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Published February 23, 2013 by Tony


In my previous post (TRIBES IN EXTINTCION n. 1), I wrote:

“All the ancient tribes still existing on earth are at risk of extinction, most in Africa, America, Asia and Australia,”

and I began mentioning some African tribes. Continuing and concluding the gallery of images I will now pass to the other main tribes, most of whom are in South America and New Guinea.



Amondawa_tribes Awa-guaja_tribes suruwaha indians 


Yanomami_tribes  Xngu tribes  West-PapuaWayapi_Rainforest  Warramunga Tribes  wamena tribes  tribe on Vanuatu's Banks Islands  Jarawa tribes    Papua tribes  Nuova Guinea tribes  Papua_new_tribe_Unda  papua tribes  Ongee tribe  kayapo_Brazil  kreen akrore brazil  korubohut tribes    Kalapalo Indians   jarawa tribes  new-guineans-of-bagasi-tribe- 

DANI tribes     Dani tribes of Indonesia's West Papua    dani_guinea     dani-tribes_papua 

australian aboriginal  ECUADOR  huaorani_ECUADORhuaoranis_Ecuador  asurini_xingu


Published February 20, 2013 by Tony

“Nackte Männer” in Art
“Naked Men” Exhibition

Leopold Museum

The more than 5,000 exhibits collected by Elisabeth and Rudolf Leopold (art collectors) over five decades were consolidated in 2001, with the assistance of the Republic of Austria and the National Bank of Austria, into the Leopold Museum Private Foundation, when the Museum opened.
Today, the Leopold Museum, housed in the Museumsquartier in Vienna, is home to one of the largest collections of modern Austrian art, featuring artists such as Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Richard Gerstl, and with the world’s largest Egon Schiele collection.

Since autumn of 2012, with the presentation “Nackte Männer” (“Naked Men”), a long overdue exhibition by the Austrian artist  Ilse Haider, the museum is exhibiting diverse and changing depictions of naked men from 1800 to the present.
Thanks to loans from all over Europe, this exhibition offers an unprecedented overview of the depiction of male nudes, starting with the period of Enlightenment in the 18th century. The presentation focuses mainly on the time around 1800, on tendencies of Salon Art, as well as on art around 1900 and after 1945. At the same time, the exhibition also displays important reference works from ancient Egypt, examples of Greek vase painting and works of the Renaissance. Spanning two centuries, the presentation shows different artistic approaches to the subject, competing ideas of the ideal male model as well as changes in the concept of beauty, body image and values. The exhibition brings together nearly 300 works by almost 100 artists from Europe and the USA.

Due to striking success, the exhibition, meant to close on 21st January, was extended through 24 March 2013 and the museum also invited several nudist associations to come and spend an evening undressed in the museum. Life imitating art! The 18 February was chosen for this atypical evening with aficionados of naturism, so no need to do it behind closed doors, at least!
Below some picture of the exposition, if you want see them.

Of course, such a show could not pass unnoticed by inevitable moralists on duty and prudish people.
The promotional poster, featuring a photo called ‘Vive La France’ by French artists Pierre & Gille, and depicting three naked players stood on a pitch under a shower of confetti, immediately was censored after a series of complaints. The organizers agreed to cover up their privates, but in the absence of other, I thought they would have the balls to stand their ground.
Days before its debut, the visual advertisement made by a 13-foot full-frontal photo sculpture of a reclining naked man (called Mr. Big, by  Ilse Haider),  part of the provocative campaign to tease the launch of the exhibition, also was criticized.

Nackte Männer
Although the exhibition has caused considerable local controversy, it should get a positive judgment since until today, exhibitions on the subject “nudity” have dealt primarily with images of female nudes, while male nude, unlike ancient times, still is viewed with suspicion and considered more obscene than the female. Female nudes that radically overpower their male counterparts in most museums. Recently, the so-called “weenie counts”, conducted around the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, found that only 15% of nude forms in the museum were male. What’s the deal?  An inexplicable human race’s contradiction, probably due to the evolution and civilization that anyhow makes no sense.

(Click on the image to magnify)

Anton Kolig (1886-1950)

Bruce Nauman, Untitled (Five Marching Men), (1985)

Elmgreen & Dragset, Shepherd Boy

François-Léon Benouville, Achills Zorn, (1847)

Robert Mapplethorpe


Wilhelm von Gloeden, Flute concert, 1905



Published February 12, 2013 by Tony


It was to be expected that pornography would invade the world of cartoons, with satire towards some famous characters. Since characters toons aren’t associated with any actor, cartoonists and illustrators feel even more free to create pervert scenes. From Mickey Mouse to Homer, the web is full of characters cartoon naked and very often engaged in hardcore scenes, sometimes through entire comic books series even.
To be targeted are obviously the more recent cartoons like Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama.
I realize that drawing Donald Duck naked while having sex with Daisy may seem irreverent and insane but, licentious representation or not, is funny for me, and I have found some for you.
Unless nudity and sex are still taboo and a shameful for you, these images will make you laugh and maybe excite too.

