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Published February 27, 2013 by Tony


In addition to the recent results of voting and talk about governance, one of the maneuver, important and necessary, which the Italian government must do immediately is the new electoral law.
Before we talk about new elections, Italians  and politicians must realize that the cost of an election’s turn weighs a lot on the State balance sheets.
Just to do the math, consider that throughout Italy were set up 61,597 polling stations (including those prepared in hospitals or houses of detention) and that every seat needs tellers, secretaries and presidents (187 € for the president and 145 for others), apart from the necessary election material (like the ballots).  Beyond the salary for such staff, then we have to add what due to the police deployed for the security of every polling seat. Finally, we must add other expenses that are considered technics and that relate to the organization (such as the removal/installation of billboards, voting booths) or travel concessions towards some voters or to allow the vote to the expatriates.
Some people have done the math and the total would be approximately 389 million euro!
This expenditure is divided between several ministries even if the higher amount is disbursed by the Ministry of the Interior. Money coming from State intakes, and that of course, put even more in red the current balance sheet! Cost that weighs, in the end, on the shoulders of any taxpayer.
Therefore, the thought of having to return to vote is not reassuring for sure!