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Gabriele D’Annunzio

Published March 8, 2013 by Tony

The aidoiomaniac D’Annunzio
An Intellectual More than a Playboy

Gabriele D'Annunzio

Gabriele d’Annunzio (1863 -1938), also known as “il Vate” (the prophet), was an Italian writer, poet, politician and journalist, who coming from a middle class family became a symbol of the Italian Decadence and famous for his compositions as well as for his particular sexual habits.
Porco alato e geniale” (Pig winged and genius), he described himself, while biographers addressed him as “Genius and recklessness“.  Among the aspects of the writer’s Decadence, there is aestheticism art, or art conceived as Beauty which must be above all; the practical aestheticism, according to which also the life must be realized in absolute freedom, outside and above every law and moral restraint; the panismo which is the tendency to surrender to the life of the senses and instincts, and finally the man as “superman“, the ruler of a world beyond good and evil, where instinct is the only truth because morality is a lie, and where the man that resembles the beast then outdoes man, beyond human becoming hero, while getting rid of the ethics that prohibits lust, he can dare everything that gives pleasure. A description, this, that is very close to the aberrant “Superman” concept conceived by Nietzsche.

Already in his youth, d’Annunzio showed an ambitious and uninhibited character and, in fact, at sixteen already had his first sexual experience. In Florence, during a school trip, he evaded janitor’s surveillance and with a gold wristwatch, a gift of his grandfather, paid a prostitute with whom he wished to have sex.
In 1881 he moved to Rome to continue his studies at the university, where,  trying to reach fame and glory, attended worldly circles of Roman salons, beginning to appreciate the sumptuous and scandalous lives of the rich bourgeoisie, through adventures and love stories. His exceptional sexuality blew and he will earn in emotions and sex delights, even if this entailed moral values violation. According to some biographers, his actual d'Annunzio at 10 yearsmistresses were hundred and fifty. Half a thousand for some, and even four thousand according to others, with the inevitable cocaine snorting.

As the biographers say, this “sex superman” really did not love all those women, except perhaps, a little bit, Maria Hardouin and Eleonora Duse. Maria Hardouin was the daughter of Giulio, Duke of Gallese, who d’Annunzio married at 20 years in 1883, probably for reasons of interest and because of noble rank. They had met a few years earlier and a love at first sight, but even though a minor, during a walk the lecherous man took her to a grove, on the outskirts of Rome, and deflowered her. Among the collection of poems “Intermezzo di rime” also is included “Peccato di maggio“, in which the writer described in detail what happened in the woods. The young Duchess soon became pregnant, raising a scandal. The Duke Giulio, furious, vetoed the marriage and denounced d’Annunzio for corruption of minors, despite his wife, Mary’s mother, called for a shotgun wedding. In response, the two lovers fled together and got married in a hurry, but without the consent of the duke, who did not want to see anymore both his daughter and the son-in-law.

A marriage that will last long but unfortunate for the young lady, also if from their union were born three children. “My dear Gabriele was a husband physically incapable of being faithful,” the Duchess bitterly confessed later, when after the third child will separate from him. In fact, the new series of post-marriage lovers began immediately with the journalist Olga Roman Ossani, then followed by Elvira Natalia Fraternali, estranged wife of Count Ercole Leoni, although in the meantime the writer were not shirking to his conjugal “duty”. Hard days for Elvira because meantime the “supreme Vate”  had already set his sights on the Sicilian Princess Maria Gravina Cruyllas Ramacca, which he called a “erotic nymphomaniac”. A good match! In a tormented relationship lasted three years, the Sicilian princess gave birth to two children, Ariel’s sons (the personal nickname of the poet), who legitimated only the first child. It was 1895 when he began his relationship with the famous actress Eleonora Duse, who was in search of a true love and believed to have found it by Ariel. And the illusion of love will cost her dearly, and not just for the money that the loved boyfriend snatched her by deception, but because while she was sacrifying her prestige, exposing herself to the audience boos, he already was enjoying with a new paramour, the young actress Juliet Gordigiani. Actress, young and beautiful, but poor and this was not good for him that needed rich women. “I forgive him to Maria Gravina with the daugtherhave abused of myself, ruined and humiliated me. I forgive everything because I loved him”,  Duse said when left him definitively.

