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Published March 18, 2013 by Tony


I love young people, and everything related to youth, but cannot stand some thoughtless behaviors that are common to many teenagers.
It is true that at that age they still are immature, rude and instinctive, but to change their “unreasonable” mindset would be sufficient only less lightness and foolishness in the judgment.
Here’s the issues that teenagers often are without regard:
a)     old age;
b)     appearance;
c)     foods
Three issues on which most teenagers are prejudiced and blinkered. 

a)     For them, “old age” is something ugly, disgusting even, and that often leads them to make unpleasant judgments towards aged people. Whether it’s physical or mental decay or rather the unhurried elderly’s behaving, youngsters do not look at us kindly and consider us too pedantic.
b)     Their parameters of evaluation about beauty may sometimes be obscure to us. Speaking about their friends they are too critical, often using words like “ugly”, “unwatchable”, “clumsy”, etc..
These summary judgments are annoying, regardless of whether the subject is really cute or ugly, especially if the opinion comes by someone who, in all sincerity, isn’t then so cute.
Judging on the basis of physical appearance only, even if only in jest, is the worst thing that a person, young or not, can do.
c)     When it comes to food, how many times have you heard the expression “it sucks!” or “how disgusting!” – said by a boy or a girl?
For teenagers there are no half measures, there is no “practical test”, means food is lousy though judged only by its appearance or by one ostracized ingredient.  “Try it!” at least, we say … but often to no avail….. and to think that in the world every day, people are dying of hunger

I have mulled only on these three topics, but the discussion would be much more complex because the base is a lack of “values” that for one reason or another has affected young people today. Needless to say, in the presence of such behavior, parents also should try to make them think in a different way.

As the wise Woody Allen said, it perhaps would be appropriate for everybody to live first the old age and then the youth. In this case, young people could understand and appreciate better the life, while seniors could accept better the old age!
Or, as stated by the famous and terrible Horace’s judgment: “We are worth less than our fathers, and our sons will be worth less than us.”


Boys Are Hitting Puberty Earlier

Published October 22, 2012 by Tony

Boys Developing at Younger Age

It is well known that in last decades girls mature at a younger age, while for boys we only had supposed such a thing.  [In girls, breast development is the first sign and  it starts at age 7-8  in about 10 percent of white girls, 23 percent of blacks and 15 percent of Hispanics, while the start of menstruating is around age 11- 12 on average].
Now, some recent studies reveal that it’s not just girls who are developing at younger ages but also boys are entering puberty earlier than past generations. And this is conflicting with what some doctors thought till now, since the food rich in estrogens -the main responsible for the early development in girls-  logically speaking had even to delay sexual maturation in boys. What a coincidence, in a prior post I just mentioned a similar evolutionary issue.
The new study has been conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) through data coming from 212 practitioners in 144 pediatric offices that in 41 states have recorded information on 4.131 boys age 6 to 16. Conventionally, doctors based their examinations on the so-called Tanner stages of development, used to measure how far along in puberty a young person is. This method checks the sexual development during puberty and divides it into five stages, depending on the size of the genitals (G1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and hairs (P1, 2, 3, 4, 5). [see below for the stages table]
Results say that on average genital changes in boys start around the age of 9-10, with evident pubic hair between age 10 and 11, testicle size increasing before age 10, and with a full sexual maturity at 14-15. The stage 3, meaning a sexual development with a penis growing and testicles already producing sperm, happens at age 12. Besides the study says that African-American boys develop earlier than their white and Hispanic peers.
An older study, from the  1950s through 1970s of white boys in England, found that boys started genital development at age 11-12 on average, with pubic hair development typically between 12 and 13 – about two years later than in the new study.
Of course, for now doctors have only theories to explain the reasons of this changing as it is still not clear why boys also are hitting puberty sooner.
Contemporary data on the ages of pubertal characteristics in American boys, from onset to maturity, were lacking until now.
Although these results can give happiness to young guys and be a source of pride, another study by Cornell’s College of Human Ecology noticed that boys reaching sexual maturity more rapidly can go towards psychological problems, as getting along with others their age and having a higher risk for depression. Besides, when the release of the hormone testosterone reaches its maximum, boys can assume particularly risky behavior, as shows of strength, negligence or high propensity to violence, acts that lead to an increased number of serious accidents.
Regardless if such early development is good or not, parents should pay attention to their kids’ development, because in these cases evidently become important having a diverse chat with them and start talking earlier about sexuality and sex activity. Consequently, the sexual development takes boys to a greater need for masturbation or for sex with peers. Probably, this just is another reason why nowadays cases of pregnant teenagers girls have increased or because porno users age is lower. Thus, our society needs to take note and adapt to this, beyond medical or psychological dissertations, whereas it is impossible to deny or prohibit sexual activity to a girl or a boy of 14 years whose sexually already gets the same need of a  more mature person. But according to the hypocrisy, moralism and puritanism of our society, these legal and mental changes will not be easy to achieve.

