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Published May 21, 2012 by Tony

Napoli Wins Italian Cup

Napoli team

Today “Il corriere dello sport“, the most important Italian sports newspaper, devoted its front page to the final championship of the “Italian Cup“, writing in large letters:



Great Napoli!

beat Serie A champion Juventus 2-0 yesterday night, inflicting the Bianconeri’s first defeat of the last months. It seemed impossible to beat Juventus this season also if all the Naples’ squad has done something extraordinary these past three years. Anyway, Edinson Cavani broke the deadlock with a penalty and then Marek Hamsik sealed the result with the second goal seven minutes from the end. Everyone talks about Cavani, Lavezzi and Hamsik, an exceptional group that Naples’s fans call “the three tenors”. Also if it’s almost certain to have been the last game for Lavezzi in the Napoli football team (perhaps will be the Paris Saint Germain to buy The tree tenorshim), and for this he probably has cried at the end of the game, near the cup. At the end of the game, at night, hundreds of thousands of people have took the street to celebrate the event, a flood of euphoric young people  went on a binge until dawn. Just arrived from Rome, the “blue football team” has risen on a open sightseeing bus and toured the city to greet the warm Neapolitans. The bus moved through the delirious crowd, while the players aboard showed excited the cup. They were 25 years that Napoli football team didn’t win this trophy, since the superstar Maradona time. The whole city has enjoyed because too many years that the team had not won a trophy; a team that for unknown reasons is always mistreated by other teams and sports critics (sometimes small teams from the South bother, evidently!), although in recent years it has proven to be a great team, as it even had defeated Chelsea in the knockout stage of the Champions League, which is now the European champion. Therefore, beyond the cup, there is the satisfaction and the revenge of an entire city and of many fans who, for better or for worse, they always follow their favorite team.

I rejoiced with them and now can only repeat GREAT NAPOLI!

America’s Cup World Series in Naples

Published April 15, 2012 by Tony

“Luna Rossa” wins America’s Cup in Naples

America's Cup in Naples

Because the bad weather yesterday the race was postponed, and today, Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 14.30, in the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Naples, the Luna Rossa team Piranha has emerged in the last race, the final one, with a time of 40 minutes and 24 seconds, getting the victory of the Neapolitan ACWS with a total of 92 points after seven races. The Artemis team wins the racing trophy match, while Oracle Racing Darren Bundock triumphs in the AC500 Speed Trial with a time of 47.56 seconds.
The Italian vessel helmed by Chris Draper, has taken the lead since the start of the race and hung in there until the end, resisting the return of Oracle Spithill that reached the second place. A very unexpected result, greeted by the applause of many spectators on the Naples waterfront despite the rain.
Our long promenade of Via Caracciolo, has enabled thousands of people to attend this extraordinary event.
America's cup in NaplesThe weather was unsure even today, with a inconstant little rain and a fickle wind that seemed mild at first, allowing a slow speed of 4-5 knots and obliging any AC45 to mount the wing extension, but then increasing suddenly and giving back 15-16 knots. Very difficult, therefore, to sail in these conditions that takes skill, training and experience to face them. This morning, however, Luna Rossa was defeated by the Swedish Artemis Racing team that won the trophy match race of the America’s Cup World Series of Naples.
The seventh and eighth round of the Fleet Racing Championship has been canceled and will not be played and, therefore, with the awards today ends this 34th America’s Cup World Series held in Naples.
Teams, greeted the warmly Neapolitan audience, that had gathered en masse today to experience the excitement of this last AC World Series, will have a few days of rest before beginning the preparation for the next portion of the circuit, planned in Venice next month. The 2011-2012 AC World Series edition will end, instead, in Newport, Rhode Island, July 1 next. Luna Rossa wins

This is the complete ranking:

Fleet Racing Championship – Final standings after seven races –
1. Luna Rossa – Piranha (Chris Draper), pt. 92
2. Oracle Racing – Spithill (James Spithill), pt. 77
3. Emirates Team New Zealand (Dean Barker), pt. 60
4. Energy Team (Yann Guichard), pt. 54
5. Team Korea (Nathan Outteridge), pt. 49
6. Artemis Racing (Terry Hutchinson), pt. 40
7. Luna Rossa – Swordfish (Paul Campbell-James), pt. 41
8. Oracle Racing – Bundock (Darren Bundock), pt. 37
9. China Team (Fred Le Peutrec), pt. 15

Match Racing Championship – Final standings –
SF1 – Artemis Racing beats Luna Rossa Swordfish
SF2 – Luna Rossa Piranha beats Oracle Racing Bundock
FINAL – Artemis Racing beats Luna Rossa Piranha

Champagne to celebrate!

Here for the video of this last race:



Published March 11, 2012 by Tony


This year, for the third edition of the show Italia’s Got Talents the winner has been Stefano Scarpa, a 21-years-old worker keen of gymnastic. His uncommon performance captured the audience from the first appearance on TV. It’s a pleasure to watch his performance, by a simple perch and his strength but with gracefulness and harmony.
A specialty called “acropole flag man“, where the body is governed by the mere force of arms, and  held in equilibrium by using the pole and making changes. His performance  is a real challenge to the force of gravity. “It’s a discipline – his trainer said – which came from the combination of multiple specialties, artistic gymnastics, floor exercise and martial arts. Just a mix of a series of complex acrobatic movements, a communion of many discipline’s elements  that need a long training”. Stefano says that thanks to the prize money (200.000 €) he will be able to pay the new car, make a trip and then get married.


another video here:


Published September 19, 2011 by Tony



Fans of Napoli can dream now, at the beginning of the championship, today September 18, 2011 few hours before the Feast of San Gennaro, Napoli overwhelms AC Milan and goes forward at full speed in the Premier league, even after got next to victory in the Champions League against Manchester city. There is the triplet of Cavani who doesn’t spare and flies quickly in the lead scorer’s list, with three goals in two matches; the intelligent and timely Inler’s plot; Maggio’s tirelessness lucidity. There is a great Gargano and a very versatile Zuniga through the consistency of the whole team that must and should improve further, especially if Lavezzi and Hamsik add other pearls to the necklace. Meanwhile, it is at the top in the division. Just six years that Napoli had not won against Milan (three defeats and three draws), and thus a deserved elation. I’ve never been a true fan, I never followed this sport assiduously but, I was born in Naples where living and working so, as issues of pride, I must side with my city team, for better or for worse. Rejoicing when we win and when, at least in the sport newspapers, Napoli appears on the frontpage and this time not for trash or for underworld, and if in an European or World level, such as the Champions League, then the joy becomes satisfaction and pride.
Pride about a city and people that always ill-treated, can at least find moments of joy and happiness they deserve.
Wrapped in a reality that often degrades and ranks as second-class citizens, being in the lead division and globally competitive, at least in sport, I believe and hope any Neapolitan appreciate and evaluate this importance.
Cheer!! Great Napoli! Go Napoli! …. .and compliments to the coach Mazzarri.