After a while, the tireless lover found another right woman, Alessandra Starabba Rudini, twenty-eight beautiful and rich, widow of the Marquis Carlotti.
His biographers say that in three years of living together, the great showman D’Annunzio got by the Marchesa Rudini amounts ten times higher than the one extorted to Duse in nine years. The last two years were very sad for the marquise because fell seriously ill, but meanwhile, the host had already a new mistress for giving vent to his inexhaustible lust, the Countess Josephine Mancini.
However, when he was no longer able to cope with the many creditors, decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved alone to Paris. The great seducer had already chosen the appropriate girlfriend to live and work peacefully in Paris, the Russian countess (French by adoption) Natalia de Goloubeff, 27, separated from her husband, who welcomed him at her home in Paris. The combination was perfect, he needed money and she sex.
Fool of the blackest Slavic massacre,” he said about her, as she considered him “crazy for sex and beautiful women, virile and perfumed as few“. But, as soon as her financial resources were lost, due to the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, Ariel left her. During the last of the five years spent in Paris, he had some French sex playmates, as Marie de Regnier and Amélie Mazoyer, his housekeeper nicknamed Aelis (24 years less than the prophet), who followed him in Italy, when he returned in 1915 to become a soldier, enlisting as a volunteer during the First World War.
Besides devotion, one of Aelis’s quality that d’Annunzio appreciated more, especially with the passing of years, was a not common skill for fellatio, hence her nickname Aelis from helice, “helix” in French. “She has a beautiful mouth, in addition to the hand that gives oblivion,” Gabriele said of her.
During the conflict he lost partial vision in one eye, but as a man of theater, he participated more in the war performing on the stage, representing his true and false war actions, rather than by real.
In 1921, in Gardone, in the picturesque scenery of Lake Garda, d’Annunzio found the house of his dreams: a large villa of 36 rooms, which he titled the “Vittoriale of the Italians”.  After the restoration work, carried out with the financial support of Mussolini, he made it a national monument, donating it to the Italian State for paying his debts.
Mussolini also gave him what the bourgeois writer always had dreamed, Eleonora Duseproposing him for a nobiliar title, then conferred in 1924 by King Vittorio Emanuele III, letting he became the Prince of Montenevoso.

In spite of his advanced age, in those years other lovers followed, as the writer from Trieste Olga Levi Brunner,  the Venetian pianist Luisa Bàccara, and a certain Leila, all younger than him.
In that palace-mausoleum, the Prince of Montenevoso spent the last seventeen years of his mad and adventurous life, with profound suffering for his physical decline, often expressed by behavioral oddities and excessive frugality or sullenness, but always obsessed by sex, by frantic search of pleasure, eroticism and lust, and now even devoting more himself in masturbation, despite the age.
The last two women that remained close to him, were the faithful Aélis and Bàccara, forced to watch also to his bleak and dismal degradation, like satyr erotic rites that the seventy year old man organized from time to time. Gabriele d’Annunzio, the magician of perversion, among other things also invented the macabre eroticism, while lying naked in a coffin some prostitutes, also naked, kissed him from head to toe. Although nothing is written about, it is said that the teacher did not disdained others pervy sex affairs like pissing, shitting, and that maybe took away two ribs to better practice self-fellatio, all things truly uncommon for that era.
Gabriele d’Annunzio died at 75 years for a brain hemorrhage, and at his funeral, as well as Mussolini, attended his wife with three children, Amélie Mazoyer and Luisa Baccara, (Duse had died 14 years before). As he had Amélie Mazoyerdecided, was buried in the small temple of the Holocaust, on top of the Vittoriale.

D’Annunzio was not handsome, neither rich, nor reliable, and for this arises the question, what did so many ladies, rich and beautiful, drive in his arms?!
Probably, the famous American dancer Isadora Duncan was right, saying about him, “a lover so great as to turn the most ordinary woman, and give her for a moment the appearance of a celestial being?”
The perverse lover designed by himself some clothes and then gave them to women, from time to time, to wear and represent the erotic scene that he had chosen. Clothes that transformed them in moths ready to burn devoutly wings to his flame. Only the sinuous and fatal painter Tamara de Lempicka was able to sneak out from the arms of the famous satyr.
In his house also special perfumes and incense were not lacking, as well as a well equipped wardrobe in which were found two hundred silk shirts, fifty hats  two hundred pairs among shoes and boots, three hundred pairs of socks, fifty silk pajamas and gowns, and boxes with vagina’s hairs that he kept in memory of his mistresses. Just “an animal of luxury” as he called himself.  “When D’Annunzio loves a woman, exalts and elevates the soul above the earth, to the divine regions where moves and shines Dante’s Beatrice. From time to time, he let women participate in the divine essence and leads so high as to cause them to imagine they are really on the same level of Beatrice… there was a time in Paris, where the cult of D’Annunzio touched dizzying heights and they were all famous beauties to love him. But when the whim of the poet ended, he abandoned his mistress on duty for another“, so Mrs. Duncan wrote in her memoirs, who had with d’Annunzio an intense but short relationship.
In fact, it was always him to tire of the most beautiful and passionate women.
His only fault, if it can be defined so, was the bad habit of wasting considerable wealth for voluptuous things, and for this he is often found in bad waters and full of debt,  for which in 1910, there will seizure and sale of his goods.

