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George Clooney’s marriage

Published October 2, 2014 by Tony

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin: a fairytale wedding

Three days of celebration, several changes of clothes, star chefs, historic locations and hundreds of guests. All this magnificence has its cost, and the account that bride & groom paid is rather pricey. Only a royal wedding can outclass to luxury and sumptuousness it. The total cost of this romantic weekend is nearly 13 million dollars (just over € 10 million.) The premise that it was something great came up when the pretty UN’s representative received a beautiful lonely seven carat worth about 600,000 euro, and that the wedding would have took place in Venice.
Mrs. Clooney has worn in order: a 50s style striped dress by Dolce & Gabbana for her arrival in the lagoon, a long asymmetrical bright red dress by Alexander McQueen, and a clutch by Oscar de la Renta for the bachelorette party. A wedding dress in American style by Oscar de la Renta, and after the wedding,  a balloon skirt in a macramé by Giambattista Valli. Finally, women can’t forget the cream pantsuit by Stella McCartney for the civil wedding in the municipal office.
After her arriving in Venice, the lawyer of Lebanese origin has nearly stole the show to her future husband, embodying the myth of Mrs. Kennedy. If in the previous hours she had been spotted at the airport in Milan with a sporty outfit, with jeans and sneakers, after the arrival in the lagoon she has unlined all her charm with a look from the fifties: a lounguette dress white-blacks inlaid, blacks big glasses like her long flowing hair, and court pointy shoes.
After many false leads and rumors circulated on purpose to confuse the curious, after arriving in Venice George and his girlfriend have materialized in Tronchetto, the car terminal, preceded by a van that unloaded the couple’s bulky baggage, including a trunk by Giorgio Armani containing the dress that the groom had to wear on Monday morning for the civil marriage. Nothing was left to chance, including the name of the gondola-taxi number 256, with the auspicious name “Love”, driven by the loyal Sandro Greco, the man-shadow to each Clooney Venice Film Festival partecipation.
Amal like Cinderella, when getting off of the taxi ‘Love’ to go to the hotel Cipriani, she held in the hand one of her shoes with the big stiletto heel.
Stumbling upon a typical star’s affectation, Clooney took exception to the bedroom’s furniture in the luxurious Aman Grand Canal Hotel, where the couple had to stay, asking to change it.
To manage the wedding of the year, the City even issued an order to prohibit the passage of persons and boats, by land and water, in front of the municipal building that housed the ironclad celebration. And that’s not all! Until Thursday, outside the building next to the hotel, there were some scaffolding installed for the restoration. To have a better sight of the Grand Canal, Clooney decided to shell out a substantial amount to disassemble it in a jiffy. Also, restyling maneuvers for the city, that for the occasion has been dressed up by authorities, without leaving even a gondola out of place.
A weekend in Venice has been enough for Mr. Clooney to infringe upon his past lived as much as possible away from gossip.
About sixty guests arrived at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice, the day before the wedding, for a pre-wedding dinner party. The day after, the wedding banquet at Aman Grand Canal Hotel, a seven-star where a room’s price ranges from one thousand to 3000 euro per night.
George Clooney and his wife chose the singer Andrea Bocelli to spread music in such a magical day.  Amal’s bridesmaid has been her sister, while George chose the dear friend Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s husband.
To understand the extent to which George and Amal have refined palates, we gotta give a look at the banquet, that among other things included: lobster, lemon risotto and polenta with fried mushrooms. To accomplish this menu there was the chef of the famous Hotel Dolada to Plois, Riccardo De Pra. He has been supported by two teams of outside cooks, one in Pisa and the other in Paris.
In this riot of colors and flavors, a particular dessert could not miss , the favorite of the Hollywood star: the Pasticcciotto of Puglia. A typical Salento one made of sweet pastry, filled with custard and shaped as a mini plumcake.
Not being able to give up this delight, for the wedding George Clooney ordered 2000 of them directly from Otranto, the origin country of these sweet.
I wonder if, as some say, this marriage is only meant to support Cloney’s political activity.






Published March 18, 2013 by Tony


Cavani and wife in Naples

There would be a marital crisis behind the last poor performance of Edinson Cavani, player of Napoli football team.

The news, revived by SkySport24, is making the rounds on all the Gossip websites.
The Uruguayan had not scored for eight games and had recently explained that he missed his family, which is in Uruguay, where his second son Lucas lately was born. But according to some gossip, the reason for the crisis would be another.
The Napoli striker would indeed be in crisis with his wife, who meantime would have even filed for divorce.

At the base of the break, a young Neapolitan girl, for which the Matador would have “lost his head” for quite some time now. It is said that Cavani in recent times is assiduously dating a twenty-two Neapolitan student, the daughter of a restaurateur, just known in the room where the player often goes to eat pizza.
The two were pinched in romantic outputs and their love story would also have been discovered by his wife, Maria Soledad, when she was in Naples, before giving birth to the second child. For this reason, she would have gone away. Back in Uruguay, and after giving birth, she would be looking for a lawyer willing to divorce.
According to some, this would be the explanation of Edinson’s bad time, who fortunately, during yesterday’s match Napoli-Atalanta, has finally “broken the ice” and returned to score.