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Poor consumerism

Published September 6, 2011 by Tony


Walking down the street an old lady sees a thread of string on the ground, bows down, picks it up and puts it in his pocket taking it away.
Scene of the past, times when a simple string
even could be useful, to tie an old cardboard suitcase, for example.
Today, those who need a piece of string buy an entire roll then leaving it who knows where, while the cardboard suitcases exist anymore, we buy a Samsonite trolley or the last publicized on TV, even if for a single trip.

Adaptation? Consumerism? Progress?

It possibly has been the new euro currency making worse the things and then the international crisis, but if we go back in time, the situation about economic difficulty begins with the massive advertising (TV?) and worsens with the loss of some value which over the years hit our society.
For values I also mean also the one about the little things, like the piece of string collected from the woman.
Although my relatives criticisms, I do not throw things away so easily, keep them and gather some good object if abandoned, even if I find a simple nail or an used flowerpot in the street.
My old grandmother said: “chi trova astipa” that in Neapolitan means “who finds must store” and we were a family that couldn’t be defined poor or needy. It was the life style to be different and beyond the value given to any goods, the shame, if presents, was not for those having worn clothes or no car.
Well…. A trouble shared is a trouble halved.. .. somebody could say!
Time ago on a sidewalk, next to garbage cans, I saw a large mirror thrown away because of no use evidently. It was a beautiful mirror in a eight-shaped figure and I don’t deny the instinctive urge to take it before some urchin broke it or the garbage collector took it away, but the shame was over, together the impossibility to carry such a burden alone. I only can imagine what the old woman could have said or any other person just living forty years ago, when things were not thrown away so easily after the use, especially if still good and usable, and there was a sort of family recycle. I think that if such a people could be here today, he/she will have the opportunity to live on a private income coming by all the things thrown away.
And thinking of…………. the one that is asking for a loan just to have a dishwasher at any cost or a newer plasma screen to show at the friends.

Adaptation? Consumerism? Progress?



Published January 17, 2011 by antveral

Naples and the Trash


Being an Italian citizen living in Naples I feel the duty to say something about the trash crisis becomes famous all over the world.

Undeniably, the city produces an above-average amount of waste and has a below-average disposal infrastructure for it in place but, in the time the involvement of organized crime got worse the situation. It is well-known that on the time many toxic wastes coming from other Italian regions and from other countries even, arrived in Campania and buried – who knows where – fraudulently. It’s long that most inhabitants are carrying off the waste separation but during the collection often the garbage again is messed up while Naples still remains a municipality where the trash-tax (for the collection) is very expensive and in the streets most of the big town-garbage-bins have been removed obliging people to store their own trash-bags on the sidewalks at the mercy of tramps, dogs, cats, pigeons and rats. Where I’m living, city officials informed inhabitants to put the solid-urban-wastes (not the compost-heap) in front of any building or dwellings for the collection…. well, if we are lucky the gathering happens once a week and so our sidewalk often is impassable. Undoubtedly, some people still are wild-and-woolly but, local police or traffic officers – whose duty isn’t only the traffic here – sometimes are around to put some fine for traffic violation only while county policemen run for some great wrong only. I think that it even could be a good idea to establish a local-crop at any street-corner again and this not for the uncivilized people only.

Well-being and destitution in a densely populated city together corruption, mismanagement, lack of landfill space and infrastructures give no possibility to deal with trash challenges in a short-term.

While the situation can be tolerable in the center or along the most important streets, in the narrow alleyways or in the suburbs it often becomes dramatic.

Lately the problem seems assuaged also if the collection isn’t yet regular and constant.

For who, as me love this city, it’s a blow. Naples is a wonderful city as its hinterland and eventually one of the most beautiful Italian city in the world. I think that even its climate is particular… the right one, not too hot and neither too cold, not too rain and no windstorm. At the big population density is associated the greatest concentration of archaeological and historic finds and monuments. Old and ancient cathedrals, churches, abbeys, basilicas, shrines apart landmarks, astounding panorama, a wondrous variegated coastline and a delicious diet.

Just a fly in the ointment! … or… we can’t have everything in life!

Europe has two capitals: Paris and Naples (Stendhal)

The most beautiful city of the world (Stendhal)

Naples is the musical capital of Europe, it means of worldwide. (Charles de Brosses)

Naples, a city where the “pleasure” is actively cultivated. (Henry James)

Nobody has ever been able to govern Naples. (Fernand Braudel)

See Naples and die (Goethe)

As a component of the cityscape, the soundscape of Naples closely interacts with its pronounced deathscape and bodyscape. Naples’ musical body-city is constantly courting death. (Henry James)

The true Naples, wonderful, picturesque, touching: is in the street. (Roger Peyrefit)

Lovers and hunters of the picturesque, let us not keep too studiously out of view, the miserable depravity, degradation and wretchedness, with which this gay Neapolitan life is inseparably associated!…. Painting and poetizing forever, if you will, the beauty of this most beautiful and lovely spot on the earth, let us, as our duty, try to associate a new picturesque with some faint recognition of man’s destiny and capabilities. (Charles Dickens)

Naples’ stomach….. is everywhere (Jean Paul Sartre)