The women he met, young and old, were all at his feet, happy to be desired by the most famous “tombeur de femmes” of Italian literature, ready to give herself to him body and soul, and that in addition to opening their legs, also opened their bags to pay his debts.
If it is not for wellness or charm, then why that? This is a good reason to suppose that D’Annunzio was a gifted, moreover, in an old Italian porno film, during the pioneer and illegal pornography period, among other collaborators in the captions is also read the name of Gabriele D’Annunzio. Of course, besides the use of the word, he knew how to use his sexual organ that he called “gonfalon selvaggio” (wild flag), and his exceptional libido led him to have, evidently, sexual performance record, or more intercourse without long breaks, and not for nothing that he was labeled “thirsty for sex“, all things that, alas, ravish many women.



Published November 19, 2011 by Tony

Freddie 20th death anniversary

The King
The next 24th November will be the twentieth anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death and if he were still with us, today, the great Freddie was 65 years old.
The following article is what his personal assistant Peter Freestone, who has dedicated him the book titled “Freddie Mercury: An Intimate Memoir by the Man Who Knew Him Best”, said.
Sex, drugs and reckless life, the most rock among the rockstar narrated by the person closer to him and that at an event organized by the Mercury Band, in Seriate, near Bergamo, released an interview to the Italian magazine Panorama.
The leading contributor of the historic Queen band says: “I am a lucky man. For twelve years of my life I have been a shadow of a great character like Freddie Mercury. I was his personal assistant, cook, chauffeur and the trusted friend. I have traveled the world with Freddie, guest of the nicest hotels on the planet and have known star of all ages”.

<<In the eighties, Freddie was having a relation with a certain Bill Reid, a well-placed and phlegmatic guy in New Jersey, which had met in a bar in New York. It was a turbulent relationship, sometimes with thrilling bits of violence. A day Freddie Reid Peter Freestonebit Freddie’s hand between the thumb and forefinger. He felt a strong pain with the wound bleeding, but he refused any type of emergency and went up on stage, anyway.
I have seen this and much more, I was his personal assistant, his shadow, the first person to whom he turned for every need. I was at his side in the gay clubs, around the world on vacation and at the home of Michael Jackson too. I picked him up in my arms in the rooms of his house in London: AIDS had taken the flesh off under his foot and walking had become a painful ordeal for him. I was there when he closed his eyes forever on the evening of November 24, 1991. You cannot understand what HIV means until you see first-hand how people pined
>>, says touched Peter to Panorama!
<<Freddie loved the Saint, an old theater on the Lower East Side of New York, turned into a spectacular nightclub for homosexuals. I managed to get an honorary membership card so that his name did not appear among the usual customers. The hard part was to conquer the locker. We couldn’t do without it, after having worn fetish clothing, you then had to put away there your clothes and drugs. On Friday afternoon I went to the house of our “friendly” trustworthy dealer in the Lower West Side. On a table were two metal baskets with inside a wide assortment of pills and powders, all labeled with name and price. The only thing missing was a trolley … ..

