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Published November 8, 2014 by Tony


Sexual Freedom


Reading a few articles around, I noticed that some psychologist or educator is concerned about the “new” sexual orientation of some today’s youth.
Beyond the tendencies poles apart (heterosexuality and homosexuality,) in the middle there are others that are often defined by the term Pansexuality.
Omnisexuality or pansexuality is sexual attraction, sexual desire, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward people of any sex or gender identity. Young people who self-identify as pansexual assert that gender and sex are insignificant or irrelevant in determining whether they will be sexually attracted to others.
For many, this “post-gay” trend is related to the use-abuse of stimulants and antidepressants, a sexual utopia that would hide the discomfort of the “Cuddle Puddle’s proponents.” Insecure teens or heavily marked by the failure of other relationships…. maybe!

For some “pundits” of these days the search for identity begins  among school’s desks, where our teenagers, between a class and another, engage in sexual relations with peers – and this would seem fine to them – and according to their opinion, the trouble would start when teenagers do not make any difference in dealing with male or female.  What? Why?
Perhaps in some cases it is a challenge in themselves, but as always we cannot be so generalist.
Honestly, I cannot understand why, like many other things, sexuality has to be identified, labelled, categorized, and criticized unless it complies with what society presumes must be its “appropriate” course.
Who of us established or decides what is the correct sexuality for human beings?
Unluckily, whatever is human is uncertain and not absolute, including some rules. For certain complicated things, like sexuality, who are we to judge and criticize?
Like other mental affairs, sexuality is a very complicated issue that can’t be governed, beyond not being in some cases a choice.

Pansexuality rejects the gender binary, the “notion of two genders and indeed of specific sexual orientations”, as pansexual people are open to relationships with people who do not identify as strictly men or women. We can assume that it is an evolution of bisexuality prevalent among young people in the late 60’s and that until recently was considered cutting-edge and quite common among aristocrats.
Camille Paglia promoted bisexuality as an ideal. Harvard Shakespeare professor Marjorie Garber made an academic case for bisexuality with her 1995 book “Vice Versa: Bisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life,” arguing that most people would be bisexual if not for repression and other factors such as lack of sexual opportunity. In “Scientific American Mind”, scientist Emily V. Driscoll stated that homosexual and bisexual behavior is quite common in several species and that it fosters bonding: “The more homosexuality, the more peaceful the species”. The article also stated: “Unlike most humans, however, individual animals generally cannot be classified as gay or straight: an animal that engages in a same-sex flirtation or partnership does not necessarily shun heterosexual encounters. Rather, many species seem to have ingrained homosexual tendencies that are a regular part of their society. That is, there are probably no strictly gay critters, just bisexual ones. Animals don’t do sexual identity. They just do sex:  a normal thing.
Well, apart from this scientific considerations or studies, shouldn’t  the equal rights and freedom involve our sexual tendencies too?!

New frontiers of cosmetic surgery

Published March 26, 2013 by Tony

Youth & Wellbeing have no limit

New fashions and the desire to have a body always youth and perfect has led people to resort more and more to cosmetic or plastic surgery. Obviously, between mammoplasty, facelifts and liposuction, women are the ones who undergo more to surgical procedures and, oddly enough, in recent years have increased also the demands for corrective actions towards the “private parts”.
Compared to 2011, in 2012 there was a 24% increase of the operations to the sexual organs, despite the high costs and risks deriving from such surgeries.
The most common (female) surgical procedures are:

Labioplasty – the reduction of small or big labia that is done for purely aesthetic reasons, in the name of the much-vaunted eternal youth.

Vaginoplasty – An intervention intended to tighten the vagina. It is used especially after childbirth, as a definitive act to treat the symptoms related to the relaxation of the perineal and vaginal canal, to improve its function and sexual activity, but also to give to the partner the feeling of having to deal with a teen-aged vagina.

Vulvar Rejuvenation – The objective of this surgery is to improve the external genitalia appearance. By injection of hyaluronic acid or fat in order to give a certain tone to the vulva. The “rejuvenation” can also interest mound and labia.

Hymenoplasty – Although the reconstruction of the hymen is required by women whose culture imposes the virginity for social or religious reasons, some women make recourse to this kind of surgery for pure ambition.

labiaplasty  vaginoplasty  labioplasty

For men,
instead, operations are primarily aimed at the enlargement or augmentation surgery (phalloplasty) of penis, which increase the length or width of the penis.

penis enlargement  girth enlargement  length and width enlargement



Published March 18, 2013 by Tony


I love young people, and everything related to youth, but cannot stand some thoughtless behaviors that are common to many teenagers.
It is true that at that age they still are immature, rude and instinctive, but to change their “unreasonable” mindset would be sufficient only less lightness and foolishness in the judgment.
Here’s the issues that teenagers often are without regard:
a)     old age;
b)     appearance;
c)     foods
Three issues on which most teenagers are prejudiced and blinkered. 

