed below you find 20 good reasons not to give up sex, and indeed to have it more frequently.

One more intense sexual activity improves the quality of male sperm. Similarly, sex also regulates female hormones, increasing the chance of conceiving.

Having sex a couple of times a week increases 30% the levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody that protects against infections.

According to a study by David Weeks of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, men and women, with an active sex life, look from 5 to 7 years younger than their biological age.

Sex increases the production of estrogen, a hormone that helps to keep the skin young. Hormone that unfortunately decreases after menopause.

Sexual activity increases 5 times the levels of the natural hormone DHEA, which is considered the hormone of youth.

An Australian research suggests that three orgasms a week reduces mortality more than in people having one orgasm a week.

In many women, sexual activity reduces muscle tension of the uterus, relieving pain due to the menstrual cycle.

As in any sport or physical activity, even sex fights hypertension in both sexes.

A regular sexual activity (three times a week according to the Queen’s University of Belfast), remove cardiovascular problems and prevents stroke. Another Israeli study indicates that in women more sexually active the risks of myocardial decrease by 30%.

The frequent sexual activity promotes the production of pheromones, chemicals that, like in animals, help to attract a partner.

Similarly to the sport, sexual activity causes the release of endorphins and serotonin, neurotransmitter and hormone that have to do with pleasure and satisfaction.

One University of Texas study shows that one of the psychological benefits of sex is to increase people self-confidence.

Sexual activity strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor (urinary-genital area). Typically, these muscles relax with age and after menopause.

Sex also has an analgesic effect due to increased levels of oxytocin. The same hormone that helps to decrease the pain of childbirth.

Oxytocin, released during and after sex, gives a relaxing effect helping to sleep.

The increase of estrogen, resulting from a regular sexual activity, helps to prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

A constant sexual activity after age 50, it decreases the risk of prostate cancer.

According to dr. Debby Herbenick, sex in the morning does improve mood during the whole day.

A study of “Psychological Journal” states that sexual activity causes the decrease of cortisol, the stress hormone.

20. Finally, if all this is not enough for you, please know that 30 minutes of sex burns about 100 grams of calories, and most importantly, if you are imaginative and change positions in bed, it is as if you are doing physical activity, toning your body’s muscles.


Published April 22, 2013 by Tony


I have read that there are polls determining who has sex in the strangest place and the couple who was arrested a few days ago, in the province of Livorno, could clinch the top spot in the standings.
In the afternoon of Tuesday, some believers who were in the cathedral of Cecina heard (unambiguous) moans coming from a confessional and horrified called the police.
Once at the church and opened the confessional, the agents found themselves in front of a half-naked couple engaged in a sexual intercourse. Although the two tried to escape, were arrested and charged with resisting at public officers and obscene acts in public.
Umm, if the case, they will participate in an upcoming poll when they will come out of jail.



Published February 12, 2013 by Tony


It was to be expected that pornography would invade the world of cartoons, with satire towards some famous characters. Since characters toons aren’t associated with any actor, cartoonists and illustrators feel even more free to create pervert scenes. From Mickey Mouse to Homer, the web is full of characters cartoon naked and very often engaged in hardcore scenes, sometimes through entire comic books series even.
To be targeted are obviously the more recent cartoons like Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama.
I realize that drawing Donald Duck naked while having sex with Daisy may seem irreverent and insane but, licentious representation or not, is funny for me, and I have found some for you.
Unless nudity and sex are still taboo and a shameful for you, these images will make you laugh and maybe excite too.

Please, note that these images are suitable for an adult audience.

[click to magnify]










Betty Boop


Betty Boop
Bugs Bunny


bugs bunny
Calvin & Hobbes


Calvin & Hobbes
Charlie Brown




Donald Duck




Futurama Futurama
Futurama Futurama
futurama futurama






family guy
griffin-family guy griffin
griffin Family guy




Looney tunes


mickey mouse


mickey mouse


pokemon pokemon


Popeye popeys
Richie Rich


Richie Rich


Scooby Doo






simpson simpson
simpson simpson
Simpson simpsons_fucking
simpsons simpsons
simpsons-porn simpson
the_simpsons_sex the-simpsons






south park
south-park-porn south park porn


Wile E. Coyote

Wile E. Coyote

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Winnie the Pooh


Winnie the Pooh
Dragon-Ball DRAGON BALL dragonball

Sex’s Physiology

Published January 24, 2013 by Tony

Sex’s Physiology

Saying that sex stimulate sex itself may sound strange but it’s true!
So, Viagra aside, if you want more arousal and wish to have more sex, you should have sex…. and more frequently! Like any machine, each human body’s part works better if regularly is made operated.  It is not me to say this, but the complicated chemistry of our body and what happens during a sexual act, which I will try to explain briefly below.