Sexual organs are staged as follows:
Stage 1: The testes, scrotum, and penis are about the same size and proportion as in early childhood.
Stage 2: The scrotum and testes enlarge and the scrotal sac reddens and changes in texture. There is little to no enlargement of the penis.
Stage 3: There is further growth of the testes and scrotum and the penis begins to enlarge, mainly in length.
Stage 4: The testes and scrotum continue to enlarge and the scrotal skin continues to darken. The penis continues to grow in breadth and length with development of the glans.
Stage 5: The genitalia are of adult size and shape. No further enlargement takes place.

Pubic hair is staged as follows: 
Stage 1: The vellus of the pubis resembles that over the abdomen.
Stage 2: Sparse growth of long, slightly pigmented, downy hair, straight or only slightly curled, appears chiefly at the base of the penis.
Stage 3: The hair is considerably darker, courser, and more curled. It spreads sparsely over the junction of the pubis.
Stage 4: The hair is now adult-like but the area covered is still considerably smaller than in most adults. There is no spread to the medial surface of the thighs.
Stage 5: The hair is adult in quantity and type, distributed in the “male” pattern of an inverse triangle, and may spread to the medial surface of the thighs.



Published October 17, 2012 by Tony


It is well-known that everywhere the first sexual intercourse occurs nowadays during adolescence, a time when many teenagers know little about sex and, apart from this, they have it because feel attracted by the partner or because they just want to try this experience.
Unfortunately, young people who have received a sex education at school or from their parents, before they first intercourse, are still a few. Today, the majority of young people gain knowledge of the basic sex concepts only through friends or internet, also if it often is uncomplete and unsatisfactory.
Young people do not like to read much, as they prefer a simple crosstalk while it is needless to dwell on scientific and moral speeches. In this context, for the young girls who are reading me now, I briefly will tell them that:

1 – Can I have sex with him?
If in doubt, ask yourself this question: is he the right guy with whom it is worth to take this step? Whatever happens in the future, will I remember him with affection and sympathy, glad to have given him my virginity?
2 – Must he use a condom?
Even if it is the first sexual intercourse for both of you, and thus it’s supposed that both have no sexually transmitted diseases, do not forget that it only needs one coitus to get pregnant.
3 – Ok but what if he ejaculates outside?
No, who does tell you that he will be able to pull out his penis before a drop of sperm has already come out? Besides, know that during intercourse a few drops of sperm (often called precum) can already be discharged. He can avoid condoms when you will use the pill, provided you have the certainty (which is impossible) that he is not having intercourse with other people, including occasional ones, and therefore might be a carrier of a disease. For these reasons, it is always opportune and wise to use condoms. If he carelessly has ejaculated inside you, there’s nothing to do, also if you can use the morning-after-pill and hope…..
4 – Is there a risk of getting pregnant through anal/oral intercourse or  if his sperm falls on my body?
No, from this point of view the sperm becomes dangerous if released into the vagina or even around the labia majora.
5 – Is the loss of virginity painful?
No, although depending on the consistency of your hymen, there may be more or less bleeding. If anything, pain or discomfort that you may experience  is due to the dryness of your vagina, also depending on the size of his penis. In any case, it is advisable to always use a lubricant (vaseline for example ). If the intercourse is too painful for you, tell him to stop, while if you feel no pleasure, have the courage to stop and excit yourself through the manipulation of the clitoris (fingering).

Sex is and should be a time of high pleasure and fulfillment, it must be so for everyone even if the first time. Therefore better to give up if this is not happening.