Barber in New York home of FreddieBut he also loved three hot Bavarian club, Pop-As, the Eagle and Mrs. Henderson’s, that he attended in the eighties along with his German partner Winnie Kirchberger. When he moved to Montreux, instead, chose a villa known as “The House of ducks” because had a garden full of stuffed ducks.
He understood something was wrong when appeared some dark spots around the wrists. For a week he pretended not to, then took the exams in a few days and got the result. One day he called me into the kitchen, closed the door and told me: “Peter, my time is running out. Life has given me so much and now it takes it all. Not only I’m positive HIV but have AIDS too and I will die for sure. But I’ve lived every second of this life, anyway>>.
Remnants of a life over the top, abruptly interrupted by analysis on a piece of tissue taken from the shoulder in 1987:
“I have AIDS, as the best doctors around say, if you want go away I’ll do nothing to stop you, I will understand”, with these words and by an endless hug Freddie Mercury announced to his boyfriend, Jim Hutton (who died of cancer in 2010), that his time was running out. Hutton did not leave, he stayed close him till the last breath. And without interfering with the drastic decision of his boyfriend to terminate all the medical care, except for the morphine-based painkillers.
<<A day at the table he burst out: “stop cooking spicy, it makes no difference, my taste buds are damaged, I no longer feel the taste, everything is the same.
I eat my favorite food, the Indian one that you’re preparing me carefully, and I do not feel anything anymore. But what is this disease? Why does it take away something every day? “. Three weeks before
Freddie Mercury together some New York friendsthe end, Freddie gave me an envelope full of money to buy a painting to Christie’s: 30.000 sterlings. When back with the picture I put it in the living room and called him. Freddie was in his bedroom on the first floor of the house in London. As soon as he started down the stairs realized that his legs no longer held. They were rigid, without bending. So I went, picked up him in my arms and went down so that he could see that craved painting. He was clinging to my neck as a child and saing: ‘Fortunately, my eyes still work “.
When healthy, Freddie was not at home one night a year. He frequented gay bars all around the world and was often zonked. Vodka and cocaine were his vices. When he discovered to be sick has given a cut of everything. “I could go on and give a damn, but the doctor assured me that this would halve the time I have”. I will never forget the day when he said me about the precautions I had to acquaint with the villa’s staff.  At one point he said: “If I cut myself and bleed, keep away from me. Very far”. Three weeks before his death, returned from a lightning trip in France, in front of the front door, he said: “This is the last time I’m coming in my house. It will not happen anymore. My strength is wasted. We have to understand when it’s time to say enough”.  An evening with bright eyes and broken voice he told me: “I would like to know when I had the relationship that is costing me my life now, but I do not want to waste the little time I still have for investigations.
What hurts me tremendously is that AIDS will prevent me from pulling out all the music Whirlpool group (the first left is Thor Arnold)inside me. There were still many things to be heard, so many notes to excite my audience. It is unfair that an artist should die without having expressed his art. I will carry with me many songs and all the faces of my friends. Peter, you have been close to me twelve years, you’ve seen all you could see about me. And I believe you really understood who is the man to whom you gave so much loyalty and dedication. At least once a day, think of me. And take care of my cats”.

[About cats, Oscar the cat went away from home; Tiffany died when Freddie was still alive. Delilah, Goliath and Miko remained in Garden Lodge, Romeo and Lily found a new home].

He who had never increased or decreased by a pound was now drying up. The beard had stopped growing even. In the last month ate only papaya and smoothies. Every movement of the jaw was painful. The other sore point was the foot. He had a hole under the foot that forbad him to put the foot on the ground.
Though destroyed, went every day in the recording studio to leave a legacy, as he could, of his voice and his art. He had excruciating pain in the throat and chest, but he kept singing like nothing had happened. He held out until the end and never give up. He wanted to tell everything to the others in the group but was afraid. Scared that others would tell him not to make much effort, to stop recording songs, treating him as a man with a handicap. At the end of the recordings, as usually, Bryan and the others invited him to have dinner, but he always refused with an excuse. He did not want they saw him in trouble while swallowing solid food. The other three of the group did not know that Freddie had AIDS. They knew it a year and a half before the end. Mary Austin with FreddieHe summoned them to the house, shut in a room for an hour and said everything. At one point I came in to bring tea. No one spoke. Roger and John Bryan were pale with bright eyes gaze down and shoulders slumped. They had long understood that something was wrong, but when Freddie revealed his real conditions they collapsed. More than once, Bryan said: “After the words of Freddie I felt a cold in the bones that will not feel anymore”. They went away in a line from home in silence, staring at the ground without crossing their eyes with mine. I had been knowing everything from one year, but I was bound to silence.
Two weeks before disappearing, Freddie said to me: “No more potions”. He had just returned from Montreux, was weak and had blurred vision. He knew that his hour was about to strike. He entered the house and with a small voice said: “We all know that by this door I nevermore wont go out standing”.  A chill casted over, it was like a knife in his chest in the light of day. I took refuge in the gym room and, for the first time, realized that Freddie had never used any of those tools, he had never done a minute of sport in his life. I started taking pictures every corner of the house with my eyes, aware that soon I would be out of there for not re-enter again. The same knowledge that had Brian May when Freddie called them at home to give the news. I just remember the endless minutes of suffering and silence. He said he would continue to record songs until the end, but on one condition: that none of us had to treat him as a sick person. We enforced his will, but it was an infinite agony to see him singing without energy. People really loved him, I’m not surprised the continuing tribute to his art, even Freddie with Jeckotwenty years later. >>