From the moment an intercourse has begun, a lot of physical and chemical changes already have occurred in man’s body.
The first to work are Pheromones, chemical substances produced by both sexes that trigger the physical attraction. The same substances that attracts the male animal to the female when in the fertile period. Among them is the Phenylethylamine, a chemical stimulant responsible for the euphoric state and excitation, which stimulates the libido through the release of Dopamine, another chemical neurotransmitter that, in turn, promotes the synthesis of Testosterone, the king of sex hormones.
After the state of “well-being” due to the dopamine, comes a general agitation caused by Norepinephrine, widespread

molecule in the nervous system, especially the hypothalamus and the limbic system. This molecule causes excitement, euphoria and enthusiasm, but also promotes contraction of the sexual organs’ veins and keeps the blood to sustain the erection. The Noradrenaline regulates the production of Adrenaline which causes an increase in heart rate, respiration and blood pressure, often giving rise to the redness of the face.
guy penis erectionOur body starts to produce Endorphins.
Meantime, the erection has led to the activation of two portions of the spinal cord: a “sacral center” that sends direct impulses to the penis, keeping vasodilation, thanks to the stimuli sent by the glans; and a “lumbar center” which is receiving some pulse from the brain activated by visual, olfactory, tactile and auditory excitement. The arousal, to stay alive, needs constant reinforcement of the fulfillment that is guaranteed by the stimulation of a bundle of nerve fibers, sensitive to dopamine, which runs below the cerebral cortex. It is a fundamental structure of the brain stem with an associative function, which is not exclusive of the cortex. The Endorphins are chemicals produced by the central nervous system and equipped with a powerful analgesic and exciting activity, therefore act as “natural anesthetic” with benefits similar to morphine and other opiates (relieves pain and gives physical well-being). This is the reason why during each sexual act any man has more vigor, and as if anesthetized feels less pain while all the other organs of the body seem to be paused, as if the only purpose is to go ahead and complete the sexual act. Mind, body and senses, overwhelmed by these hormones and the great excitement, go in a limbo!
After the ejaculation the amount of endorphins and Oxytocin increase considerably.



Oxytocin is a hormone produced from the rear of the pituitary gland that stimulates the genitals. It is called the “love or cuddle hormone” because also generates feelings of affection, protection and well-being in the pair, which above all, strengthens the love’s emotional component. This hormone participates, at various levels, to the sexual response, favoring the orgasm, through the activation of the limbic system. Prolactin, like serotonin, in contrast with oxytocin, does not promote sexual arousal and is sometimes responsible for erection issues. Normally, the hypothalamus produces a factor that inhibits the secretion of prolactin and so, when the prolactin increases, it means that the hypothalamus is overstimulated. This can happen for a reduction of the dopamine (as in the case of depression); it is precisely this neurotransmitter which stimulates the production of the factor inhibiting the prolactin. It usually happens by the use of drugs such as beta-blockers, antidepressants, anxiolytics or anti-ulcer which increase prolactin secretion. The increase in oxytocin inhibits arousal from which the deflation of the penis, and this hormone is also responsible of the refractory period (recovery time) following the ejaculation, blocking libido and erection. The increase in endorphins, similar to morphine and heroin influence, reinforce this effect, and this is the reason of lack of interest to sexual activity of heroin addict people.  Unlike men, some women do not experience a refractory period immediately after orgasm and in many cases are capable of attaining additional, multiple orgasms through further stimulation. As average, young men (16 – 22-years-old)  have a refractory period of about 10-20  minutes, that then increasing with age, till to need more than 20 hours for older men.
Orgasm is without doubt the most complete moment of
abandon/isolation for human being. At that moment he is not afraid of any danger, with eyes closed and cessation of any cognition. The individual, for a moment, abstract himself from the environment with a high threshold to pain, because of the endorphins. For everyone, “the little death” (petite mort), as it is called, is, paradoxically, a short moment of absence which coincides with the maximum externalization of his biological being, because taken from the act of procreation which is the ultimate and most important goal of his existence.
It should be noted that sex hormones are produced in direct order of the brain, not for nothing it’s said that sex is made by brain. The starting unit resides in the hypothalamus which calls for the anterior pituitary gland to emit two distinct sex hormones. The first is the FSH, follicle-stimulating hormone, that in the male acts in a part of the testicles, promoting the production and maturation of sperm; the other pituitary hormone is the LH, luteinizing hormone, which in the male stimulates the production of testosterone by the testes.

At the end of any sex act, therefore, we will have different circulating hormones, which in addition to promoting the production of new semen, have increased levels of testosterone and those pheromones which, as mentioned, increase sexual stimulation. This is the reason why pubescent boys, who blessed do not need additional arousal, become easily masturbation-addict, if they do it very frequently. Do you have ever got another erection after a sex intercourse (recovery time permitting) or still lust in the immediate aftermath?  Staying in circulation, these chemicals promote, later in time, excitement and desire to have sex again. Subsequently,  you even could notice a turgid penis, due to the better blood circulation inside the penis.

Just sex that stimulates other sex.
As if to say, appetite comes with eating.


Published May 22, 2012 by Tony

5 Golden Rules to avoid Sexual Flops

Worldwide there are millions of men who, because of various diseases more or less serious, complain of sexual problems that affect their intercourse. Excluding cases due to mere psychological problems – requiring the intervention of a psychotherapist – and excluding also the severe cases, due to real “erectile dysfunction” – requiring a specialist –  most of the other cases can be solved by following a few tips that also can be followed from the lucky ones who still complain no problem because, as always, prevention is better than curing.
Often the underlying causes of impotence are linked to stress, abuse of drugs or alcohol, and to a wrong lifestyle. Other erectile dysfunction reasons may also be diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, heart failure and to ultrastructural changes of the erectile tissue or impaired nerve transmission device.
Anyway, for all males, here are the five golden rules,  to avoid flops in bed and not to endanger the “sexual health”.

1 – No smoking.
The smoke acts on the peripheral vasoconstriction and by problems of arterial insufficiency and therefore may give rise to “defaillance” during sexual intercourse.
2 – Make exercise.
Moderate exercise helps the body to increase production of testosterone, a hormone that controls the functions of sexual organs and stimulates the mechanisms of pleasure. In addition, the exercise improves cardiovascular functions and self-esteem.
3 – No to tight pants.
While it may seem trivial, especially with the warmer weather it is advisable to wear underwear and loose pants that do not inhibit the necessary heat exchanges in the testicles. The scrotum is outside because the testes, to work properly, need at least a temperature of 2 ° C lower than other organs. An increase in temperature testicular, in fact, can significantly damage the reproductive function of the testes.
4 – Eat cod or stockfish.
Even food can play an important role in the sexual life and experts say it is useful to eat cod and stockfish, or fish in general. These are both rich in arginine, a substance that improves male erectile properties because precursor of nitric oxide, a chemical neurotransmitter of the erection.
5 – Supplements, if necessary.
For those already notice slight hardness issue, it may be advisable to use natural dietary supplements that contain tradamixina, patented compound that exploits the properties of Ecklonia Bicyclis seaweed, together the plant Tribulus Terrestris and Glucosamine,  extracted from the shells of shrimp and crabs. This compound stimulates the production of male hormones, plays a powerful antioxidant action and helps to release nitric oxide, chemical mediator of the erection. Then, needless to mention Viagra or its successors who need no introduction. Although a drug born for erectile dysfunction, behind medical advice can be used to have an erection at the right time, also if their cost is still prohibitive for many.
Over and above these simple rules, to avoid problems and have certainties, with age are also recommended taurine analysis, some tests such as the PSA test, urinalysis and ultrasound.

Sex World Records

Published April 22, 2012 by Tony


[EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT: if you are underage or considering depraved anything pertaining to sex, should jump this page!]

How many times has it happened to ask ourselves some questions, also for curiosity only, questions we don’t find in any encyclopedia and nor have the courage to ask for them to anyone because so weird and dirty. Maybe, it sometimes will be happened during the youth to wondering some question, while talking about sex with friends, but thanks to Internet, today anything is possible and through search engines we can find, in a few minutes, the most unusual and bizarre issue. Some of these answers can be found in the Guinness World Records and, for those who do not know it, there is also a Sex World Records, which obviously report the oddest facts about sex and sexuality.
Some typical questions, which I referred to, are:
what’s the size of the longest penis in the world?How is the biggest vagina in the world? Or, what about the biggest boobs or unusual records for sex intercourse?
Well, perhaps pervy and trivial questions of sexual nature, but those who has never wondered for one of them in own life cast the first stone!

The following data are taken from internet, so except for some certified one, the others have no real evidence because most of these sex records are unproven and we just have to trust…. but who cares; the fact that someone somewhere thought theirs was the biggest, longest, fattest, thinnest or ugliest brings a new dimension to the world of record-setting and satisfy our curiosity, at least.

