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Published March 18, 2013 by Tony


italia's got talent

Also this year the Italian version of “Talent show” is over. As you know, this TV show’s format is similar to “American Idol”, born years ago in England, and based on the discovery of new talent, in any discipline.
In this fourth edition of Italy’s Got Talent, started on January 12, last Saturday during the finals, the sixteen finalists have competed to let viewers choose the winner.
As in the past, the three judges have been Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti and Rudy Zerbi and the presenters Simon Annicchiarico and Belén Rodríguez (who participated despite being pregnant).
Among them were some who really deserved to win and I want to mention:

Walter Orfei Malachikhine, a sixteen year old boy belonging to the homonymous circus family, which struck the judges with his acrobatic numbers.

Sara Venerucci and Danilo Decembrini, a pair of artistic skaters, three-time world champions.

Sara Venerucci and Danilo Decembrini
Daniele and Alessandro Suez, twelve and fifteen years, two brothers acrobAdomako Danielatic dancers who have conquered all with their skill.

daniele alessandro suez
Ripalta Bufo, a good 22-year old soprano from Puglia who has performed a difficult song from “La Traviata”.

Ripalta Bufo
Brothers Lo Tumulo (Daniele Sportelli and Elio Angelini), a comedy duo who made us laugh through a macabre comic sense, parodying and joking about death.

Lo Tumulo
The duo Los Hermanos Macana, consisting of two twin brothers (Enrique e Guillermo De Fazi) from Argentina, talented dancers of a “passionate” tango.

Los Hermanos Macana
Anyway, at televoting among the finalists Adomako Daniel has triumphed, a 21 year old native of Ghana, who has competed in a lyrical piece, a version of “At Last” by Etta James, giving a display of all the nuances of his particular voice.  He is assigned the expected prize of € 100,000. Daniel had already tried his luck at the X-Factor show, a few years ago, but was rejected.

An important victory for the 21 year old guy from Brescia, who has always had to struggle, even with his father, to show his talent and desire to succeed. He impressed the audience by his celestial voice but by humility and kindness arising from a slight effeminacy.

Adomako Daniel



Published February 18, 2013 by Tony

(Read here for the prior post about SanRemo)

The Italian Song Festival 2013 has ended. On Saturday night, the sum of the data from the tele-voting and jury of quality, has determined the winner among the 14 singers BIG in race. Here are the final standings:

1) Marco Mengoni

The Winner with the song “L’Essenziale”

2) Elio e le storie tese

3) Modà

4) Malika Ayane

5) Raphael Gualazzi

6) Daniele Silvestri

7) Max Gazzè

8) Chiara

9) Annalisa

10) Maria Nazionale

11) Simone Cristicchi

12) Marta sui tubi

13) Simona Molinari /Peter Cincotti

14) Almamegretta

Interestingly, two of the singers in the competition (M. Nazionale and Almamegretta) are Neapolitans. Friday night, instead, had already taken the award ceremony of the new proposals (rookie), with the following ranking:

1) Antonio Maggio

The Winner with the song “Mi servirebbe sapere”

2) Ilaria Porceddu
3) Renzo Rubino
4) Blastema
5) Andrea Nardinocchi
6) Paolo Simoni
7) Il Cile
8) Irene Ghiotto

Antony and the Johnsons / Birdy

Bocelli with the son / Asaf Avidan

Presenters with Carla Bruni

Bar Rafeli performs as a drummer

Litizzetto’s look

The model Bianca Balti and Fazio

For those interested, here is the translation of the winning song’s lyrics.

the heroes say
“when the going gets tough,
it is to play!”
Blessed are they then
if exchange insults with the good.
It happens to us
to make the war and then aspire to
and in my silence
delete each your single pain.
To appreciate what
I could not choose.

As the world falls apart
I compose new spaces
and wishes that
belong to you
that always are to me
the essential.

I will not accept
another error of assessment,
love is able to
hide behind lovely words
that I have spoken before
they were empty and stupid.

