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Published February 22, 2014 by Tony

Il mare d’inverno”  (Winter sea)  is a song brought to success by Loredana Berte, an Italian singer. Song written by Enrico Ruggeri in 1983.

Like other Italian songs that I have proposed and tried to translate, this also seems to be a poem, a passage of a theatrical monologue. To make you better appreciate the Italian text, I add a video of the song. Hope you like it.

The winter sea is only a movie in black and white seen on TV
and inwards a few cloud from heaven is thrown down
wet sand, a letter that the wind is taking away
invisible points chased by dogs, tired parables of old seagulls
and I who am only here to look for a coffee
the winter sea is a concept that the thought doesn’t consider,
it’s not modern, something that nobody ever want
Hotels closed, posters advertising already faded,
vehicles draw furrows on roads where the summer rain does not fall
and I who can’t even talk to myself
Sea sea here is never anyone to drag me away
Sea sea here nobody ever comes to keep us company
Sea sea I can’t see you so because this wind also stirs me….
this wind also stirs me …

The cold will pass and the beach will slowly color itself
radio and newspapers and a banal music will spread
new adventures, lit nightclubs full of lies
but towards evening a strange concert and an umbrella that stays open
I dive puzzled at the moments we spent already
Sea sea here is never anyone to drag me away
Sea sea here nobody ever comes to keep us company
Sea sea I can’t see you so because this wind stirs me too …
Sea sea….


Published February 21, 2014 by Tony


New year, another Festival of Sanremo, what should be the festival of Italian song, and that has started this Wednesday.
This year very few novelties, the same presenters and in the same way: two songs proposed by each singer (big category), which are voted by the jury, and after a few seconds you already know which of the two songs continues the race. After them, some emerging singers sing on stage (new proposals category) , they sing one song only, and at the end of transmission, voting says those who must leave the race. The race lasts four days, interspersed with national and international guests.
As always, after the first installment, the audience share has fallen. And as always, each race starts a bit before nine in the evening and inevitably ends after midnight, and apart from the last installment on Saturday evening, not everyone can afford to stay in front of the TV until late at night, and for more than three hours. Each year, the usual criticisms, but nothing ever changes. Nothing against Fazio and Littizzetto, the present conductors, but the choice could involve other young artists who would give an edge to the event, that as usually sometimes become boring and repetitive. Again, only a few singers in vogue who participate. Luckily this year there are a couple of songs that, at least from the early plays, are pleasant to listen to and introduce some innovation.
At the beginning of the first installment, the scoop!
Two Neapolitans workers had climbed on scaffolding that holds the spotlight, and loudly called for the attention, threatening to throw themselves down. The company at which they work (a cooperative), is in crisis and are sixteen months all the workers have not been paid. In order for them to come down, to be taken away by security guards, Fazio has promised that he would read their letter on stage, letter in which the workers ask the help of politicians.

fabio fazio and luciana littizzetto


Giusy Ferreri
Raphel Gualazzi con i Bloody Beetroots
Cristiano De André
Frankie Hi-Nrg
Giuliano Palma
Francesco Renga
Francesco Sarcina
Renzo Rubino
Riccardo Sinigallia
Antonella Ruggiero

Veronica De Simone
Filippo Graziani
Rocco Hunt
The Niro

Letitia Casta, Yusuf, Cat Stevens, Claudio Baglioni, Raffaella Carrà, Renzo Arbore, Gino Paoli, Paolo Nutini, Franca Valeri, Enrico Brignano, Luca Parmitano, Damine Rice, Rufus Wainwright, Stromae, Luciano Ligabue.