[November 9 came out “Freddie Mercury, thoughts and words”, edited by Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton, published by Knopf].

<<When I think of Freddie, which happens every day, I see him in the garden of Jackson, disgusted with the white pants and muddy, forced to visit a mini private zoo. It was the summer of 1983 when Freddie had moved to Los Angeles and had been invited by Jacko at his home in Encino. He was terrified by the llama, he feared their spit like a plague. After the tour in the animal world, they two only closed in the recording studio: committed to each other to measure their immense talent. They also asked me to beat for 5 minutes with the fist on the doorpost, saying : “Sorry, we forgot to call the drummer”.  At the end of the visit, Freddie told me: “Lots of money and no taste. What a waste! “.
<<From the crowded arenas to the walls of a room populated only by his cats>>,
sighs Freestone.

<<The last act was to write a statement in which he announced his illness to the world. The next day he would not even see the newspapers. The die was cast and he had nothing to defend. The seconds had become hours, and the minutes days. In the villa, the Garden Lodge in London, no one had the sense of time and space. Just silence. Untill the telephone ringing that we all feared: it was Joe, one of his closest friends, who asked me to go into the bedroom. Freddie was in a coma after an attack of chills. It was rigid, with the head in an unnatural position. We tried to shake it gently, talking to him. But it was all useless. >>

[Editor’s Note. Currently, in the English Freddy’s house, is living Mary Austin, the girl with whom he had the longest and most intimate relationship.]Wayne & Freddie

<<It was the evening of November 24, 1991 at 18.48 when the doctor arrived for the daily check. Freddie was weak in his bed and unable to speak. The visit lasted ten minutes: Freddie had been not taking more AIDS drugs for two weeks but powerful painkillers only. At the end of the visit, I took the doctor to the car. Back home, I went upstairs and found him motionless. I felt bad, but had the heart to put a hand on his chest. No breathe anymore. I ran into the street blocking the doctor’s car who went up again and said: “Freddie is gone”.>>
Fragments of a musical genius’s real life, a star without boundaries who from day to day has seen his world shrink dramatically.

Freddie’s love stories.
Despite being one of the most famous men on the planet, Freddie Mercury has always managed to keep secret his love life, which is quite complicated for a VIP also if we consider that in his bed passed many people, men and women. Among these last ones we may mention Rosemary Pearson, Mary Austin and Barbara Valentin. Freddie began his first serious relationship with a man, in 1975. He was David Minns, an executive in the PA record company.  “He was chasing me. He was so obsessed by people, but at the same time also so sweet“, said David in an interview. For a while David was like a boyfriend, but the singer soon realized that thanks to its reputation he could get any guy he wanted, and also a different one every night. When in 1978 the romance was over, like most of his relationships, Freddie had befriended Joe Fanelli called “Liza”, who Freddie had hired as personal chef. The relationship lasted a year. Freddie liked to put nicknames,
Phoebe, Liza and John Reidusually feminine, to his friends and his success grew together the sexual appetite towards men. In the late 70’s the dancer Wayne Sleep, who Freddie nicknamed “Bridget the midget,” became his new partners in London. In the eighties, he came in contact with the gay circles in New York, where he had a brief affair with a bartender named Vince “The Batman” and another man called Thor “PP” Arnold. Left New York in 1983, the frontman continued to seek for the love of his life, and in 1985 in London, began an affair with the man whot then was with him until his death, Jim Hutton. According to his longtime friend Peter Freestone, nicknamed “Phoebe”, there were other lovers and dear friends including Tony Bastin, John Murphy, Mick “Dorothy” Rock, Eduardo “The Venezuelan”, Peter “Syretta” Straker, Winnie Kirchberger, Trevor “BB The Black Bitch” Clarke, Peter Morgan, Eric “Sophie” Hall, David “Daisy” Evans, David “Claire” Hodo, Lee “Kathleen” Nolan, James “Jane” Arthurs, and Bill Reid. His relationship with Rudolf Nuriev several times disproved, was later revealed by the existence of a number of letters in which Nureyev confessed and described delicately his feeling towards the Queen’s leader. Nureyev died 14 months later, on January 6, 1993, at 54 years old, both destroyed by AIDS. In one of his last letter we read: “he wanted to die alone in his London house. It was raining and I was crying the death of the great Eddie“.