As the world falls apart
I compose new spaces
and desires that
belong to you.
As the world falls apart
I walk away from the excesses
and bad habits,
I will go back to the origin,
I get that you are to me
the essentia

Love does not follow the logic
Takes your breath away and thirst.

As the world falls apart
I compose new spaces
and desires that
belong to you.
As the world falls apart
I walk away from the excesses
and bad habits,
I will go back to the origin,
I get that you are to me
the essential.


Published November 10, 2012 by Tony

I’m really happy that Obama won the election again

Congratulations to you and please go on to pursue your ideas and projects to heal the country’s economy and for equal rights, do not worry about criticism and opponents who only care about their interests. However it will go, you’re writing the history of America and maybe, unluckily,  you’ll be appreciated more in the distant future, as it has happened to many famous historical figures.
Good luck.


Published September 11, 2012 by Tony


A catwalk long 73 years, on which over the years have paraded thousands of girls, all determined to fulfill a dream: becoming Miss Italy, the beauty queen.
The competition  that was founded in 1939, before the war, gave up to now 73 years of emotions to thousands girls who dreamed of becoming the “little queen” of Italy. On that catwalk have marched women who later became movie stars such as Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Silvana Mangano, Lucia Bosé, Silvana Pampanini, Gianna Maria Canale, Stefania Sandrelli, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Anna Valle.  While as members of the jury we have had, in the years, special guests such as: Vittorio De Sica, Giorgio De Chirico, Luchino Visconti, Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale, Catherine Deneuve, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Andy Garcia.
This year, participants were 101 who competed through the vote of the viewers and jury, with two nights live television from Montecatini Terme. The rating and scoring are essential to enter the race, because only 80 had to go in the semifinal, aside from 21 girls who, having already won the single regional competitions, were entitled to pass directly in the final. The vote on the second evening has reduced the number of participants to 21, for a total of 42 finalists: the absolute protagonists not only for charm and beauty but also for personality.

The candidates for the title of Miss Italy are mainly giusy-buscemi, miss-italia 2012students and the magic of the crown has fascinating them as those who preceded them in the past. If it is true that times change, it is also true that certain emotions are beyond time and space. One of these is just the joy of being elected Miss Italy. The marathon of beauties, beyond: parades, private confessions, a rain of votes, the inevitable controversies, disappointments and with the moms in the first row, also this year has ended.

The winner was Giusy Buscemi who received 34% of votes.

She is Miss Italy 2012

Giusy was born in Mazara del Vallo (Trapani, Sicily) and is 19 years old.

5,74 feet high, with blond hair and green eyes, recently graduated (high school), she took part in Miss Italy because this has been the dream of his entire adolescence. A dream became true.

Compliments and good luck!

Partecipants Partecipants


finalists winnerMISS ITALY 2012Giusy Buscemi


Published September 10, 2012 by Tony


And for two reasons:  because as Neapolitan citizen I like pizza and glad to know that the president also likes it, and because it’s always nice to see a politician as important as the president of the United States of America that acts like our neighbour.  GREAT OBAMA!
Aside from that, I am convinced that at this particular time of global recession, the State needs stability and a long presidential term of office, to let it  carry out and complete its commitments and goals. Unless there are serious and important reasons to change course, the political changes often lead to worse. I’m not American and I can not vote there, but I hope you Americans canvass more with the head than with the skin, basing yourself on words and possible novelties mostly. Please, give confidence to people who have long been working for you and for the future of our children. In your shoes, I still would give credence to Obama.


Published May 21, 2012 by Tony

Napoli Wins Italian Cup

Napoli team

Today “Il corriere dello sport“, the most important Italian sports newspaper, devoted its front page to the final championship of the “Italian Cup“, writing in large letters:



Great Napoli!