§ – Freak facts about male sexual organs –

Because measuring penises is often hard to do accurately, there isn’t much reliable data on this topic for the 21st century.
The average adult penis size around the world is set to 5 in. while testicle size after puberty measures up to around 2 inches long, 0.8 inches in breadth, and 1.2 inches in height (5 x 2 x 3 cm). With regard to the size of the testes, there is no record and therefore we don’t know if around there are abnormal cases, which probably should be attributed to diseases such as elephantiasis or hyperplasias. This is because the only
certain thing is the size of the testes and, beyond some slight variation, if the scrotum is bigger it just is the container (the sack) to be oversize and not the testicles. Consequently, the production of semen remains unchanged regardless of the scrotal sac size. [Here for a pic Warning, adult content!]
1 – In 1935, Dr. Fan Emond made a sexology report. The report showed that in the world the longest male reproductive organ was 30 centimeters (12 in).
2 – According to Wardell B. Pomeroy, the Kinsey co-worker, the longest penis encountered in the poll was 10 inches.
3 – In an inter-racial survey, Dr. Jacobus’s 1935 publication – Ethnologie du Sens Genitale – the largest dimensions recorded in the survey was nearly 12 in. in length.
4 – The most impressive medically verified penis sets the sex record at 13.5 inches (34 cm) long and 6.25 inches (16 cm) in girth, measured in the early 20th century by Dr. Robert L. Dickenson.
5 – This data agree with a man called Jonah Falcon (the living owner of the official world’s biggest human penis) who was measured for a TV special and was 13.5 inches. Falcon is a 41-year-old New Yorker actor and writer. [ Here for his naked picWarning, adult content!]

6 – Probably in the literature, the biggest penis ever was mentioned by Dr. David Reuben in his book “Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex”, where he claimed to having measured a 14 inch penis (35.5 cm), but it was never independently verified.
7 – Someone else affirm that the biggest penis in the history of the world is 17 inches.Who knows!
8 – Even though John Holmes has one of the most celebrated dicks in porn history, due to its size, there’s no real documentation of his measurement. His manager claimed it was 13.5 inches, but Holmes’ first wife said he measured it in front of her, before he started doing adult films, and was 10 inches. [Here for his naked pic
Warning, adult content!]
9 –
Another record belongs to the male stripper “Bobby Adonis”, who performed at the internationally-known Labare strip club in Houston. He and other persons report having a massive 14″ penis when erect.

Doing such researches on the web, I very often were redirected to porno sites (was to be expected), where the most talented models (blacks mostly) exhibit their performance with penises of all sizes, with some so monstrously big to be difficult to believe.

Instead, the smallest penis ever recorded sets the sex record at 0.39 inches (1 cm).
10 – Pomeroy states that the smallest penis encountered in the Kinsey surveys was 1 in. long. In the Forum study the smallest erect penis was found to be 4.75 in. in length, quite large compared with many of the specimens that do exist. There are instances reported in the medical literature of penises that do
Whale Penisnot exceed 1 cm. in full erection: such organs are sometimes labeled with the appropriate term micropenis [ Click onto for a picWarning, adult content!]. And even 1 cm. is not the smallest-sized known to medical researchers. There is a condition known as congenital hypoplasia, where the body of the penis is totally absent and the glans is attached to the pubic region.
11 – The T.H Fan •de • black De scholar discovered that if the masculine testicles become infected by one kind of parasite, will block the lymphatic ducts, and will cause the scrotum swelling phenomenon. In African and in Indonesia’s several tribes, many Oxyura vittata penismale contract this symptom, however, these people actually take get sick as the honor, thought that this is the masculine powerful best demonstration. [ Click on for a pic Warning, adult content!]

1 – Among animal, whales win the biggest awards, with Rorqual whales sporting 10-foot (3 m.) long schlongs, which can be up to 1 foot (30 cm.) in diameter.
2 –
Hippopotamuses and elephants come in at a far second, with a reproductive organ 2 meters nearly long.
3 – In relative terms, another title belongs to … a duck! Yup, The Argentine Blue-bill or Argentine Lake
Duck (Oxyura vittata) is a small South American stiff duck that differently from other ducks has a penis, and a remarkable spiral one even: 42.5 cm (17 inches) long! This bird use the brush-like tip of its penis to scrub barnacles penisthe sperm of previous mates from the female’s oviduct.
4 – Another freak about sexual attributes, is found in the crustacean called barnacles. Fixed on rocks the neighboring barnacles interfecundate between them by a long appendix, for sure the longest penis in the animal kingdom in proportion to the body length: it is 40 times bigger than the animal’s body, like a 6 ft (1,8 m).
Ram scrotum5 – The ram has an average total scrotal circumference of 36 cm. when mature, the biggest in relation to body size.