Dancing: Phoebe holds Freddie

Dancing: Phoebe holds Freddie

The residence in Sutton Place, Manhattan

The residence in Sutton Place, Manhattan

A page of the book

A page of the book

In the bed with some cats

In the bed with some cats

The Garden Lodge home in Londra

The Garden Lodge home in Londra

With the cats Oscar e Tiffany

With the cats Oscar e Tiffany

Italian book cover

Italian book cover


Greek Myths Sexuality

Published August 10, 2011 by Tony

Greek Myths Sexuality
Erotic fancy Scenario II

[for “Erotic fancy Scenario I” click here ]

Greek was one of the most important civility in the world and some country, as the southern Italy, is lucky to have had such ancestors. Greek deeds and culture were significantly influenced by their Mythology whose history is full of licentious relationships and considering my prior post “Pornography” I now will linger on this aspect and taking cue from the various love affairs and intercourse among the Olympus deity, through a simple flight of fancy – that in the light of the fact could be very plausible – I will describe an erotic situation.
Just a likely story you don’t find around because the border between eroticism and pornographic is so feeble and doing it with the great historical characters – we study at school – is not affordable to everyone.
I think a lot of people as me – while reading a story or a tale – often would like to know the details, the background or just what the same story presumes but that is hided, not mentioned or lacking as in the case of the ancient citations about the Myths intercourse.
Anyway, I hope to give back an exciting model not so abstract.
Good reading and enjoy!



Achilles, known as quick-foot or speedy, in the Greek mythology was the son of the nymph Thetis and Peleus, the king of the Myrmidons. He was the central character and the greatest warrior of Homer’s Iliad.

During his childhood, while learning the art of the war, Achilles had Patroclus as intimate friend who then became his henchman, and though even Patroclus was older than him, he couldn’t boast about a higher strength or higher-born.

Patroclus, instead, was the son of Menoetius, grandson of Actor, King of Opus, and cousin, beloved comrade and brother-in-arms of Achilles. As recorded in the Iliad, he was depicted as a very sweet and good will figure, just a novelty in the world represented by Homer where, for any hero, strength and crudeness had more importance than other virtue. Patroclus

During his childhood, while learning the art of the war, Achilles had Patroclus as intimate friend who then became his henchman, and though even Patroclus was older than him, he couldn’t boast about a higher strength or higher-born.

The relationship between Achilles and Patroclus, whose deep and loyal friendship is mentioned explicitly in the Iliad, is a key aspect of Achilles myth. However, its exact nature has been a subject of dispute in both the classical period and modern times because Homer never hints at any romantic or sexual approach between each other.

Achilles devotion to Patroclus is an archetype rapport easy to find between many others characters as for example:  Damon and Pythias, Orestes and Pylades, Harmodius and Aristogeiton, couples of comrades facing together danger and death, willingly.

Oddly, Achilles who usually is insensitive high-and-mighty, became tender towards Patroclus only.

In 5th-century BC Athens, their relationship was commonly interpreted as pederastic as some modern authors believe. In fact,  Aeschylus, in his tragedy ‘The Myrmidons’, considers the relationship as a sexual one, then unusually assigning Achilles the role of erastes (or protector) and of eromenos to Patroclus. In Plato‘s Symposium, written around 385 BC, Achilles and Patroclus were viewed as lovers. When later Alexander the Great and his intimate friend Hephaestion passed through the city of Troy, Alexander honoured the sacred tomb of Achilles and Patroclus in front of the entire army, as a clear declaration of their own love. Besides, William Shakespeare‘s play ‘Troilus and Cressida’ depicts them as lovers.

Patroclus death


Different contemporary readers interpret the two heroes either as relatives or close friends, as “war buddies”, as being in a teacher/student relationship, or in love with each other as an egalitarian homosexual couple.