beat Serie A champion Juventus 2-0 yesterday night, inflicting the Bianconeri’s first defeat of the last months. It seemed impossible to beat Juventus this season also if all the Naples’ squad has done something extraordinary these past three years. Anyway, Edinson Cavani broke the deadlock with a penalty and then Marek Hamsik sealed the result with the second goal seven minutes from the end. Everyone talks about Cavani, Lavezzi and Hamsik, an exceptional group that Naples’s fans call “the three tenors”. Also if it’s almost certain to have been the last game for Lavezzi in the Napoli football team (perhaps will be the Paris Saint Germain to buy The tree tenorshim), and for this he probably has cried at the end of the game, near the cup. At the end of the game, at night, hundreds of thousands of people have took the street to celebrate the event, a flood of euphoric young people  went on a binge until dawn. Just arrived from Rome, the “blue football team” has risen on a open sightseeing bus and toured the city to greet the warm Neapolitans. The bus moved through the delirious crowd, while the players aboard showed excited the cup. They were 25 years that Napoli football team didn’t win this trophy, since the superstar Maradona time. The whole city has enjoyed because too many years that the team had not won a trophy; a team that for unknown reasons is always mistreated by other teams and sports critics (sometimes small teams from the South bother, evidently!), although in recent years it has proven to be a great team, as it even had defeated Chelsea in the knockout stage of the Champions League, which is now the European champion. Therefore, beyond the cup, there is the satisfaction and the revenge of an entire city and of many fans who, for better or for worse, they always follow their favorite team.

I rejoiced with them and now can only repeat GREAT NAPOLI!

America’s Cup World Series in Naples

Published April 15, 2012 by Tony

“Luna Rossa” wins America’s Cup in Naples

America's Cup in Naples

Because the bad weather yesterday the race was postponed, and today, Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 14.30, in the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Naples, the Luna Rossa team Piranha has emerged in the last race, the final one, with a time of 40 minutes and 24 seconds, getting the victory of the Neapolitan ACWS with a total of 92 points after seven races. The Artemis team wins the racing trophy match, while Oracle Racing Darren Bundock triumphs in the AC500 Speed Trial with a time of 47.56 seconds.
The Italian vessel helmed by Chris Draper, has taken the lead since the start of the race and hung in there until the end, resisting the return of Oracle Spithill that reached the second place. A very unexpected result, greeted by the applause of many spectators on the Naples waterfront despite the rain.
Our long promenade of Via Caracciolo, has enabled thousands of people to attend this extraordinary event.
America's cup in NaplesThe weather was unsure even today, with a inconstant little rain and a fickle wind that seemed mild at first, allowing a slow speed of 4-5 knots and obliging any AC45 to mount the wing extension, but then increasing suddenly and giving back 15-16 knots. Very difficult, therefore, to sail in these conditions that takes skill, training and experience to face them. This morning, however, Luna Rossa was defeated by the Swedish Artemis Racing team that won the trophy match race of the America’s Cup World Series of Naples.
The seventh and eighth round of the Fleet Racing Championship has been canceled and will not be played and, therefore, with the awards today ends this 34th America’s Cup World Series held in Naples.
Teams, greeted the warmly Neapolitan audience, that had gathered en masse today to experience the excitement of this last AC World Series, will have a few days of rest before beginning the preparation for the next portion of the circuit, planned in Venice next month. The 2011-2012 AC World Series edition will end, instead, in Newport, Rhode Island, July 1 next. Luna Rossa wins

This is the complete ranking:

Fleet Racing Championship – Final standings after seven races –
1. Luna Rossa – Piranha (Chris Draper), pt. 92
2. Oracle Racing – Spithill (James Spithill), pt. 77
3. Emirates Team New Zealand (Dean Barker), pt. 60
4. Energy Team (Yann Guichard), pt. 54
5. Team Korea (Nathan Outteridge), pt. 49
6. Artemis Racing (Terry Hutchinson), pt. 40
7. Luna Rossa – Swordfish (Paul Campbell-James), pt. 41
8. Oracle Racing – Bundock (Darren Bundock), pt. 37
9. China Team (Fred Le Peutrec), pt. 15

Match Racing Championship – Final standings –
SF1 – Artemis Racing beats Luna Rossa Swordfish
SF2 – Luna Rossa Piranha beats Oracle Racing Bundock
FINAL – Artemis Racing beats Luna Rossa Piranha

Champagne to celebrate!

Here for the video of this last race: