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Published February 16, 2013 by Tony

Who do we vote?

Electoral symbols

Apart from the current “Festival of Italian Song”, which ends tonight, the Italian media will have a lot to do this month, with the upcoming political elections and the election of the new pope, Ratzinger’s successor.
On 24 and 25 February Italians are called to vote for the renewal of the House and Senate.
Thirteen months ago, after the previous government, with Berlusconi as prime minister, had been dissolved, the Professor Mario Monti was brought on as prime minister for an interim “technocratic” government. Monti had to guide and trying to save Italy from European debt crisis and then resign after that the 2013 Italian budget law had been approved.
Although Monti had said in the past that, not being a politician, would retire at the end of his mandate, then on the contrary, has created his own political party and now is a candidate for prime minister in this next election campaign. In fact, he presented the name of his new movement, “Scelta Civica“, with a logo that virtually is a blank space occupied by his last name written in large letters. His return to Palazzo Chigi is backed by the centrist coalition UDC (Unione Democratica di Centro, by premier candidate Pierferdinando Casini), by FLI (Futuro e Libertà, by Giancarlo Fini), from Pli (Partito Liberale Italiano, by Stefano de Luca) and by the political movement “ItaliaFutura” sponsored by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.
The same was the case with Berlusconi that, despite leader of his party (PdL, Popolo della Libertà), had decided not to run. Then about a month ago, to the astonishment of all, he announced his candidacy. To the uninitiated, this party can be considered a party of center-right. Some historian representatives of Berlusconi’s training (PdL) have come out of the shadows of the former Prime Minister, while leaning his race, as Giorgia Meloni and Ignazio La Russa, who founded the new party “Fratelli d’Italia“. Alongside Berlusconi, the “Grande Sud” by Gianfranco Micciche and with Marcello Dell’Utri, and the party “Alleanza di Centro” by Francesco Pionati, confirm their presence. And recent is the news that the party of right “LEGA NORD” led by Robero Maroni and Giulio Tremonti, despite his previous break with the PdL, has again close alliance with Berlusconi.

And as always, in the last days, the fear of not having enough votes and consents to get some seat in the House (by a minimum threshold of 8%), brings different (weird!) alliances between the various political parties. Weird alliances because among the various political leaders and their “electoral programs” there are well-known conflicts and disagreements. Everyone speaks evil of another, in an endless carousel, sometimes grotesque. Less than 10 days before the election and yet so much confusion, too much, certainly not as much as in the past and so close to the elections. A policy framework which seems chaotic and that confuses even more the electorate.
The first, in chronological order, to have confirmed his run to the premiership was Pier Luigi Bersani, secretary of the party PD (Partito Democratico). A party that could be politically in the center, and that has allied himself with the party “Sinistra Ecologia e Libertà” by Nichi Vendola (who had supported enthusiastically Bersani in the runoff election against Matteo Renzi), and with “PSI” (Partito Socialista italiano by Riccardo Nencini), and “Centro Democratico” (formerly API- Alleaza per l’Italia by Rutelli, and with some deserters of IDV, Partito dei Valori by Antonio Di Pietro).
Returning from exciting electoral results – like the victory in the municipal Parma or the good result to the Sicilian regional, the movement “Movement 5 Stelle” headed by ex-comedian Beppe Grillo, is hoping to get a lot of votes from distrustful and hesitant people, the protest votes.
The leader of the new critic party “Revoluzione Civile” by Antonio Ingroia, winks at Beppe Grillo and Bersani (Pd).

These are the main fronts, which likely will share almost all of the votes. Then there is an understory of parties and lists, and among these, the movement “FARE” led by economist Oscar Giannino, liberal area, but is adverse both to the Berlusconi’s team that to the government’s fiscal rigidity of Monti. Then, “Unione Popolare“, the movement that has stood for a few battles by referendum, with Maria Di Prato as a candidate for prime minister, who says available to dialogue with other forces, provided that they are alternative to  Monti’s policies.

What a mess!

People are hesitant, afraid to give still credit to politicians who led Italy to ruin, or to others that promise but which do not, to political figures of the last hour, unreliable or unprepared. By now, is a common thought that all politicians do this work not for love of country and its well-being, but for their own benefit, because a chair to the House or Senate is convenient to all. Discouragement is total, and we think of going “from bad to worse” or “falling from the frying pan into the fire”… we just have to say… “God help us.”


2012 Presidential Elections

Published January 23, 2012 by Tony

2012 US Presidential Elections

Being Italian I don’t know so much about the new president candidates but found very intriguing this web page:  “” where having a browse felt the urge to say that I just like no one of the current Republican candidates…  sorry but according to my liberal and anti-conventional mind nobody is so open-minded and neo-liberal to get my approval as like as Obama did two years ago. Obama for me has been the first president to have brought a wave of innovation with the bravery to do some important change so far away from the outdated and stagnant mind of most candidates.
Often it is much easier to have consensus promoting the usual hackneyed projects than advocating innovations that look into the future and to the actual democracy, in a world that by now has no borders and needs radical modifications even towards old law that are anachronistic and out-ran.

Think over it!