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Simon Beck

Published October 3, 2012 by Tony


Everyone knows the famous “crop circles” that some people think are of extraterrestrial origin. Not so, however, for those that have appeared in the Alps a few days ago. They are, in fact, extraordinary drawings made on snow and ice by the artist Simon Beck. And do you know how they are made?
To create them he utilizes only snowshoes (rackets) and his feet.
This strange hobby started after a foot injury, and the athlete Simon had to settle for walking only. Then, his passion for geometric patterns and mathematical did the rest. Snow-art requires precision and above all patience, with many hours of work (from 5 to 9 hours). But despite this, the works may be short-lived because just a snowfall, rain or the sun can ruin them.
Many are fascinated by Beck’s works, his page on facebook has thousands of fans and everyone is talking of the French Alps artist.


Published February 3, 2012 by Tony


I’m assuming that anyone who is following a blog like mine, about Italy and Naples in particular, likes to know also how Italians live and the things of every day even if trivial. In this perspective must be considered the latest articles of mine, including this one. A recent news that lately is filling the front pages of national newspapers is about the weather conditions that are creating problems in many Italian regions. 27 years since we had such low temperatures: the perturbation that is affecting Europe and Italy is not a normal wave of frost, say meteorologists. Everything is caused by the expansion of the Russia-Siberian anticyclone called Burian, while thermometer between Russia and Ukraine reached -25 °C.
Drop in temperature everywhere, with minimum values even below 10 °C and maximum between -3 and 2 °C. to the north and central zone of Italy, with strong winds above northern Adriatic and very rough seas. Until yesterday, the temperatures in the South had not fallen below zero at sea level, but today it is snowing in Rome. Surely, temperature will drop to the south in the coming days, while in Naples it’s raining right now. The coastal area that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, from Lazio to Calabria, is favored by a perturbation less cold coming from north-west and warmer air coming from Africa that colliding with the cyclone is causing more rain than bitter cold. For sure, we Southerners are not just used to the cold and do not know snow at all. I was a child the last time I saw a few inches of snow on the roads at my home, that melted in no time without even giving us time to play with. But, if it is now snowing in Lazio and Calabria then, who knows, maybe we could see the sky and roads in Naples become white for the snow again.