Please, note that these images are suitable for an adult audience.

[click to magnify]










Betty Boop


Betty Boop
Bugs Bunny


bugs bunny
Calvin & Hobbes


Calvin & Hobbes
Charlie Brown




Donald Duck




Futurama Futurama
Futurama Futurama
futurama futurama






family guy
griffin-family guy griffin
griffin Family guy




Looney tunes


mickey mouse


mickey mouse


pokemon pokemon


Popeye popeys
Richie Rich


Richie Rich


Scooby Doo






simpson simpson
simpson simpson
Simpson simpsons_fucking
simpsons simpsons
simpsons-porn simpson
the_simpsons_sex the-simpsons






south park
south-park-porn south park porn


Wile E. Coyote

Wile E. Coyote

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Winnie the Pooh


Winnie the Pooh
Dragon-Ball DRAGON BALL dragonball


Published January 28, 2013 by Tony


All the ancient tribes still existing on earth are at risk of extinction, most in Africa, America, Asia and Australia.
They are just a few of the more than 100 uncontacted tribes known to exist worldwide, and in spite of this they however are facing extinction, because governments, companies and others ignore their rights, and invade and destroy their land with impunity, while this already happened in the past to others known tribes. By far, another important reason is their lack of immunity to common Western diseases such as influenza, chicken pox, measles, and a host of respiratory diseases.
These tribes around the world choose to reject contact with outsiders. They are the most vulnerable peoples on the planet, as many of them are living on the run, fleeing invasions of their land by colonists, loggers, oil crews and cattle ranchers. They have often seen their friends and families die at the hands of outsiders, in unreported massacres or epidemics.
It’s my intent to say something about these tribes and starting from Africa, before arriving in Australia. My wish is to sensitize we all on this serious problem, there is little else to say and mine will simply be a photograph journey to show the pride of these people.
We are them, they are us. Where we see a native with a shirt on, it means that we, civilized people, have already contaminated and influenced in some way their culture. The missionaries, cross in hand, have already done a lot of damage in trying to convert tribal people. Anyone who approaches them should do it, if necessary, with the utmost humility, as mere external observers, integrating and respecting their way of being and living. These populations should not be influenced by our cultures and religions or, worse, destroyed:  it would be like denying and destroying our past, our history. They represent the nature and can’t do without it…as long as they will live, we also will exist.

Africa: seven local tribes are on the verge of extinction.

Bushmen – Botswana
Masai – Kenya
Mbororo – West Africa
Surma (Mursi, Bodi, Konso, Me’en) – Ethiopia
Nuba – Sudan
Ogiek – Kenya
Pygmies – Central Africa







Mursi, Bodi, Konso, Me’en










Published September 30, 2012 by Tony


Early in his career, the photographer Spencer Tunick has been more times warned,  initially when he still worked on a modest scale had repeatedly collisions with authorities and even had to spend some time in jail. Once he became famous for the authorities the nudity, strangely, has not become anymore a scandal and offense. Some cities are even happy and proud to accommodate one of his installations nowadays.
Do not believe it!
As if the law is not equal for everyone! This can only make me happy of course, but points out that our society and its rules are hypocritical and wrong.
Lately, the photographer was invited to create an art installation by the Bavarian State Opera to mark the opening of the 2012 Munich summer opera season. Over 1,700 nude men and women with their body painted in red and gold, created an interpretation of a scene from the Richard Wagner opera “Der Ring des Nibelungen” on June 23, in Max-Joseph Platz, Munich, outside the opera house.

[click on the image to enlarge it]



Published May 5, 2012 by Tony


Mud bath

A mud bath is a bath of mud (balneotherapy), commonly made in areas where there is (hot) spring water often combined with volcanic ash. Mud baths have existed for thousands of years, and can be found now in high-end spas in many countries of the world. Mud baths have been used since ancient times for therapeutic benefits, to treat health problems and to beautify the skin. It’s told that even Cleopatra enjoyed mud baths. Historically, the mud bath treatment has been used for centuries in Eastern and Western European spas as a way to relieve arthritis.There are two basic ways of taking a mud bath. The first is to take a deep body bath in warm diluted mud and the second is to apply a thick coat of mud to the body and leave it on until it dries. Both types are typically used in spas. In addition to their many other benefits, mud baths usually produce a feeling of deep relaxation that helps to reduce stress. And …. without mentioning the good satisfaction and the great feeling to mucking up own body by a sticky/pitchy stuff, setting free and stay dirty, as only kids know.
Mud baths come from many source and each type of mud has its own distinct benefits: lakes, saltwater sea (e.g. Dead Sea in Jordan and Israel), hot springs (e.g. Calistoga, Napa Valley, California), mud volcano (e.g. Pulau Tiga, Malaysia, spa around Vesuvius, Italy).
The mud is linked to some weird or unusual sports and events like:

Mud bowl championship in North Conway;

Mud Bowl   Mud Bowl

Mud Pit Belly Flop Contest, where people must  jump into a mud pond during the annual Summer Redneck Games in East Dublin.

