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Published February 22, 2014 by Tony

Il mare d’inverno”  (Winter sea)  is a song brought to success by Loredana Berte, an Italian singer. Song written by Enrico Ruggeri in 1983.

Like other Italian songs that I have proposed and tried to translate, this also seems to be a poem, a passage of a theatrical monologue. To make you better appreciate the Italian text, I add a video of the song. Hope you like it.

The winter sea is only a movie in black and white seen on TV
and inwards a few cloud from heaven is thrown down
wet sand, a letter that the wind is taking away
invisible points chased by dogs, tired parables of old seagulls
and I who am only here to look for a coffee
the winter sea is a concept that the thought doesn’t consider,
it’s not modern, something that nobody ever want
Hotels closed, posters advertising already faded,
vehicles draw furrows on roads where the summer rain does not fall
and I who can’t even talk to myself
Sea sea here is never anyone to drag me away
Sea sea here nobody ever comes to keep us company
Sea sea I can’t see you so because this wind also stirs me….
this wind also stirs me …

The cold will pass and the beach will slowly color itself
radio and newspapers and a banal music will spread
new adventures, lit nightclubs full of lies
but towards evening a strange concert and an umbrella that stays open
I dive puzzled at the moments we spent already
Sea sea here is never anyone to drag me away
Sea sea here nobody ever comes to keep us company
Sea sea I can’t see you so because this wind stirs me too …
Sea sea….


Published May 20, 2012 by Tony


by Domenico Modugno

After the lyrics of yesterday, I could not avoid to put this other song by Modugno, another poem that speaks of the same subject, and that could be a response to the insane act of the man with the tail. Therefore, a hymn to life and as always I’ve tried to translate literally it, whereas possible. The video, however, refers to a recent version arranged by the Italian group Negramaro, a rock band from Puglia that has a lot of success here in Italy. I hope you like it.


It’s true
believe me it happened
at night on a bridge
watching the dark water
with the damn desire
to  take a dip down.
someone behind me
maybe an angel
dressed as a passerby
took me away telling me so:
but as you do not realize
how much the world is
your pain even
will seem then
But look around you
what gifts they did you:
they have invented
the sea
You say, I have nothing
Nothing seems (to you) the sun
the fondness of a woman
who loves only you
The light of a morning
A friend’s hug
A child’s face

The night was over
and I still felt (it)
(the) Taste of life