§ – Freak facts about ejaculation –

There is no universally accepted record for the amount of semen in a human ejaculation. Given the privacy and the difficulty of the subject, there is few entry around and we have to draw
on various personal statement mostly. Usually, the amount of semen for men, produced by each ejaculation, is 1-2 average amount of ejaculatoteaspoons as average.

1 – The typical man will produced about 14 gallons of semen throughout his life (Lamm, Steven, M.D. 2005. The Hardness Factor)
2 – According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Wolfgang Butterballs of Staines, England, jettisoned a record 0,813 liters of ejaculate on June 22, 1997. It was recorded that he was aided by the pictures in Juggs Magazine for the final “pull-off.”
3 – We can found some interesting issue in an article entitled “The semen of fertile men: statistical analysis of 1300 men,” by Aquiles J. Sombrero, MD et. al. and published in The Journal of Fertility and Sterility. The data were collected from an outfit that performs vasectomies. Prior to vasectomy each man was required to submit a specimen in a special container, on which was recorded the time of collection and the duration of abstinence prior to collection. The length of abstinence is probably the most critical factor, as it has been calculated that a man generates about 0.4 ml of seminal fluid for each day of abstinence. The mean volume recorded was 3.2 +- 1.4 ml, but some were really off the scale: one star produced 11 ml of fluid, more than three times the average.
4 – Another source, ‘Reproduction and Sex’ (Swyer, 1954), opines that “volumes up to 15 ml have been recorded,” though it doesn’t say where. No doubt there are some who claim to have seen larger discharge.
5 – Some years ago a Canadian pornographic actor, Peter North, was famous for his copious and very powerful ejaculations (even five feet away), from which the nicknames of hydrant and cumalot.
6 – But it is told the greatest distance attained for a jet of sperm was achieved by Horst Schultz, 18 ft 9 in with a ‘substantial’ amount of seminal fluid. He also hold the records for the greatest height (12 ft 4in) and the greatest speed of ejaculation, or muzzle velocity, with 42.7mph.
Follow others weird records:
7 – The most ejaculatory orgasms ever recorded in 1 hour for a man is 16
8 – The record for the most female orgasms is 134 in one hour. ( Macleod, Dan and Debra. 2007: A Woman’s Guide to Great Sex).
9 – The farthest a woman who has been recorded to ejaculate about 9’29” (3 m) far.
10 – The average speed of a man’s ejaculation is 28 miles (45.05 km) per hour (when young!)
12 – The earliest ejaculation remembered by any males surveyed by Kinsey was at the age of eight: this age was noted by three males. The history was also taken of one unusual boy, a Negro interviewed when he was 12, who reckoned he first ejaculated at the age of six. A clinician had diagnosed the boy as “idiopathically precocious in development”. In the literature Kinsey quotes three cases – there are clinical instances of still younger ages. Non-motile sperm have been detected in urine after prostate massage at four and half years. Kinsey opts for eight as the earliest reliably recorded ejaculation. [Here for a picWarning, adult content!]
13 – But, on the contrary, according to Kinsey the latest ages of first ejaculation reliably recorded are 21 for two apparently healthy males, 24 for a religiously inhibited individual, and 22 and 24 for two males with hormonal deficiencies.
14 – The onset and termination of menstruation is subject, like all other sexual phenomena, to immense variation. It has been known for a girl to start menstruating at three months old (H. Jolly in “Sexual Precocity”, Proc. Royal Soc. Med. 44, 1951), and occasionally the menopause too occurs at a very early age: there are instances of girls reaching the menopause before the age of twenty. The menopause rarely occurs after the age of fifty-five but rare cases do occur. In one instance menstruation was continuing in a woman aged 104. On the contrary, the latest instance was a girl who started to menstruate when she was twenty-five years old.
15 – Michelle Monaghan gets the record to have swallowed the most Boar Semenamount of semen ever officially recorded, through 1.7 pints (0.96 liter) of semen pumped out of … her stomach in Los Angeles in July 1991. Who knows how many guys she had been with!

1 – In the animal kingdom the largest amount of semen ejaculated appertain to the whale, with amount of 400 gallons of sperm at a time.
2- The average semen volume of boars is 170-200 ml.
Drosphila bifurca sperm3- Stallion ejaculates 30-100 ml of semen on an average basis at once,
4- while African Elephant ejaculates 80 – 90 ml semen on an average basis a time.