Mud Pit Belly Flop
The Mud football contest runs in many countries (Australia, China, Scotland, England, Finland).

Mud Football
Maldon Mud Race in Essex,  originated in 1973, involves competitors racing around a course on the mudbanks of the river Blackwater at low tide. Another similar is the mud run hosted by the Greater Columbia Marine Foundation in North America.

Mud Maldon   Mud Maldon
Bloco de Lama in Brazil,  an unique party and cultural experience during Carnival Time, in Parati, Rio de Janeiro. Here people clad in swimwear and rags, slathered in mud, adorned with branches and bones and crying “ooga ooga ha ha”.

mud Bloco de Lama

Bloco da Lama carnival parade in Paraty near Rio de Janeiro

Mud -bloco_da_lama_
The Boryeong Mud Festival, an annual festival which takes place during the summer in Boryeong, in South Korea.

Mud festival
The Mud Day for kids in Detroit,  where hundreds of kids of all ages  got down and dirty in a giant puddle to celebrate the annual Mud Day event.  Kids will have a chance to get plenty dirty and everyone encourages it!

mud day detroit

mud day, detroit
Beside, the Mud Day in Michigan,  an annual ritual to wallow, slather and generally gad about in glorious mud. A lot of people (most kids) turn up the for the state annual mud day, where mud is king.

Annual Mud Day Michigan

Mud day in Westland

mud day michigan


Mud bath in PAKISTAN


Published May 3, 2012 by Tony


We cannot do without admire and appreciate the German government’s decision to legalize in their country, one of the world’s oldest trades: the prostitution. If nothing else, a first step towards an important human need which is the sexuality, by all underestimated and criminalized.
Unfortunately, hypocrisy and ignorance, often due to atavistic morality and dubious religions interpretations, has worldwide produced in years, a sex-phobic society, as well as unhappy people, with all the consequences then derived: clandestine prostitution, streetwalkers, crime, disease, sexual violence, pornography, frustration and lawlessness. Although the comparison may seem anachronistic and inappropriate, by prehistoric time till early middle-ages, sex has never produced so many distortions, deviations and diseases such as those occurred since governments and religions, to a greater or lesser degree, have regulated it by laws and prohibitions. Rules which vexed and limit harshly each sexuality. The same goes for other distortions such as the drugs use, and for some reason, in these cases, the data and statistics so obvious are useless and the situation of no interest, perhaps to avoid being considered as the “depraved” on duty! Too many hypocrisy as plenty of moralistic bigots around, but few politicians and rulers brave and objective.
The realistic and reasonable behavior of Germany brings money into FKK clubthe nation coffers, limits the spread of sexual diseases and crime linked to pimps or prostitution. It is no small thing! In fact, in 2002, was approved a bill, proposed by the German Green Party, which allowed prostitutes to obtain regular employment contract. The founding principle of the new rules is that prostitution should not be considered an immoral activity. So that prostitutes can work as regular employees with a contract of employment or as self-employed. Thus they pay income taxes and the levying of VAT, according to a charging scheme in which they must pay in advance a certain daily amount, which must be cashed by the brothels owners, which are considered registered enterprises that need no special permissions. In addition, federal law requires compulsory health checks.
This German model has found its ultimate expression with the establishment of luxury FKK, acronym that means “frei körper kultur” (free body culture), because these red light spas, as in ancient Roman thermae, are complete relaxation centres with swimming pools and Jacuzzis, cinema-halls, massage rooms, buffets, entertainment areas and bedrooms for those who need them. Some might compare these German ‘oases of sex’ to the simple “brothels” of old times, but they are much more, as organized by trade unions and protected by police as well as being real spas, complete with restaurant where, by an acceptable fee (which can vary from 10 to 70 €), you can stay as long as you want (night and day) and use the facilities and the buffet. FKKMany also have gardens with outdoor swimming pools,  hidden from prying eyes, of course. You can rest peacefully or move around naked and meet different girls in skimpy clothes or nude, with which you can pass the time chatting and if you want, then isolate with one of them in a bedroom for sex and paying directly to her the required fee, depending on the chosen performance. Typically there is a wide range of choice with girls of different ethnicities and look, whose charge is quite affordable (there is the basic rule to pay more or less 50 € for a ratio of half an hour, the contractual relationship, the classic “quickie”).
What more could you want?
A lot of RFF clubs or oasis have been opened with thousands tourists and managers coming from all over Europe (including Italy). In the broadest sense of the sex industry (prostitutes, escorts, call girls, call boys) in Germany work more than 400.000 people, a host that every day meets the needs of a number of customers that exceeds one million, with an estimated turnover of 15 billion euros a year.