laetitia casta

rufus wainwright

Damine Rice


Published February 13, 2013 by Tony


Fabio Fazio and Luciana Litizzetto

Also this year the “Sanremo Song Festival” got the start yesterday night, the famous Italian song festival which sees the competition among some acclaimed Italian singers (Big) together some new talents (Rookie).
Sanremo, the city of flowers, in the past years gave at the festival a lot of bouquets for the scene design, but this tradition has slowly weakened and now the stage is completely devoid of flowers.
Since the artistic direction of the program is entrusted to the conductor, each year there are changes and additions to the anchorman himself.
This year, the presenters of the festival are a couple who for years is presenting a famous cultural program on one of the national network, called “Che tempo fà“, Fabio Fazio and Luciana Litizzetto, who also is a comedian and a writer.
Many novelties this year, five instalments, and during the first one the Big have proposed two new songs and at the same time the verdict, resulting by spectators and a jury of quality’s votes, chose which of the two songs had to continue the race.Bar rafaeli
Seven singers in the first night and seven in the second, and also this year there are international guests such as the supermodel Bar Rafaeli, Asaf Avidan, Carla Bruni, Antony & The Johnsons, Andrea Bocelli and the dancer Lutz Foster, aside from some Italian celebrity.
In the third live-kermesse,  the 8 rookies will perform with an direct vote by public and jury that must choose songs that pass the turn.
The fourth night is dedicated to the history of the Festival of Sanremo during which each of the Big will sing an old song (out of race) that has made the history of these 63 years of the festival, and during the show also will be decreed, by 50% televoting and 50 % of the jury’s votes, the winner among the debuting singers still in the race.
The 14 Big will perform again Saturday night (February 16), the last show day, when the winning song for this 2013 edition of the Sanremo Festival will be chosen.


(Read here for the next post about SanRemo)


Published September 28, 2012 by Tony


This song compared to the previous proposed one, is a song by a songwriter who years ago dedicated it to his newborn son, and thus it’s the lyric that matters most here. Although, as it must be, the melody is very catchy. I submit it to you, through the following video and the usual my literal translation. The singer is Claudio Baglioni and the song titled “AVRAI” (You’ll have).

[or click here for another video]