a)     For them, “old age” is something ugly, disgusting even, and that often leads them to make unpleasant judgments towards aged people. Whether it’s physical or mental decay or rather the unhurried elderly’s behaving, youngsters do not look at us kindly and consider us too pedantic.
b)     Their parameters of evaluation about beauty may sometimes be obscure to us. Speaking about their friends they are too critical, often using words like “ugly”, “unwatchable”, “clumsy”, etc..
These summary judgments are annoying, regardless of whether the subject is really cute or ugly, especially if the opinion comes by someone who, in all sincerity, isn’t then so cute.
Judging on the basis of physical appearance only, even if only in jest, is the worst thing that a person, young or not, can do.
c)     When it comes to food, how many times have you heard the expression “it sucks!” or “how disgusting!” – said by a boy or a girl?
For teenagers there are no half measures, there is no “practical test”, means food is lousy though judged only by its appearance or by one ostracized ingredient.  “Try it!” at least, we say … but often to no avail….. and to think that in the world every day, people are dying of hunger

I have mulled only on these three topics, but the discussion would be much more complex because the base is a lack of “values” that for one reason or another has affected young people today. Needless to say, in the presence of such behavior, parents also should try to make them think in a different way.

As the wise Woody Allen said, it perhaps would be appropriate for everybody to live first the old age and then the youth. In this case, young people could understand and appreciate better the life, while seniors could accept better the old age!
Or, as stated by the famous and terrible Horace’s judgment: “We are worth less than our fathers, and our sons will be worth less than us.”



Published August 31, 2012 by Tony


It’s a matter of fact, thanks to scientific and technological innovations today we are living more and better.
But these changes have helped over the years also some genetic mutation, for example just think of the stature, with the new generations taller than their ancestors, or to the reduction of the fertility, because evolutionarily not the same need to reproduce ourselves as in the past.
But looking more closely to the evolution of the species, I have noticed, as many  experts also say, that with the longer expectation of life and from age to age, it also have been acquired  a lengthening of the time necessary for children to become “mature” or adults.
From long in many countries, the eighteen years of age represent the achievement of legal age, the coming of age linked with maturity, and this should suppose an eventual physic and mental maturity.
In the past, before age 18, a teenager was already considered an adult man, as evidently he  already showed a physical and mental adulthood. Once, for a young man twenty years old, it was normal to be married, having children and already with a professional activity, beyond the need to cut definitively the “umbilical cord”, which kept him still tied to the family.
Today, instead, it’s not unusual for men older than 20 years still act and look like teenagers!
I would venture to say that the 18-years-old of sixty years ago can be compared roughly with the 25-years-old of today, about the look or the manhood, at least.
An evolutionary gap of 6-7 years or the price to pay for a greater longevity?

Formal portrait of a 15 year old New York City boy in 1898 Portrait of a 15 year old boy in early 1900
0000271726-030 John Wayne at 30 years, with Marlene Dietrich
Handsome-Zac-Efron at 25 yo Zac Efron at 25 years
472px-Justin_Bieber_at_Easter_Egg_roll_-_crop Justin Bieber, 18 years old
early_years_0009!BoPO-Ug!2k~$(KGrHqMH-EUEuYESHe3RBLmtyp06 Q~~_3 George Clooney in his 20 










A very young couple with children in early sixties


Published February 11, 2012 by Tony


Started in Madrid about a year ago with the “movement of indignados”, the juvenile mobilization that occupied for months Puerta del Sol, then spread throughout north central Europe and even United States, asking for “respect for the majority of ordinary people that are crushed by privileges and bad choices made by a handful of privileged lobby who hold the reins of political and economic system in the world“.
On 9 November, fifty young – then step by step  growing in number – left Nice to go in Greece passing from Italy, the two countries most severely affected by the financial tsunami. The march, which began last November, should end in May. Last week they pitched their tents in Rome and are now in Naples. As usual, they will devote themselves to explain and try to share with as many people as possible their political dream, with meetings, sit-in and press conference on many issues. Previously, to participate in the worldwide event “Occupy the world“, many Italian cities and many places around the world had been occupied by local indignados people, protesting “against the dictatorship of the banks and financial speculation that use global crisis to attack and dismantle public services, welfare, education, at the expense of human rights and take possession of commons goods”. Italians indignados met  on the web and  their manifesto reported the slogan:” Do not bring flags and party or union symbols, but only the Italian flag and the constitution. Do not act in a violent way”.
In Naples, the marchers are now camped in Piazza del Gesù, someone walks barefoot and I regret that during this period, weather conditions have not been very lenient.
Come on guys! If I were 30 years younger, I’d be for sure at your side!




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