Anyhow, because this deep relationship, Patroclus death becomes the main reason why Achilles returned to fight even if – as gods had informed him – that cost him own life.


Back to their youth, here’s now my ‘erotic fancy scenario’.

Coming back from the forest, Achilles found Patroclus waiting for him while walking around.

achilles & patroclus“Hey, welcome! Do you need something, perhaps?”, the man said.

“Really tired now but you are so tender as usually.  If you want, could massage my shoulders, just so numbed.”

Patroclus approached him while the boy laid down the sword and took off his chlamys, then knelling down Patroclus put away his greaves too.

“My dear, relax here on the grass so I can entertain you.”

Achilles laid down with the man sat close to his naked body trying to massage his hairless chest.

After some minute a hand of Achilles seized the man’s head driving it towards his crotch. achilles & patroclus

Without other words Patroclus understood what he had to do and his lips soon mouthed the flabby cock hanging on the turgid sack.

The sturdy man started a hot blowjob while the cock got bigger in a while. Achilles stretched the arms on the grass giving a deep sigh. 

Now, both relaxed and with a so erect and stiff penis in his hands, Patroclus could do his best, licking around, sucking deeply glans and balls and swallowing the trunk. A so wonderful blowjob that brought the young to cum soon and copiously in his friend’s mouth.

Excited, the man squeezed the penis more times till to get the last drop of sperm, then leaning the head on the friend’s pubis.

After some minutes Achilles stood up and before dressing, embraced Patroclus then giving him a warm French kiss.




Published June 30, 2011 by Tony

An old Neapolitan Love Story

An ancient letter of the Sicilian humanist Giovanni Aurispa, written in the Anno Domini 1425, let us know a tragic love story between an aristocratic Neapolitan woman and a young Venetian.

Ludovicum Dandali, called Alvise, was a  young rich and noble Venetian, erudite and with great-heartedness. At 21 years old he thought to know new countries and decided to visit the city of Naples, a sea country similar to his, famous for its amenity and with many noble families. On that time, in Naples there were five important aristocratic lineages and among them just the Capece one of whom Caterina (called with the diminutive Tirina or Tirinella as term of endearment), a beautiful and graceful girl, made part. At the age of 15 years she was betrothed to the knight Pietro, a man of 50 years old with already four sons. Six years later Alvise moved to Naples just near the Capece building and as soon as he met Tirina, fell head over her at the first sight, concealing for prudence his feeling. But, when she realized that love, reckoned to share it. With the help of her housekeeper, between the two started a love correspondence and a day, while the old husband was far from the city – as often it happened – they met, having sex.

From that moment on, they met every day and more, always in hided way, giving vent to their carnal instincts. For three years long they succeeded in achieving their relationship which, albeit difficulty and danger, seemed to be not enough. But, it’s well-known that nothing can be hided for long as no caution is able to command a deep love, so in the time some rumours began to circulate around.

A winter night,  Alvise as usually was going to her home but, because the rain, Tirina stepsons had covered in the big sitting-room where all together with Tirina were reading some tale. The housekeeper approached her murmuring that her lover was arrived; she whispered to let him pass across the near sitting-room and take him upstairs in her bedroom. She even opened wide a book putting her body in front of the boys just to block their view but, even so, one of them, in the dark, saw a figure crossing the other room. Pretending to have a sudden headache she took leave of them going in her bedroom. There, she found Alvise waiting for her already naked in the bed, and nothing could keep them to have another intercourse. Possibly, she just was his first love and lover while she at the height of her full sexual power and such a passion inevitable. In the meanwhile, the stepson was narrating to his brothers what he had seen and the rumours, together the pretext of the headache, brought them to think that probaby the adultery was true. Therefore, resolutely called other relatives asking to block any way out, then armed they all went upstairs. Knocking at the door asked Tirina to open. Still in the lover arms, she answered that was having a rest, asking them to go away, but they knocked again insisting on opening the door. Annoyed Tirina repeated to go away. In the meanwhile the Venetian got dressed taking a sword and a shield from an old armour in the room with Tirina saying to escape because she then would have tried to mend the occurrence. Using an axe the four guys broke the door coming in and the first to face them was Tirina who inexorably was the first to be stabbed too. The cute lover got the same fate and both the corps then, were thrown away in a puddle in the street. On that time, this just was the stickly end for the adulterers.

No other document narrate this tragic event and oddly, even the name of Caterina is not found among her dad Marino Capece family tree.