Avrai sorrisi sul tuo viso come ad agosto grilli e stelle


You’ll have smiles on your face as crickets and stars in August

storie fotografate dentro un album rilegato in pelle

stories photographed in a album

bound in leather

tuoni di aerei supersonici che fanno alzar la testa


supersonic aircraft’s thunders that bring head raise

e il buio all’alba che si fa d’argento alla finestra


and darkness at dawn that becomes silver out the window

avrai un telefono vicino che vuol dire già aspettare


you’ll have a telephone near which means already wait

schiuma di cavalloni pazzi che s’inseguono nel mare


foam of crazy waves that chase themselves in the sea

e pantaloni bianchi da tirare fuori che è già estate


and white trousers to pull out  because already summertime

un treno per l’America senza fermate


a train to America with non-stop

avrai due lacrime più dolci da seccare


you’ll have two sweeter tears to dry

un sole che si uccide e pescatori di telline


a sun that we can kill and fishermen of clams

e neve di montagne e pioggia di colline


and mountain’s snow and hill’s rain

avrai un legnetto di cremino da succhiare

you will have a cream-stick to suck

avrai una donna acerba e un giovane dolore


you’ll have an unripe woman and a young pain

viali di foglie in fiamme ad incendiarti il cuore


avenues of leaves on fire to burn your heart

e avrai una sedia per posarti e

and you’ll have a chair to rest and

ore vuote come uova di cioccolato

hours empty as chocolate eggs

ed un amico che ti avrà deluso, tradito, ingannato

and a friend who will have disappointed, betrayed, deceived  you

avrai avrai avrai

you’ll have  you’ll have  you’ll have

il tuo tempo per andar lontano

your time to go far

camminerai dimenticando

you’ll walk, forgetting

ti fermerai sognando

and will stop, dreaming

e avrai avrai avrai

and you’ll have will have you will have

la stessa mia triste speranza

my same sad hope

e sentirai di non avere amato mai abbastanza

and you’ll feel not to have loved ever enough

se amore amore avrai

if love, love you’ll have

avrai parole nuove da cercare quando viene sera

you’ll have new words to search when evening comes

e cento ponti da passare e far suonare la ringhiera

and hundred bridges to cross and to sound the railing

la prima sigaretta che ti fuma in bocca un po’ di tosse

the first cigarette that smokes in your mouth a little cough

Natale di agrifoglio e candeline rosse

Christmas of holly and small red candles

avrai un lavoro da sudare

you’ll have a job to sweat

pattini fradici di brividi e rugiada

skates drenched in chills and dew

giochi elettronici e sassi per la strada

electronic games and stones on the road

avrai ricordi, ombrelli e chiavi da scordare

you’ll have memories, umbrellas and keys to forget

avrai carezze per parlare con i cani

you’ll have caresses to talk to the dogs

e sarà sempre di domenica domani

and it always will be on Sunday tomorrow

e avrai discorsi chiusi dentro, e

and you’ll have speeches closed inside ya

mani che frugano le tasche della vita

and hands searching in the pockets of life

ed una radio per sentire che la guerra è finita

and a radio to hear that the war is over

e avrai avrai avrai

and you’ll have will have you’ll have

il tuo tempo per andar lontano

your time to go far

camminerai dimenticando

you’ll walk, forgetting

ti fermerai sognando

and will stop, dreaming

avrai avrai avrai

you’ll have will have you will have

la stessa mia triste speranza

my same sad hope

e sentirai di non avere amato mai abbastanza

and you’ll feel not to have loved ever enough

se amore amore… amore avrai

if love, love… love you’ll have

…. amore avrai

 …. love will you have



Published September 27, 2012 by Tony


In a song, usually, what is most striking is its melody, beyond lyrics. This at least is what happens to me, especially for foreign songs where the meaning of the text is often not immediate or remains unknown. This also happens with Italian songs where the lyrics, although comprehensible or uninteresting, passes in second order for me. And this just is the case of this song I want to share with you. A song by a singer well known in Italy and named Gianna Nannini, while her song is titled “Meravigliosa Creatura” (Wonderful Creature). I like it, where it is the tonality and melody to give me feelings…. here is the translation and video.

[or here for another video]

Meravigliosa Creatura

Wonderful Creature


Molti mari e fiumi
dentro la tua terra
mi ritroverai.
Turbini e tempeste
io cavalcherò,
volerò tra i fulmini
per averti.
Meravigliosa creatura,
sei sola al mondo,
meravigliosa paura
di averti accanto,
occhi di sole
mi bruciano in mezzo al cuore
amo la vita… meravigliosa.
Luce dei miei occhi,
brilla su di me,
voglio mille lune
per accarezzarti.
Pendo dai tuoi sogni,
veglio su di te,
non svegliarti, non svegliarti ancora.

Meravigliosa creatura,
sei sola al mondo,
meravigliosa paura
di averti accanto.
Occhi di sole,
mi tremano le parole,
amo la vita… meravigliosa.

Meravigliosa creatura,
un bacio lento,
meravigliosa paura
di averti accanto.
tu scendi nel paradiso,
muoio d’amore…. meraviglioso


Many rivers and seas
I will cross,
in your land
you’ll find me again.
Whirlwinds and storms
I will ride,
I’ll fly between the lightning
to get you.
Wonderful creature,
you are alone in the world,
wonderful fear
to have you close,
eyes of sunshine
burn inside my heart
I love the life…wonderful.
Light of my eyes,
shines on me,
I want one thousand moons
to caress you.
I’m hanging from your dreams,
watch over you,
don’t wake up, don’t wake up yet.

Wonderful creature,
you are alone in the world,
wonderful fear
to have you close to me.
Eyes of the sun,
my words are trembling,
I love life… wonderful.

Wonderful creature,
a slow kiss,
wonderful fear
to have you close to me.
you come down in heaven.
I’m dying of love…. wonderful