5 – The ram has an average total scrotal circumference of 36 cm. when mature, the biggest in relation to body size.

6- One sperm cell from Drosphila bifurca, a species of fruit fly whose males are known to have the longest sperm cells of any organism on Earth, is an astonishing 5.8 cm long when uncoiled. The cells are mostly tail, and are delivered to the females in tangled coils. In a male’s entire life he can only make a few hundred such cells.

§ – Freak facts about vagina –


Take in account that there is no a specific method to measuring vagina size, and the difficulty in getting an accurate measurement of an organ that naturally varies in size will make any reading an estimate only. The human vagina, when not engaged in coitus, is often much smaller than the local penis and as average ranges from 3-6 inches (6-14 cm) long. The vaginal tissue has the facility to expand to welcome the visitor and in such circumstances can quite easily double its volumetric capacity (7-9 in) and become half as long again. It’s told that black women’s vaginas are bigger than white, however it is not always realized, how capacious the human vagina can in fact be.
1 – The Largest Vagina most likely belonged to Scottish giantess Anna Swan (1846-1888), a MARTIN BATES and ANNA SWAN with friend Lei McFarlandremarkable woman who set a number of records relating to her bulk. At 19 years old she reached a height of 7′ 8″ and later married with Captain Martin Bates, another giant who measured over 7 feet tall, making them the tallest married couple in the world, a record that still stands today. On June 18, 1879, she gave birth to the largest baby in history, weighing 26 lbs. and 34 inches in length and with a head 19 inches (48cm) as girth, hence doctors computed the minimum dilation of Swan’s passage as 6 inches, or just over 15 cm. That’s pretty wide considering that the normal vaginal dilation for childbirth is 10 cm.
2 – According to the world sex records association the biggest pussy or vagina in the world belongs to Hanna Montesman of Holland. She was measured last in November 2008 by the World Sex Records Association and her pussy is 16 inches long and supposedly 20 inches wide. There was no contest to decide which woman had the biggest pussy in the world and the Sex World Records official refused to comment on how they learnt about Hanna’s big pussy. However, they took a photo of her vagina.
[Here for the picWarning, adult content!]
3 – There is a case reported by a certain guy called Walter (a matter of fact if we are to believe the Kronohausens’ interpretation of “My Secret Life” book), in which a woman is encouraged to insert as many coins as possible into her vagina. Walter produced five English pounds – “all in shillings” – and attempted to insert as many coins as possible into the woman’s capacious tract. On and on she went until no less than seventy coins were inserted – Then, “triumphantly, she walked up and down the room, none falling out of her vagina.”
4 – It’s told that Linda Manning of Los Angeles could, without preparation, completely insert a lubricated American football into her vagina. [Here for a videoWarning, adult content!]
5 – Tatiata Kozhevnikova officially has the world’s strongest vagina, and she keeps crushing her own records. Her vagoo was last recorded as being able to lift a staggering 31 pounds — that’s about the weight of an English Cocker Spaniel. How? Well, she has custom made glass balls with string attachments she sticks up there — and 15 years of training didn’t hurt either. We’d like to know what kind of pressure she can exert, but since nobody’s bothered to put a meter in there to find out, we can only imagine. 

[ Here for a video
Clitoris varies in size. How big are the largest?
6 – Theo Lang in “The Difference Between a Man and a Woman” mentions one recorded instance of a woman having a clitoris 2 in. long, and 3 in. “when fully erect”.
7 – Pomeroy has remarked that clitorises measuring more than 1 in. are very rare in whites, but may occur in 2 or 3 per cent of blacks “measurements of 3 in. and more were obtained from perhaps one out of 300 or 400 black women”.
8 – Benjamin and Masters note in “The Prostitute in Society” that Parent-Duchalet came across a clitoris that measured 3.14 in. [Here for a pic – Warning, adult content! – (Don’t be amazed, if it looks like a penis because as you should know, during intrauterine growth the fetal gentitals starts to grow during the fourth month of pregnancy with both male and female sex organs. Hormones then will cause sex organs to grow and differentiate into either male or female organs with penis and clitoris called sexual analogs because originate from the same structure)].

9 – The eighteenth-century Swiss biologist Albrecht von Haller, is said to have come across a woman with a monstrous clitoris no less than 7 in. long.
10 – But the record clitoris is almost certainly the 12 in. specimen mentioned by various writers and quoted (without comment) by W. Francis Benedict in “The Sexual Anatomy of Women”.
11 – Even a fact of crime let us realize how the vagina can be capacious. In Pennsylvania, after being pulled over by police they noticed that Karin Mackaliunas was fidgeting in the backseat. They noticed she had hidden something in her vagina. The doctor at Community Medical Center took out form her vagina: 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty bags used to package heroin, 8.5 prescription pills and $51.22.

Whatever the case, on pornographic sites are gruesome scenes with women who shove everything and more in their vaginas and this would suggest that the measures, so far found, are small thing in comparison. One for all is this piece of video which, although pornographic and obscene, seemed right to share, considered the wonder it arouses. Click on here, aware that it is inappropriate for minors and for weak stomachs! (It needs QuickTime reader)

§ – Freak facts about sex intercourse –

1 – A poll says that for 75% of men, ejaculation occurs within 3 minutes of penetration.
2 – The record of the man who has had intercourse the most frequently goes to a man who was recorded to have had intercourse about 52,000 times over a period of 30 years. This means he had intercourse on average 33.3 times a week! Is it true?
3 – In humanity’s sex act, it is said that pornographic star’s John • in Dose one day may meet 55 females’ natural needs.
4 – But in 1999, surname Houston’s females when indulged in sensual pleasure the revelry, within 10 hours successively with 620 men are strange bedfellows.
5 – Dr. Vernon • Corman has recorded the world duration longest Candy Apples pornostarsex act in 15 hours! This record’s inventor is US movie star plum • Weiss and her boyfriend especially Germany.
6 – There have been many gang bang record breaking events, but adult film star takes the cake — she hit 742 back in 1999. Candy was trying for a record 2,000 sex acts — and according to her handlers she could have gone above and beyond — but the police raided the event before she could even hit the 1k mark.
7 – The female gangbang world record is instead owned by a woman named Houston who had intercourse with 620 men in one day! A video was made of this historic event. As it took about 10 hours (with a few very brief breaks) to do it, the average time of intercourse was less than 58 seconds. [Here for a videoWarning, adult content!]
8 – The male gangbang world record goes to porn actor Jon Lisa SparxxxDough who worked himself over 55 women in one day. He had 5 to 6 ejaculations. Actually, he was supposed to have had intercourse with at least 101 women, but he did the other 46 two weeks later.
9 – Lisa Sparxxx is a noted American pornographic actress. She had sex with 919 guys in a single day, setting a world record. Specifically, it occurred during Eroticon 2004, a Polish convention that celebrates exactly what its title suggests, as part of the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship.
10 – Some women are champs in their own right when it comes to having multiple orgasms. On top of the biological advantage, it’s not surprising that a woman holds the record at the Masturbate-a-thon for most orgasms achieved. Although some men have gone into the double-digits during the events (kudos, boys), a woman was once recorded as reaching an impressive 222 orgasms in 2009 at the Denmark Masturbate-a-thon. We’re not sure how the female orgasms are proved to be real, but hey, it’s fine. [Here for a videoWarning, adult content!]
11 – Guys always get the bad reputation for masturbating an obscene amount, but chicks definitely get their jollies too. May is said to be Masturbation Month, and in honor of this momentous month, the Masturbate-a-thon event is held around the world to raise money for AIDS. At one such event, the 2008 San Francisco event in particular, a woman by the name of Kitty Kat masturbated for a total of 7 hours 6 minutes.
12 – A man by the name of Masanobu Sato attended the 2009 World Masturbate-a-thon held by the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco and set the world record for longest session by jerking off for 9 hours and 58 minutes. He came all the way from Japan just for the event, armed with a wide variety of sexual aids, and the record he was beating was his own. Last year he set the record with 9 hours and 33 minutes. [Here for a pic]

crotus copulation1 – Egypt’s Sundevall mouse may have 100 sex acts in short one hour.
2 – What the sex act duration is longest is the cobra, most sustainable 23 hour 15 minutes.
3 – Mosquito’s sexual intercourse time is shortest, usually has 3 seconds.
4 – Pig’s sex act high tide may be 30 minutes during which the male ejaculate several times

§ – Other freak sex issues –

1 – Feodor Vassilyev (1707-1782), was a peasant from Shuya, Valentina Vassilyeva familyRussia. Though not noteworthy himself, his first wife, Valentina Vassilyeva, set the record for most children birthed by a single woman. She gave birth to total of 69 children; 67 of them survived infancy.
2 – The modern world record for giving birth is held by Leontina Albina from San Antonio, Chile. Now in her mid-sixties, she claims to be the mother of 64 children. Of these, 55 are documented.
3 – The mother with the greatest number of kids with no twins is Livia Ionce. This Romanian woman, 44, gave birth to her 18th child in Canada in 2008.
4 – Prostitution is commonly known as the world’s oldest profession. Meanwhile police in Tai Pei estimate an 82 -year-old nicknamed “Grandma” to be the oldest living, working prostitute.
5 – Japan has Orgy in Japansuccessfully set a new world record – having 250 men and 250 women consent to have sex in the same place at the same time, completing the world’s biggest orgy! The Orgy was held in a warehouse with a professional camera crew taking pictures and recording the entire event. Each sex act and position was choreographed so that couples were simultaneous in their actions. Despite the “orgy” label, the 250 couples (all tested STD-free) featured in the video have sex only with each other and not with any other couple. The entire event is available for purchase on
DVD, of course.
6 – The world’s oldest father has done it again, fathering a child for at least the 21st time, at the age of 90. Indian farmer Nanu Ram Jogi, who is married to his fourth wife, boasts he does not want to stop, and plans to continue producing children until he is 100. Mr Jogi admits he is not certain how many children his series of four wives have borne him – but counts at least 12 sons and nine daughters and 20 grandchildren.
7 – “The Sexual Anatomy of Ting JiafenWoman” by W. F. Benedict tells the cases of one 14-year-old who had breasts weighing 16 lbs. and of a woman of thirty who had breasts weighing 21 pounds each. Another book, Human Oddities by Martin Monestier, thoughtfully encloses a topless photo of a woman with 44-pound breasts measuring 33 inches in circumference. In 1995 Chinese official news agency Xinhua ran the headline, “Twelve-year-old Sprouts Gargantuan Breasts.” Each breast of Ting Jafen of Changba village, Gudong Township, Pingtang County, has grown to dimensions of 48 cm long and 30 cm high, Norma Stitzweighing about 10 kg,” it reported (meaning Ting would wear a size S bra, assuming they made them that big).
8 – Though Norma Stitz sports a fake name (and a brilliant one at that), her 8-foot 6-inch bust — a size 102ZZZ — is 100% real. It was a challenge for her to find someone to make such a massive bra, but her persistence paid off, and she has since made bank on her escapades during the last 10 years as a record holder. Initially s
elf-conscious as a youngster, Norma has since turned down breast reductions and embraced her assets. She also Sean Stewart and his childhas what could be one of the funniest sites on the Internet.
9– Youngest Father – Sean Stewart, of Sharnbrook, England, became the father of a healthy 6 lb. baby boy on January 20, 1998, at age 12, but it is believed that there are younger undocumented fathers out there.
10 – The youngest girl to give birth was 5-year-old Lina Medina, born in Peru in 1933. Incredibly this girl began menstruating at age 3, and despite being impregnated in the “usual” way, has never revealed who the father is. Her father was arrested and imprisoned on suspicion of Lina Medinaincest, but was later released due to lack of evidence. The baby was delivered by caesarean because Lina’s hips were too narrow.
12 – Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif (the second ruler of the Moroccan Alaouite dynasty) set a sex record in the 17th century when he added a whopping 1,042 recorded offspring to his harem of about 500 wives.

1 – Mountainous area fire lizard being pregnant period, because will live in the elevation high area will have the very big change, they live in the elevation 1400 meter area periods of pregnancy are possibly 3 year long time.

Browsing online, maybe, you’ll find other data, but I’ll stop here … they are enough to get upset or excited how the world is so diverse and amazing, for better or for worse but….. who are we to determine what is good or bad?


Italian Passion

Published December 2, 2011 by Tony

Frederick the Great’s Erotic Poem

It’s always been told that Italians and southern people are fiery and passionate and this was also known in the past, as evidenced by some letter of King Frederick II of Prussia. He even wrote an erotic poem in French called “Jouissance” (Sensual pleasure), where having recourse to Greek mythology, praised sex and orgasm during a night of love. The protagonists of this erotic story, described in detail, just were him and his lover Francesco Algarotti (an Italian essayist). It was written, according to correspondence with Voltaire (another close friend), in response to the Italian Algarotti friend’s contention, that northern Europeans were not as passionate as southern Europeans. Autograph letters and poem were found recently in the secret Prussian Archives in Berlin. The recently discovered manuscript is the original one owned by Algarotti. It was sent to Berlin in 1894, but was placed by Emperor William II in the Berlin archives where it has been ever since. The poem was printed in full in the German newspaper Die Zeit on September 15th.
In the end the king wrote,  “A moment of lust is worth as much to him who enjoys it as a century of honor.”

Francesco Algarotti   Frederick II